Parfumerie Generale Gardenia Grand Soir & Bois Naufrage ~ new fragrances

Parfumerie Generale Gardenia Grand Soir

Parfumerie Generale has launched two new limited edition fragrances, Gardenia Grand Soir and Bois Naufragé:

Gardenia Grand Soir (shown) ~ "In Gardénia Grand Soir, Pierre Guillaume has captured the flower at its most natural, in an almost photographic rendition of its suave, green-tinged notes." With notes of gardenia accord, Australian & Mysore sandalwood and sandalore.

Bois Naufragé ~ "In Bois Naufragé, green and salty notes – one vegetal, the other mineral -- echo the memory of the sea that smoothed the wood, while the suave seawater facets of ambergris conjure sun-kissed skin, with a hint of tanning lotion washed away by a swim." With notes of fig tree, fleur de sel and ambergris.

Parfumerie Generale Gardenia Grand Soir and Bois Naufragé can be found now at Luckyscent, $95 each for 50 ml Eau de Toilette. (via luckyscent)

Update: see a review of Parfumerie Generale Bois Naufragé.

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  1. Haunani says:

    Oh, goody! I’m excited about trying these two new offerings from what has become one of my favorite houses. And here’s hoping that this will be THE gardenia for those of you who have been searching…

    • Robin says:

      They both sound very try-worthy!

  2. meadowbliss says:

    I love this house as well. I’m wearing Chanel Gardenia and although not usually a floral fan, it’s a beauty on my skin.

    • elise says:

      i’ve been wanting to try Chanel’s Gardenia and Une Fleur…! Now I’m def. getting a sample…

    • Robin says:

      The Chanel is lovely, although I don’t get much gardenia from it.

  3. Julia says:

    The gardenia + sandalwood sounds very nice, but I’m a little confused about the gardenia/magnolia/tuberose connection. They seem to get mentioned together a lot and I don’t know that I could tell the difference in a blind sniff test. I don’t want to derail the discussion of these lovely PG releases, but I would really appreciate it if somebody could point me to a discussion of the different qualities of each. I’m wearing VC&A Gardenia Petale, but I’m not sure I would identify it as gardenia if I didn’t already know the name. It smells like a green tuberose to me. Thanks!

    • Robin says:

      Honestly, the best thing to do would be to smell them in nature — they’re all quite different.

      • Robin R. says:

        That’s ideal, for sure, particularly if you could smell the three flowers together and be able to compare them in real time. The best I’ve been able to do is smell gardenias and tuberose at the same time. Here in Canada, it’s hard to find that particular kind of magnolia with the lemony, creamy, heady scent (most of ours are hardy ones that don’t smell at all).

        Next best thing would be to smell a really intense, almost hyper-realistic soliflore of each of them, preferably at the same time. They might not smell exactly like the real thing, but the contrasts might make the differences especially clear. I’m thinking something like FM Carnal Flower or SL Tuberose Criminelle for that distinguishable, almost mentholated note that magnolia and gardenia lack, and Tom Ford Velvet Gardenia (hopefully it’s still around in the stores) for the beeswaxy, mushroomy quality of gardenia that tuberose and magnolia lack.

        As for the magnolia fragrance, that’s the tricky one. There are magnolias out there, but nothing seems to really capture the true scent, which is especially creamy — almost ice-creamy — with a tropical/lemony bite. I think I read somewhere that Roger & Gallet makes a magnolia soap that’s quite true to the real thing. Recently, I tried the new Donna Karan Iris, which has a good deal of surprisingly realistic magnolia, so that might do in a pinch – or try a number of magnolias (Acqua di Parma, Eau d’Italie, Yves Rocher) for at least a rough idea of how they DON’T smell like tuberose or gardenia!

        Just another thought if you can’t sniff the real blooms . . .

        • Robin says:

          All true!

        • Robin R. says:

          And duh, how could I forget? The new PG gardenia sounds like a referential must-try. ;-)

          (The Shipwrecked Driftwood sounds rather intriguing, btw. Thanks for telling us about Pierre’s latest, R.)

    • sarahbeth says:

      Julia, I have the same confusion with gardenia/tuberose. I am not sure how to distinguish them. I look forward to clarification from someone who nose/knows.

      • miss kitty v. says:

        I think the problem is that there are so many fragrances out there that say they’re gardenia and are really tuberose, or say they’re tuberose and are really gardenia. Or it’s some other concoction altogether that isn’t either of them. I don’t know why they do that.

