True Religion Hippie Chic ~ new perfume

True Religion Hippie Chic advertTrue Religion Hippie Chic perfume bottle

True Religion has launched Hippie Chic, the line's second perfume for women:

A bright and airy fragrance made for the woman who carries with her a playful sexiness intertwined with chic style and confidence. This fragrance, like the wearer, has a flirtiness but remains whimsical with a touch of intrigue and intoxicating addictiveness.

Hippie Chic was developed by perfumer Ellen Molner; the notes include raspberry, pomegranate, Fuji apple, star jasmine, hibiscus, muguet, sheer woods and musk.

True Religion Hippie Chic is available in 50 ($59) and 100 ($79) ml Eau de Parfum and in matching Shimmering Body Lotion. It can be found now at Belk. (via belk, additional information via nichesalesonline)

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  1. littlecooling says:

    Hmm…I dunno if I like the bottle. Its neat. But still. It looks a bit dull. It reminds me of Les Parfums De Rosine.
    The nots kinds looks boring. Aren’t we tired of all those airy scents, that almost always smells like toilet freshners.
    I might go out and try it. Coz I kinda like their jeans :P

  2. Daisy says:

    Aren’t the notes sort of …umm….OPPOSITE of what one would think of when thinking “hippie chic” or maybe that’s really way different from “hippie chick” ….a light fruity , floral…..groundbreaking stuff here.

    • KateReed says:

      Yeah, well…the hope for a true “hippie” fragrance is no doubt always going to be dashed. You need musk, pot smoke, hemp and tire sandals, warm and worn clothing, real patchouli, dirt on top of that, sweat, even more damp and rooty dirt, “sex funk”…all kinds of things no one’s going to throw into anything anymore. Particularly not a mass-marketed jeans brand.

      • JolieFleurs says:

        Also some incense and a touch of VW bus fumes.

        • AnnS says:

          Let’s not forget body funk, lol!… Hey, I think Miller Harris already did that one with L’Air de Rien!!!

          I’ll stick with my fav chic hippie – Tauer’s Maroc pour Elle!!

          • And old headband sweat. I’m still stuck on “Fuji apple” —does it smell noticeably different, then a Gala? Or a MacIntosh? Apple just doesn’t make this work for me.

      • Thalia says:

        See, I’d wear THAT!

      • Tama says:

        See Smell Bent’s Hungry Hungry Hippies:
        Freshly baked pot brownies dusted with cassia over an earthy dose of finely aged patchouli

        • AmyT says:

          Hungry Hungry Hippies is one of the best fragrance names EVER. :)

    • Robin says:

      I was trying to remember what Escada’s hippie fragrance was called. But bet it had similar notes ;-)

      • becca b says:

        Ibiza Hippie? Which of course I also confuse with Moschino’s Hippie Fizz…

        Also, where’s the patchouli? That may be too obvious, but I’d love one of these to be really heady, and over-the-top hippy-dippy, just for fun…none are.

      • becca b says:

        And you’re right…it was fruits, woods and musk, too.

    • CM says:

      Patchoulli smells like hippies…. shouldn’t hippies smell like patchoulli?

  3. cavewoman says:

    I saw an ad for this in a fashion magazine and I was intrigued, so I was looking for a tester to try it out. Macy’s has it. The SA sprayed some on my wrist and gave me two samples, which I gave away before I even left the mall. Definitely not for me.

  4. springpansy says:

    So, “like the wearer” – wonder what it means to be whimsical with intoxicating addictiveness? Can a wearer be addictive? The usual weird copy and no interest in the notes really.

    • Robin says:

      I am whimsical with intoxicating addictiveness every day!

      • Daisy says:

        true, true! So am I —it’s exhausting! ;-)

      • Alyssa says:

        Well that explains why I spend so much time on here…

    • Merlin says:

      Well excuse me. I happen to like my Playful Sexiness intertwining with my Chic Style! Still i cant quite figure out what the prodigy is going to look like…

  5. Daisy says:

    One more comment then I’ll leave this alone–I promise.
    the ad is freaking me out—that is one sour, angry looking hippie chick ….but possibly that’s because she’s nothing but a decapitated head pasted on a bunch of floaty scarves (??)

