The biggest celebrity fragrance launch in Macy’s history

Since its debut just three weeks ago, the fruity scent for women has emerged as the biggest celebrity fragrance launch in Macy's history, pushing past the potions of fellow pop stars such as Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Simpson.

Justin Bieber's Someday is selling like hotcakes. Via Justin Bieber scores big, now, with Someday perfume at USA Today.

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  1. MelissaJane says:

    Good Morning, Robin. I haven’t smelled this one and don’t really care to..but on MUA, the reviews coming in aren’t really bad. Apparently, according to many, it’s nothing groundbreaking, it’s mildly mediocre, but it is getting some nice reviews of it being pretty and wearable. Could be worse!

    • Robin says:

      I smelled it quickly yesterday…yes, it’s nothing groundbreaking but it isn’t going to kill anybody.

      • Marjorie Rose says:

        OH. . . .THANK. . . .GOODNESS! You know, you KNOW, I am going to be smelling A LOT of this next school year, and I was deeply fearful! Mediocre can be tolerated wAAAaay better than some kind of awful! I suppose I’ll have to sniff it before September, just so I can separate it from the many other smells of middle school. :)

        • Robin says:

          LOL…I am not sure I’d want to be smelling A LOT of it, mind you! At my son’s middle school, the boys out-sillage the girls though (Axe, I assume).

          • Marjorie Rose says:

            Yes, I’m sure you’re right! Damn those ads suggesting that you spray your ENTIRE body with the stuff!

  2. scentme says:

    I tried this at Shoppers Drug Mart the other day. It’s nice enough, meaning it’s exactly like a million other nice enough fruity sugary scents. I would wear it if I had nothing else to wear but I would never pay full price for it, never.

    • Robin says:

      But many young ladies will ;-)

      • scentme says:

        They are banking on this of course ;) Very smart marketing strategy I think.

  3. CedriCeCCentriC says:

    But how many will repurchase this fragrance? That’s the problem with many celebrity fragrances or teen fragrances, people buy them once and than move over to the next new thing.

    • Robin says:

      I know what you mean, but I don’t know that it is necessarily a “problem” — I mean, look at Paris Hilton. I assume she has made a pretty penny despite the fact that most of her efforts have been discontinued. Her latest are considerably more “downmarket”, which seems to be a common trajectory with celebrity fragrances, but she’ll make a mint on them too and then she’ll move on to something else.

      The lack of customer loyalty, it seems to me, is common to all fragrances, not just celebrity, and the industry has brought it on themselves.

    • I’d be surprised if Biebers next fragrance is not released within a year. Probably with more charms.

  4. ggperfume says:

    “. . . the fruity scent for women”? Mistaken reportage there, USA Today – that should read “fruity scent for girls”.

  5. thenoseknows says:

    Oh Jurgen Prochnow… Just Go on ahead and Snap that last seal! Bring On The Rapture! LMAO! :-D

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