Bond no. 9 I Love New York ~ new fragrances

Bond no. 9 I Love New York

In September, Bond no. 9 will launch the first three fragrances (in a projected series of 15) under the name I Love New York: I Love New York for Her, I Love New York for Him and I Love New York for All.

We are ecstatic to be partnering with the iconic I LOVE NEW YORK brand in connection with a new series of fragrances that expand our collection beyond our beloved city to encompass the scents of the entire Empire State. This partnership celebrates the diversity and uniqueness of New York in a distinct way, which makes it a perfect fit. Our collaboration is a means of extending our creative expression of love to all of New York.

I Love New York for Her (pink bottle) ~ "...surely the most scrumptious Bond No. 9 eau de parfum yet—a pastry gourmand so delectable, you can practically taste the vanilla frosting. Yet this scent has a worldly balance, as well, making it as perfect for late-night clubbing in a fluttering, glam top and satin peg-leg jeans as it is for bike-riding through the parks in a camisole and shorts. The opening notes—mandarin zest, spicy nutmeg, and a blueberry muffin accord (SO New York)—are instant attention-getters which soon segue into a bouquet of roses and pink peonies, laced with sultry patchouli. But then the tone deepens, with a drydown of sexy musk, vanilla bourbon frosting, sandalwood, and a soft leather accord, adding elegance to the earlier notes."

I Love New York for Him (blue bottle) ~ "...will appeal to fast-paced men who live a multifaceted city lifestyle as well as enjoy all the outdoor adventures of the great state of New York. The opening notes—grapefruit zest, juniper berry, ginger, and an electric energy accord—are all about get-up-and-go. Then, once your attention has been riveted, the scent (like the man) segues into more thoughtful, sophisticated notes: an exquisite extract of soothing lavender (a longtime staple of male perfumes), full-bodied geranium and patchouli, and an animal leather accord. The base notes that linger—sandalwood, balsam-like labdanum, musk, and, updating it all, a modern amber accord—are frankly smoky and sensual, but still very much in control."

 I Love New York for All (black bottle) ~ " velvety smooth yet sense-awakening—like a really good and fresh cup of java laden with cream. In fact, at the heart of this warmth-inducing gourmand’s delight is an infusion of coffee beans with soothing but slightly spicy cacao natural and tantalizing creamy chestnut. But those aren’t the first flavors you smell. At the outset, a gentle wake-up call: a citrus-floral-spice blend of bergamot, lily of the valley, and pepper. Top-notes usually aren’t as softspoken as these, but for sure your attention is riveted, and remains so as the coffee aroma begins percolating. The mellowness is sustained at the end with base notes of exotic, always-entrancing patchouli, animal leatherwood, hypnotic sandalwood, and, adding a rum-like kicker, vanilla."

Bond no. 9 I Love New York for Her, I Love New York for Him and I Love New York for All will be available in 50 ($105) and 100 ($175) ml Eau de Parfum. Also look for limited editions with necklace charms, coming in November ($255).

(via press release)

Update: see a review of I Love New York for All.

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  1. LaMaroc says:

    I really don’t like ad copy that tells me what to wear on a night out or a bike ride through the park. :P I’m always interested in a coffee fragrance though, so I’ll have to get a sample of the For All. I can’t believe they’re going to do 15 in this line! They’re already a company dedicated to NYC. Well, it’ll be interesting to see what else they come up with.

    • Robin says:

      I was wondering what they’d do next…they’re nearly done with NYC. This seems like a logical next step, I guess.

  2. Exciting!

  3. 50_Roses says:

    Fifteen? Fifteen fragrances all to be named “I Love New York (fill in the blank)”? Is anyone going to be able to keep all these straight? I can’t imagine being asked about the name of my perfume and having to answer “Bond no. 9 I Love New York for All.” I suppose most of the simple, memorable names are taken, but still–all these flankers and variations and collections are a bit much.