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, glad someone else had the same reaction. I think that is a very strange ad.

      • Daisy says:

        Ha! yes—and at first I thought they were feathers!! …that large bird has an unhappy woman head…hmmm….gotta stop watching the scifi channel late at night….

        • JolieFleurs says:

          Amen, she looks very angry. More like an enviro-terrorist than a hippie. They should have made her look all stoned and mellow.

    • StinkPretty says:

      Oh, Daisy, too funny. I actually thought it as a head popping out from the top of a teepee. After your comment, I’m afraid I DO see a dismembered head. Too many CSI episodes?

      • Daisy says:

        or just ENOUGH CSI episodes…..quick, check for traces of bodily fluids, a few skin cells…and that one lone hair follicle that they always seem to find. (We had a running joke here at my house about Marg Helgenberger and her amazing ability to find pubic hair.)

    • olenska says:

      It’s true. She looks like she had a REALLY bad time at Bonnaroo.

    • AnnS says:

      I think overdressed and angry must be the new black.

      When I was in college many years ago, there was a very beautiful “earth mama” that I was friends with. She had glowing natural skin, gorgeous long wavy brown hair, crooked teeth and was quick to laugh and smile. She wore those long skirts or worn out levi’s and bells on her ankles. No deoderant, no bra, tank tops– the whole 9 yards. She was wonderful. And she smelled like cigarette smoke and classic head-shop patchouli.

      • kindcrow says:

        She does sound wonderful — like she was not putting on an act, but rather very comfortable and happy with who she was.

        • And I still am.

          • AnnS says:

            I will be silly and say: Is this you, Jenn? Nice to see you here. It’s been a long time. ;-)

        • AnnS says:

          She was confident, but in a quiet way.

          • Sigh, no, I’m not Jenn, but it was a nice idea–just another aging hippy, still happy with who she is.

  6. olenska says:

    The ad copy reads as though someone’s boss handed them a list of random adjectives and said, “I don’t care HOW you string them together; just do it before you clock out.”

  7. scentobsession says:

    My friend works at the perfume counter at macy’s and I almost ALWAYS know about a perfume release even before she does and I had no knowledge of this perfume. It’s almost like they just slapped it together and put it out there. The juice smells exaclty like Escada Rockin Rio. The bottle is UGLY! It looks like it belongs at Anchor Blue or Rave. Nothing special, no effort, sloppy. I would expect so much more from True Religion. Big dissapointment. It will be available at Wal-Mart before I can get over there to pick up some new socks after work.

    • Daisy says:

      take the socks….pass on the Hippie Chic.

  8. Merlin says:

    Why do they employ copy writers who just write so badly? As somebody has already mentioned, the effect is just incoherent. Paradox and using contraries could work well but these just add up to no effect at all…

    • CM says:

      Perhaps the problem is that they DON’T employ copy writers….

    • Because they don’t hire copywriters anymore, they hire keyboarders. “Hey, I know how to type, so I know how to write, and I’ll work the first two weeks for free!” gets the job now. On a competitive bid.

      • Merlin says:

        So they skimp on the marketing?

        • They don’t skimp on marketing; they skimp on paying the creative talent behind the marketing and then place more ads. As long as the creative talent is paid well, according to experience, no one wins.

  9. Ikat says:

    That model looks ugly and unhappy and that dress is a nightmare. Hippie chic is all the rage in my lastest Neiman-Marcus catalog. Surely the stylist could have done better with that photo. Nothing about it makes me want to even try the perfume. Looks as though it would be too chaotic and ugly. Her hair looks dead and dirty and she has a really nasty stoned look.

    Yes, the bottle appears to be a dead ringer for the Parfums de Rosine line.

    • mals86 says:

      Except that I LIKE Parfums de Rosine. This, not so much.

  10. Olfacta says:

    Not to pass judgment but…it sounds and looks ghastly.

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