Gres Cabotine Green Summer & Cabotine Moonflower ~ new fragrances

Gres Cabotine Green Summer & Cabotine Moonflower perfumes

Grès has launched two new limited edition flankers to 1990’s Cabotine fragrance for women: Cabotine Green Summer and Cabotine Moonflower.

Cabotine Green Summer ~ developed by perfumer Marie Salamagne; "The fruity and green fresh fragrance is an instantaneous spray of lighthearted cheerfulness and love for summer." Featuring notes of blood orange, mandarin, yuzu, pear, lotus blossoms, jasmine sambac, freesia, moss, musk, and sandalwood.

Cabotine Moonflower ~ developed by perfumer Michel Almairac; "When the moonlit night mystically beguiles the senses, when you perceive unfamiliar sounds and seductive fragrances, that is the time of Cabotine Moonflower." With notes of pear, bergamot, frankincense, rose, peony, vanilla, musk, cedar and sandalwood.

Grès Cabotine Green Summer and Cabotine Moonflower are available in 50 ml Eau de Toilette; Moonflower is also available in 100 ml. (via parfumsgres)

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  1. devilbunnies says:

    I must remember not to freak the hell out when I start perceiving unfamiliar sounds after using Cabotine Moonflower.

  2. 50_Roses says:

    LOL! Not to mention those seductive fragrances. If they mean fragrances other than the perfume itself, this may be a first–a perfume that causes you to imagine other scents! A sort of olfactory mirage.

    I can’t help wondering about all these “limited edition” releases. If the fragrances are really any good, wouldn’t they want to keep selling them and make more money? And if the fragrances aren’t any good, why put them on the market at all? Of course, considering the inevitably short lives of most of the 800+ releases a year, I suppose most fragrances are in fact “limited editions”.

    • Robin says:

      Limited edition flankers sell, and they sometimes help reinvigorate the master brand.

  3. Tama says:

    I am drawn to the Moonflower bottle for some reason. I’ll give it a whirl if I stumble across it. I’ve never even smelled regular Cabotine – I see it around now and again.

    • Robin says:

      I like both of those bottles, although not sure those caps will be so appealing in person, hard to say.

  4. Joe says:

    You know, I received a sample of Cabotine about a year ago and thought it was a fun, whimsical floral thing, so I coughed up a whole $10 to buy a 30ml bottle online. Of course, I’ve barely worn it because it smells a little cheap. I just spritzed myself down to get my money’s worth. And yeah, it’s a little cheap, but it’s not bad for washing the dishes, cleaning up the house, and doing a little gardening, which is what I have planned for the next hour or two. It’s definitely far from the worst of the cheap (and not-so-cheap) stuff on the market. Is that a ringing endorsement or what? I couldn’t tell you what kind of florals are supposed to be in this mix; maybe carnation and lily and a bunch of other floral molecules from the lab.

    The cap is of course just a molded plastic thing, but it’s kind of cute from afar.

    Tama, I’ll send you a sample; you know 30ml of this will last two lifetimes.

  5. lenika says:

    I have Cabotine Rose. It’s too girly (or too floral) on top for me, but has a sexy base. I don’t wear it, but I think it’s not bad.

  6. devilbunnies says:

    I actually do like Cabotine. At first it is a little much, but within five minutes or so it smells great. I would love to try these flankers but I rarely see Cabotine outside of TJMaxx. Maybe in a few years they’ll make it there. ;)

  7. Naie says:

    Cabotine is not my favorite, but that Moonflower bottle is gorgeous.

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