    Actually, the timing of this press release is a little unfortunate. Right now, when I think of New York, I am wondering how it will fare over the next couple of days through Irene. I hope everyone there will take it seriously. I know it didn’t strengthen as much as was forecast, but still it is a real threat. The storm is very large, and having weathered Ike, which was “only” a category 2, and the 2-week power outage afterward, I can assure you that even a lower category storm can do an awful lot of damage. If you are on the East Coast, I hope you will take cover, play it safe, and be prepared for a long recovery.

    • Robin says:

      Not at all sure they’ll all be named that way, in fact, I doubt it.

      (and just to be clear…the press release came out a few days ago, but I was on vacation so I’m late! I’m sure they didn’t mean for it to be announced today)

    • ol rait says:

      Ugh, I remember Ike. That muggy week-and-a-half without power, and the sound of generators all through the night…. :(

  4. AnnieA says:

    Is Bond No. 9 still available anywhere in Canada? It’s been pulled from Holt Renfrew, and at least one other swanky-perfume-carrying store. The good news was that I bought a bottle of Nouveau Bowery at a crazy price for a friend, and a Chinatown candle for myself.

    • Robin says:

      I’m afraid I don’t know, sorry!

    • annemarie says:

      I’m in Australia and I think it is being pulled from my local up-market department store (David Jones). The DJs stores in larger cities than mine may carry it still, I guess.

      I have often wondered how much business Bond does in a country like Australia, where fewer people relate to or know New York City very well. It would be easier if there were fewer fragrances, but the line is so bewilderingly large, and about to get much bigger! Fifteen new releases – ridiculous.

      Of course a local company could bring out a line based on the scents of Australian cities. For Melbourne they could kick off with ‘Brown Yarra’. Yum …

      • vinery says:

        Brown Yarra should be co-launched with the cumin-heavy “Canberra: Brazen Backbencher”

    • naomi77 says:

      Late response – not sure if you’ll get it – but I actually asked at Holts this weekend and they told me that the Bay is going to start carrying Bond.

  5. kathleenF says:

    Isn’t the “I Love NY” logo copyrighted. I imagine that a litigious company would be aware of this sort of thing. :)

    • Jessica says:

      Just butting in!… they’ve partnered with New York State, which originally commissioned the classic logo. I love Milton Glaser’s work. :)

      • faylene505 says:

        Although I haven’t lived in NY in years, I was “born and raised” there and consider myself a “native New Yorker.” As such, whether I end up liking the frags or not, I’m really interested in the idea of the partnership. There’s so much diversity in the state – not only culturally and but also geographically – that I don’t anticipate any difficulty in coming up with 12 more scents. Indeed, I wonder if they will be available in less snooty venues than upscale department stores and if any of the $ will go to support some state parks or environmentally threatened areas. As fabulous as NYC is, there really is much more to NY State than just The City.

    • Robin says:

      As they say in the release above, they’re partners.

  6. Absolute Scentualist says:

    With the projected number of fragrances in this line alone, I really have to worry which ones will be cut or discontinued since I often have the unfortunate luck of falling for fragrances that go the way of the dodo. But the ILNY for Her and For All look delicious!

    • Robin says:

      So far, Bond has not discontinued anything, have they?

    • moore says:

      Today before this pos was sent I thought about Bond discontinuing frags!!! I’d like to known all of them before this happens!

  7. Lynne1962 says:

    Actually, my favorite Bond : Saks New Orleans was a city exclusive and not revived in any form:( These new ones look very interesting!! Hope to find something to love!!

    • Robin says:

      Quite so, but that one was limited edition to begin with, I think? I don’t think they’ve discontinued anything in the regular line.

  8. Ladyslipper says:

    The black bottle sounds amazing! Can’t wait to try these.

