Heidi Klum Shine ~ new perfume

Heidi Klum Shine

Model and television host Heidi Klum will launch Shine, her debut fragrance for women, in September. Shine is a floriental, and was made under arrangements with Coty. According to Klum, "I wanted it to be sensual and feminine, but still luxurious and expensive-smelling — because I think there are so many perfumes out there that smell cheap and too sweet."

Shine was developed by perfumers Aurélien Guichard, Jean Guichard and Olivier Pescheux; notes feature mandarin, pear, pink peppercorn, mimosa absolute, lily of the valley, sunflower, vanilla, tonka bean and musk cosmone.

Heidi Klum Shine will be available in 15, 30 and 50 ml Eau de Toilette ($17-35), and will be sold in mass market stores.

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  1. rlsk says:

    I just got a bottle of this last week. It smells great!

    • Robin says:

      Really? Where are they selling it?

      • rlsk says:

        I actually got it off of E-Bay. Brand new never opened. I really like it. It’s not the usual fruity celeb fragrance.

    • blueangel0313 says:

      Is this a long lasting scent? I’ve tried several lately that sem to disappear within 30 minutes

  2. Anne from Makeupwoot says:

    The notes look like something I would enjoy and, judging by those alone, it looks like it won’t be another “death by berry” fragrances that celebs are so partial to.

    • Robin says:

      They’ve got 3 great perfumers, that’s for sure…and for a $17 scent, not bad.

  3. Hamyish says:

    Sunflower? What on earth does sunflower smell like?!

    It sounds lovely but I’m not keen on the bottle… not my style really. But of all the celebs out there, I like Heidi Klum – so I think I’ll give it a sniff! Agreed that it doesn’t sound like it’s going to smell like the typical celeb fruity-floral.

    • Robin says:

      I’m assuming that’s a fantasy note.

      • Absolute Scentualist says:

        I’m still traumatized by that Arden Sunflowers scent it seems like *everyone* was wearing in the late 90’s, so that is practically all I can think of whenever I see a sunflower note. My SIL used to take a bath in the stuff before parties and there was a cloud of it that seemed to envelop the whole group of rooms where the party was being held. *cringe* I’m sure when gently applied it was perfectly pretty, but I still remember the headaches I had after leaving, and I’m not exactly a soft and gentle perfume sort of person on most days.

        I would like to try this, however. Death by berry isn’t a problem for me, but it is nice to discover a unique scent that smells good and doesn’t kill the wallet, too.

        • LaMaroc says:

          Ughhh, yes I have traumatic memories of Sunflower as well. My entire dorm floor freshman year of college smelled of it. When I first heard “screechy” used to describe a fragrance, that was the first perfume to come to mind.

        • annemarie says:

          I never met an Elizabeth Arden scent that I liked. Nor do I know anyone who waers them, thankfully. And yet there they all are, taking up space on the fragrance floor that could and should be devoted to more Guerlains and Goutals. Sigh. Now I sound like a fragrance snob. I’ll be quiet.

          Klum’s Shine sounds nice. I’ll give it a sniff.

        • thenoseknows says:

          Sunflowers Does Just REEK Doesn’t It! URGH! have you tried 5th Avenue…??? It is a very underrated and overlooked masterpiece and i use the word masterpiece knowing full well i might get slammed using it in conjunction with an Elizabeth Arden Scent (Red Door is Nice just too, TOO, T-O-O Overpowering and not in any good kind of way!) i suggest you give it a little try and see what you think! :-)

  4. dee says:

    I love Heidi Klum! Will attempt to sniff, though it doesn’t sound like my thing.

  5. thenoseknows says:

    Really Nice Bottle and Really Cool Sounding Juice! Some (MOST) Celeb scents have been so offputting as to be anathamethic but some have truly surprised and some downright ASTOUNDED Me as to how nice they smell… Halle Berry’s Eponymous Fragrance was Really well done, So is Mariah Carey’s M, (those Lollipop ones need to be flushed immediately though!) which i found disconcertingly awesome and Beyonce’s Heat is really well done… Katy Perry’s Purr against my better judgement is awfully nice, not BRILLIANT or anything but far more than GENERIC! Queen Latifah’s fragrance was SPECTACULAR and am waiting to smell Halle’s New Scent Reveal… so maybe there is hope… but this sounds like a winner… Heidi… You’re In!

  6. jonr951 says:

    All Shine is is SWEET Heidi! Hahahahaha! Even with her quote, I should have expected it. Hahaha! : )

  7. Jada in GA says:

    Based on Klum’s description that Shine is not too sweet, I was hopeful. I’m always looking for an inexpensive fragrance that works for me. This one…did NOT work. Still too sweet for me! Good thing the fun is in the shopping and sniffing…back to the hunt!

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