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  1. miss kitty v. says:

    Darn, I really wanted to know more about the Cher perfume. Does anyone remember her late 80’s fragrance?

    • RusticDove says:

      Ms K – “Uninhibited”? I think that was it?

      • parfumliefhebber says:

        “Uninhibited” was also my first thought.

      • crowflower says:

        My friend has been amassing a collection of Cher’s Uninhibited since they discontinued it. It smells marvelous on her, only passable on me, thank goodness. Otherwise we’d be feuding on eBay!

    • Robin says:

      I know many people still talk about it…she should relaunch it already!

      • miss kitty v. says:

        I had it and I loved it. I wish they *would* relaunch it. It’s almost impossible to come by now. To compare that (and even the first few Liz Taylor offerings) to the celebrity scents now is such a huge difference.

        Speaking of which, I just inadvertently learned a lot about the test markets for perfumes. It’s no wonder there are so many bad releases– I’ll just leave it at that.

        • RusticDove says:

          No – you can’t just leave it at that – what did you find out?

        • 50_Roses says:

          I can’t say I ever smelled Uninhibited, but I can believe it was much better than today’s celebrity “fragrances”. Back then, celeb scents were much fewer in number, so they undoubtedly were given more thought (and budget). Now, with a new celeb scent being launched approximately every 15 seconds, they are churned out with as little expenditure of time and money as possible, in order to make a hefty profit before fading into oblivion at the end of their brief lifespans. I seriously suspect they are just recycling the same formulas over and over (with possibly some minor tweaking to disguise the subterfuge), and rereleasing them under different names.

      • LaMaroc says:

        I also loved Uninhibited! That was one of the last hurrahs of 80s power fragrances before CKone came in and drowned the consumer palate with air freshener fragrances.

      • bowbat says:

        Another big fan of Uninhibited here. It was my signature scent in my college years.

  2. aimiliona says:

    I just signed up for DSH’s lecture on Sept. 15. Will anybody else be there?

    • LaMaroc says:

      I’m looking into it. Just emailed my fragrance-fanatic friend to see if he wants to meet me in Denver for this.

  3. turbovivi says:

    Does anyone know a good substitute for Cher Uninhibited? While I understand that you can still get it via ebay – what is a good close proximity now days?

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