  9. mutzi says:

    I have to say that I’m not the least bit interested in these. The Bonds I’ve tried just don’t work on me and the SAs for Bond at my local Saks were so rude and condescending, the line has lost me forever as a customer. The SAs would not let me test the ones I wanted – they chose ones for me to test. I mentioned that I used to wear Angel (no stones,please; I wore it lightly and got many compliments) and I had heard that one of the line was similar. The SA’s exact words were: “Somewhat similar, but you won’t smell like a cheap hooker with Bond No. 9.” This was after I told her I wore Angel. That was the last time I ever even considered Bond.

    • 50_Roses says:

      Hey, yeah, let’s just insult our customers, that will get us a lot of sales! Sarcasm aside, I can’t stand pushy, condescending SAs. I don’t have much experience with Saks; usually, they seem to ignore me in that store, which is bad enough. I find the SAs in Neiman Marcus to be generally very nice, and quite willing to let me test what I want.

      I actually had a similar experience at Teavana in the Houston Galleria. I have gotten into loose leaf tea, and like to get small amounts of a few different kinds, as I like variety, but am the only tea drinker in my house. I wanted to try some oolongs and asked to see a particular one. The SA nixed that and tried to push a different (and much more expensive) variety, going on about how I would get a discount if I bought a pound. The tea was $12.50 an ounce, and I had no intention of spending $200 on tea at one time, nor do I have any use for an entire pound of one variety anyway. It would go stale before I would use it up. I finally persuaded her to sell me what I wanted, but by the time I was through, I was exhausted and my nerves were on edge. I think I might just start ordering online.

      • ol rait says:

        Oh my, we overlap! Those Teavana girls in the Galleria are so pushy. My friends like it though, and it’s a lot closer than where I like to buy loose-leaf (Sweet Tea in the Heights? It keeps weird hours but they’ve got good tea).

      • moore says:

        I thought that arogance of sellers were exclusive from where I live!!!? That blasé face gets my nerves! I’ve talked to managers many times!!! It’s better than get homme exploding of fury! You can trust me!

        • mutzi says:

          I should have talked to the manager, but I didn’t. The great thing was the SAs at the Chanel, Guerlain, Cle de Peau counters noticed this (guess it was a slow sales day) and loaded me down with samples. I even had a free makeover from Cle de Peau. They all admitted it was to try and make up for that terrible experience. And I did email Bond No. 9 about it. I received a tepid apology and the remark that the SAs are just very excited about the line.

    • ol rait says:

      I remember being at a Dillards once with my mother and my mom wanted to smell Moschino’s I Love Love. The girl sprayed it on a card and said, “This is like Light Blue, but a little younger, but maybe you can get away with it.” My mom never shopped at that Dillards again. :/

    • Ikat says:

      I concurr.

      I’ve tried every Bond #9 and I don’t like any of them. Even Fire Island. And I don’t like Chinatown. They just seem harsh/monotonal/almost crude.

      And if there is one more gourmand release this year I swear the earth will tip over.

  10. Blithie says:

    I’m going to try the For All because I love coffee notes. Maybe the other two, just to see how blueberry muffin accord and electric energy accord work.

  11. moore says:

    Huhuhu! It’s hard to follow the Bond’s launches, specially for that prices. That’s why we have samples, our heroes!

  12. babycake says:

    ugh, the copy for the pink one reads like a bad 90’s clubbing outfit — “glam” fluttery top? “SO” new york? anyone possessing an ounce of coolness and NYC know-how will know that this sounds so outsider-looking-in. not authentic at all. Blueberry muffin ? isn’t that Connecticut?? I expected more from Bond. No 9. and ironic, since i love gourmands but this one sounds like it’s for the tourists.

  13. SuzieQofH-Town says:

    This is on of my favorite line.
    Boring names…
    I thought they could at least, named the next series of fragrance after NYC tourist spot: Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center and etc… with those images on front on the bottle.

  14. jonr951 says:

    I want the for her and for all. But I don’t need them. Both were delicious but I’ll have to test them more to see if I really need a bottle. : )

  15. amyinlove says:

    LOVE IT!!

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