G Nejman Emir ~ new fragrance

G Nejman Emir

Parfums M Micallef's G Nejman line has introduced Emir, a new fragrance for men:

Launched on the Arabian market in 2009, Emir has now finally arrived in Germany - no wonder, for Oud is currently on everyone's lips, and above all: noses. This Arabian oil made from the resin of agarwood is one of the most expensive perfume oils worldwide and has in the last few years become increasingly popular as a perfume ingredient, especially on the western market.

[...] The prelude is dominated by the citric-tangy notes of pomelo and orange, which are promptly complemented by a bright and rose-like geranium. With a certain spiciness from black pepper the fragrance begins to unfold its powerful foundation: Deep, spicy-balsamic realms open up before us created by patchouli, cedarwood and musk which present an ideal platform for the main protagonist: Oud, in its most beautiful, opulent and expressive form wearing a leather note which radiates bold masculinity.

G Nejman Emir is 150€ for 100 ml, and can be found now at First in Fragrance in Germany. (via first-in-fragrance)

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  1. Absolute Scentualist says:

    Want! *swoon*

  2. Bee says:

    I was getting REALLY interested, but the “bold masculinity” stopped me…speechless and perplexed and pondering on the effective target audience, since bold masculinity characterizes a dwindling species existing mainly in old white and black films. But hey, maybe I’m wrong, and I’ll start leaving glass slippers around, and swoon to whiffs of Emir floating in my direction

    • Absolute Scentualist says:

      I always get a kick out of not only loving, but wearing frags that beat one over the head with ‘bold masculinity’ as if fragrance truly has a gender. So when I get hold of some of this stuff to test on a date night, I’ll take my bath with some gorgeous flowery bath oil while reading some fantastically good historical fantasy/romance novel, put on some makeup, maybe throw on some heels and top it all off with several generous sprays of Emir. You can almost smell the ad copy curling up in smoke. :D

      • Bee says:

        It’s just the cliché that grated my nerves… I’ll try this if I have a chance! I actually love Montale’s Black aoud which is also supposed to ooze masculinity :-)

      • Pimpinett says:

        This. Yes. That is so right on so many levels! :D

    • Robin says:


  3. Gojira54 says:

    I love Black Aoud too. This one looks interesting. The one thing I have found with M. Micallef scents is they don’t last very long. They are wonderful perfumes, but they just don’t last for me. I might have to send for a sample. I don’t think Lucky Scent will be getting it anytime soon.

    • Robin says:

      I have not tried any of the G Nejman scents, but haven’t had that problem w/ the other Micallefs — or at least, not all of them.

  4. Haunani says:

    Sounds gorgeous!

  5. Daisy says:

    I think they kind of “go on” about the extreme masculinity of it because this line is supposed to be Micallef’s hubby’s manly answer to all those lady scented things they’ve made previously. (many thanks to Old Spice for putting terms like “lady scented” into my vocab. ..good job, guys!) I’m thinking maybe a split of this would be fun.

  6. Oh I can’t wait to sample this one. I’ve liked all of the M. Micallef’s I’ve tried.

  7. Joe says:

    This sounds very interesting, and I really do like the Micallef line.

    The orange/geranium/black pepper/patchouli combo is reminiscent of Noir Epices, and the addition of oud sounds interesting.

  8. Alyssa says:

    Hey, they stole that great old Parfum Sacre box! Good job, Micallef, I love that box. (Not being sarcastic, really am happy to see it revived, though of course I wish Caron had the sense/backers to make it happen for themselves…)

  9. Ooh! Why does this make my mouth water?

    I’ve been wearing and obsessing over Black Sea lately. I’m thinking about trying the other Seas, too. I consider Micallef’s perfumes generally out of my price range, but I might have to make an exception for Black Sea. It’s weird too, because I NEVER like marine notes, except in this one. Must be the combination of it with other deep, spicy and sweet things. It’s one of those scents that *everyone* near you asks about.

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