Vera Wang Preppy Princess ~ new perfume

Vera Wang Preppy Princess fragrance

Vera Wang has launched Preppy Princess, the fourth flanker to 2006's Vera Wang Princess (it follows Flower Princess, Rock Princess and Glam Princess). Preppy Princess is a limited edition fragrance.

Vera Wang Preppy Princess is a luscious, woody, fruity scent that blends succulent red berries, honeysuckle and sensual woods in an eclectic and edgy style. Vera Wang Preppy Princess: It's your life—rule the world!

Vera Wang Preppy Princess is available now at Nordstrom in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette. (via nordstrom, with many thanks to jonr951 for the tip!)

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  1. ceelouise says:

    Dear perfume-lovers, please keep your sense of humor regarding such fragrances! (This looks like it belongs next to the row of Barbies at Toys R Us or something.)

    • Robin says:

      My sense of humor is intact — I laughed out loud ;-)

  2. littlecooling says:

    Aren’t we all a bit sick of those flankers? I hope that Vera Wang (among some other companies) soon step up and do something interesting! I wonder if its because of the money trouble, the world seems to have, that they focus on the safe side?

    • Robin says:

      We are sick of them, but betcha they keep Vera Wang in the black.

  3. Didn’t someone jokingly suggest this name when she released Rock Princess? Maybe we’ll get a Goth Princess, yet.

  4. Suzanne941 says:

    My only wish is for other frags to be available in 50 ml….Chanel, are you listening?

    • ceelouise says:

      I was told by the SA at Chanel in Hamburg that they may be coming out with 75 ml Les Exclusifs for the holidays…

  5. mals86 says:

    Got big laughs out of this one. “Eclectic and edgy” is sooooo not preppy… and the packaging should have been pink and apple green, not pink and blue.

    I lived through those days. Frightening, I know! I suppose “retro preppy” is nothing like “preppy back in the day”… and that’s fine. I’m just, you know, getting older and crankier.

    • Musette says:


      That’s what I thought (after I stopped laughing)…..Vera is just slightly ‘off’ preppy – she should’ve asked Kate Spade for some advice..


      ps. congrats again on the NaNoWriMo win!!!

      • AnnS says:

        Wha?? You WON nanowrimo??? I bow down. How did you even have the time??? The only way I’d get that done is if I duct taped my finger to the “a” on the keyboard for a million lines and then wrote a final concluding paragraph. Congrats a million times over. What frag are you buying to celebrate?

    • AnnS says:

      Having lived through the horrors of pink polo shirts, I’m cranky with retro preppy too. It’s not preppy unltill there’s an Izod logo on it.

  6. Owen says:

    I’ve tried all of the princesses apart from flower princess I think.
    and I can’t remember any of them. I can vaguely recount glam princess but I remember it being what I expected or what I wanted it to be.

    the princesses would be nice but they are forgettable and the lasting power and strength of all of them is just quite pathetic. I don’t mean to be nasty but I couldn’t think of a better word. would bleak be a better word?

  7. Joe says:

    That seriously sounds like a joke.

    Preppy Princess? Really?

    After this, she really might as well release “Italian American Princess” or something.

    • aimiliona says:

      “Italian-American Princess” would be a big seller in Rhode Island.

      • Joe says:

        New Jersey as well. I know whereof I speak.

    • Tama says:

      How about Jewish-American Princess?

  8. AmyT says:

    Oh dear. This is the worst bottle yet. Anyway, don’t preppy princesses wear Ralph?

  9. prism says:

    when i think ‘preppy’ i don’t exactly think ‘eclectic’ or ‘edgy’…..

  10. CynthiaW says:

    ::looks around

    :: ducks head

    ::whispers “I kind of like the bottle”

    :: backs away slowly…

    • Tama says:

      Haha – you don’t have to hide! After all, I like the Katy Perry Purr bottle.

      • CynthiaW says:

        This is where I also have to admit that I own (and still like) the original Princess, isn’t it?

        Of course, I say that I still like it, but I haven’t worn it in a couple of years. It’s entirely possible that if I try it again, it will have gone the way of my DKNY Be Delicious and I’ll hate it.

  11. Absolute Scentualist says:

    I actually found Flower Princess really nice in a floral/honeysuckle sort of way, and liked Rock Princess as it reminded me of MJ’s Lola. But Preppy… I’m going to hold out for the Goth Princess, too.

  12. jonr951 says:

    I was at Macys yesterday and the ladies there were telling me there’s going to be a new Princess. I haven’t heard a thing. They said it was in a black bottle with sparkles. I was like, are you sure you’re not talking about the dark grey w/ sparkles Rock Princess? They said it was Night something or other. If it’s a black bottle, I might have to finally give into a Princess. : )

    • Robin says:

      Have not heard anything, but you usually know more than me! But, am quite sure they are far from done with the Princess franchise :-)

  13. jonr951 says:

    Yeah a rep confirmed Princess Night to me today. I keep forgetting if it’s Princess Night or Night Princess. It’s probably Night Princess. She said it officially launches in early January but that it will most likely show up in-store just in time for xmas. She said it’s along the lines of Rock Princess. I don’t care for Rock that much so I’m hoping she’s wrong. Haha. Oh and she said Bang Bang is coming next yr! Dang it! Haha. : )

  14. TwistedOrchid says:

    You know, I’m actually rather fond of how this smells. (Didn’t try it on, though. Not a clue when it settles like.) But I can’t imagine anyone over the age of 9 walking around wearing something called Preppy Princess. IMHO, it smells pretty nice. It’s a shame I refuse to wear it.

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