Rose-scented micro-capsules

The garments, called Otoko Kaoru, have special rose-scented micro-capsules in the collar which, when they come in contact with the skin, release a (presumably manly) fragrance. That way, the wearer smells, well, like something, all day long.

— More scented clothing. Read more at Japanese shirt has stink prevention buttoned up at Cnet.

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  1. ol rait says:

    Of course it’s Japanese. :3

    • Robin says:

      One of the bigger activewear manufacturers was also working on scented shirts…don’t know what ever became of the project.

  2. nereis says:
    Here goes some Extra Rose Menthol! The ad copy claims it to be a relaxing scent, and lasts through about 10 washing cycles.

  3. Merlin says:

    Funny thing is orientals (Chinese, Japanese? not sure) do not have anywhere near as much body odour as us stinky Westerners so funny, in a way, they’v come up with it. Though, I guess smelling nice is different to not smelling at all!

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