Davidoff Cool Water Summer Dive ~ new fragrances

Davidoff Cool Water Summer Dive

Davidoff will launch their 2011 limited edition summer versions of Cool Water shortly. This year: Cool Water Summer Dive. Previous collections include Cool Water Freeze Me (2008), Cool Water Cool Summer (2009) and Cool Water Ice Fresh (2010).

Cool Water Man Summer Dive ~ "Just like getting right out of the sea! An invigorating wave of oceanic and aquatic notes blends with a citrus cocktail to plunge you deep into a powerfully fresh, masculine scent. zingy lemon peel mingles with mandarin and grapefruit for a new zest of energy. Basil, sage and juniper bring a stimulating verdant freshness to soothe sun-kissed skin." In 125 ml Eau de Toilette.

Cool Water Woman Summer Dive ~ "This new interpretation is ideal for that sexy back from the beach feeling. The summery composition exudes vitality for a fresher sensation. Fruity top notes of Melon and Pineapple refreshed by mint leaves give way to a transparent oceanic heart of water violet and lotus flower. A beachy base of soft iris and warm woods completes this sensual scent." In 100 ml Eau de Toilette.

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  1. APassionateJourney says:

    Paul Walker is the new face of Cool Water :)

    • Robin says:

      I saw that. Have no idea who he is but I guess I’ll find out.

  2. dominika says:

    I actually went through a bottle of Cool Water awhile back after buying it unsniffed and after not wanting to let it go to waste… I never got to like it, and it never smelled like the sea.

    So when this ad copy says it’s “just like getting right out of the sea,” I won’t be fooled again :P Because I was just at the beach this weekend and getting out of the sea I smelled like salt, kelp and sand, and I actually wouldn’t mind smelling like that again when I go back home to snowy Europe, but I don’t want to smell like citrus and grapefruit :D

    • Robin says:

      Oh man am I jealous. It is so yuckola cold and icy here.

  3. Dolly2 says:

    I tried Cool Water some years back and I as well did not get to like it. Not a fan of marine scents. They remind me of a cross between Listerine and Nyquil. Yek!

  4. kaos.geo says:

    Cool Water Freeze Me for me is not the name of a fragrance, but of a nightmare! I hate experiencing cold. And being on freezing water… ARGHHH! hehehehehe

    Cool Water was so immensely popular here in Argentina that the flankers are everywhere and you used to smell the originals on the street on passersby a couple of times a day… Now it is not so common, but the line is still favored by most stores with big displays.

  5. Merlin says:

    Cool water doesn’t smell like the sea to me at all. I get the idea of sitting round a swimming pool, in the sun, on a summer’s afternoon. For some reason I get that impression quite strongly from it. Perhaps there is a note of chlorine!

    I got a discounted bottle partly because of ‘the guide’s’ recommendation. It classifies it as a fougerie, and when I smelled it with this thought in mind I really liked it. Unfortunately the swimming pool image keeps recurring and i don’t really like that …

  6. VanMorrisonFan says:

    I like the ingredients of Cool Water Man Summer Dive…but why can’t they make a smaller size? At 125 mm that’s over 4 oz. Why can’ t they make 50 ml (1.7 oz) or even 30 ml? Fragrance companies are weird…they will offer women’s frangrances in smaller sizes, but they are much less willing to do that for the guys. I have a small shaving kit and really like the idea of smaller sized bottles…but the fragrance companies don’t get that.

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