CEW UK Beauty Awards ~ 2011 Finalists

CEW UK Beauty Awards 2011

The UK branch of Cosmetic Executive Women has announced the finalists for their 2011 Beauty Awards. The winners will be announced on May 20. The finalists in the fragrance categories include:

Women's Prestige Fragrance

Balenciaga Paris
Chloé Love, Chloé
Gucci Guilty

Men’s Prestige Fragrance

Chanel Bleu de Chanel
Creed Aventus
Marc Jacobs Bang

You can find the rest of the category finalists at the CEW UK website.

See also: the Fragrance Awards page.

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  1. abysynth says:

    maybe I’m just too picky, but ickypoo…

    • Robin says:

      I like Balenciaga Paris *and* Love, Chloe *and* Marc Jacobs Bang, so I actually liked the lists. Now Gucci Guilty and Bleu de Chanel will probably win, LOL…

      • Marjorie Rose says:

        Yes! My first full bottle was Bang (the beginning of the floodgates) and my most recent FB is Balenciaga Paris. I haven’t tried Love Chloe, so I guess I have some sniffing to do. . . :)

        I am actually surprised to learn that B Paris is a new scent? It seems sort of “classic” some how–violets are not exactly a new scent in perfume. Is it just me? Is my newbie status showing? Anyone else find it to be “classic?” Anyone want to explain how it seems “new?” Thanks!

        • Marjorie Rose says:

          Sorry if it’s unclear–as I reread the post, I mean the FEEL of BP seems more classic, without being boring. :)

          • ednafrau says:

            i feel exactly the same way, Marjorie! To me, it smelled so classic and wonderful….then I read it was inspired in part by Balenciaga’s legendary Le Dix perfume from 1947, so our intuition wasn’t so incorrect :) I love it so much, and everyone I’ve showed it too does as well…I think that more than classic and modern, it is just timeless! :)

        • Robin says:

          Smell Le Dix…that’s a good illustration of classic vs new. But agree it doesn’t smell “trendy”.

          • ednafrau says:

            I wish I could! Here in Argentina Le Dix is impossible to find, and believe me I’ve looked, high and low, as I recently discovered it was my grandmother’s signature fragrance (she passed away before I was born and I’ve heard so many stories about how sophisticated and intelligent and creative she was…it would be so amazing to know the fragrance that she felt represented her!) Is Balenciaga Paris anything akin to it, Robin, or did someone just compare it to fill up space in an article?

          • Robin says:

            Oh, to me BP could be the modern version of Le Dix. Very different styles…and you could easily hate one and love the other.

  2. ednafrau says:

    i definitely wouldn’t say ickypoo…balenciaga paris is, in my humble opinion, one of the best fragrances of the past five years, and love, chloé is excellent (i have them both). i AM dumbfounded by the inclusion of the insipid gucci guilty, however, as it is a perfume (a term it doesn’t deserve) which is just NOTHING: a soft, faint, fruity musky skin scent from the very beginning! and bleu de chanel is so generic! oh well, i guess they think they have to balance the quality with commercial “successes” (only due to marketing and sheep mentality)…i just hope the true creations are recognized :)

    • Robin says:

      Actually, it’s rare, IMHO, that anything good gets in these fragrance awards. So Gucci Guilty is exactly the sort of thing I’d expect to see! We’ll see who wins…

      • ednafrau says:

        You’re right! I guess sometimes I’m too stubbornly idealistic ;)

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