    • Daisy says:

      I know exactly what you mean! To me magnolia is more lemony…and gardenia (at least real ones) are more “creamy” than tuberose which is a little “sweeter” —now that’s if you lined them all up and and did a sniff test…..but to pick up a perfume and be able to tell if the note was from gardenia or tuberose? arggg….I know I couldn’t tell.

      • Robin R. says:

        Hopefully what I just posted above will help people a little.

        • Daisy says:

          One of the nicest things about living down south….Magnolias with that creamy-lemony scent—heavy sigh….beautiful …..until all those huge leathery leaves started falling all over your yard….

          • Robin R. says:

            Ah, Daisy, I envy you! I’ve only ever smelled that southern magnolia once up here in the Pacific Northwest. There is a single tree on Salt Spring Island, one of the Southern Gulf Islands a ferry ride from Vancouver, and I remember the exact moment a few summers ago when I walked up to one of the blooms out of pure curiosity — it looked like a magnolia, but it was two months behind the tulip and star magnolias in the city — and BAM, I was just about knocked over backwards by the unexpected beauty and intensity of the scent.

            Really is a shame that perfumers can capture tuberose and gardenia so very well, and yet struggle with magnolia – although I’m sure one day they’ll mix and match some molecules and come up with something that smells like the real thing. ;-)

        • Haunani says:

          I think your analysis above is very helpful!

        • sarahbeth says:

          Robin R: Yes, thank you very much for this. I live in the Pacific NW so a rare occasion to smell these in nature! I appreciate your input and will refer to your comments (and do some testing of fragrances) when my confusion on these differences returns… which it undoubtedly will!

        • Robin R. says:

          Glad to be of service!

  4. elise says:

    Oh PG! Why do you do this to my pocket book! Can’t wait to try these…

    • Robin says:

      They are not kind to pocketbooks.

  5. boojum says:

    Both sound fantastic to me, too! Time to order samples before someone hosts a split!

    • Suzanne941 says:

      Who would that be I wonder? ;)
      Although the Bois has the beachy-thing going on, I’d still love to try this one. PG is so nicely done.

      • Daisy says:

        Ha! you had better not be talking about me! lol….for once, this girl is staying soooo out of it! Just got to clean up the last couple of splits on my plate and then…I’m taking a break . (before I need therapy for my spritzing finger) ;-)

        • boojum says:

          I can’t speak for Suzanne, but I had no particular person in mind… just a general comment. SOMEONE is sure to do it.

  6. Nile Goddess says:

    I can’t stand white waxy flowers and Gardenia is No. 1 on my hate list, followed by jasmine. Too bad, because I like the flowers diffusing their fragrance mist in the garden on a hot evening. I still remember Aerin’s Private Collection Tuberose & Gardenia – induced migraine a few years back, though the sleeve of the jumper I wore while testing it was smelling fantastic 72 hours later, when I finally had the courage to approach it of only to throw it in the wash.

    Bois Naufrage sounds fantastic! For some reason I love salty fragrances, and need a change from the Eau de Merveilles I’ve been wearing obsessively at work .

  7. NaturalSelektion says:

    I just had a chance to read about PG over at luckyscent. I’m excited! I like that each fragrance was said to be set off by something different like darker with sweet and light with wood. I’m going to send off for a couple of samples before I delve into a bottle. Any suggestions on two from his line that I must try?

    • Joe says:

      You’ll probably get eight or more different answers! I particularly like Felanilla, Aomassaï, and Cuir d’Iris… but it’s such a large line and so many are good. Depends on your note preferences.

    • miss kitty v. says:

      Bois Blond! Bois Blond!

      • boojum says:

        Yep. I’d add Papyrus de Ciane.

    • Haunani says:

      My favorites, so far, are Bois Blond, Iris Taizo (maybe called Iris Oriental now?), L’Oiseau de Nuit, and Felanilla. Aomassai is fantastic, but for me more of a novelty than a wearable fragrance.

    • Daisy says:

      well, I’m going to add my 2 cents since you’re not up the to requisite million responses yet….PG scents never seem to be what you expect–always “with a twist” but many good ones that’s for sure!
      1. Felanilla–hotsy totsy vanilla
      2. Iris Taizo (now Oriental as Haunani mentioned)
      3. Coze –warm resinous woods
      4. Un Crime Exotique –pumpkin pie spicy gourmand, good for cold weather to make you feel all cozy.
      5. Bois Blond
      although I’ve got a hankering to try some Jardins de Kerylos myself….(sorry if that’s spelled poorly.)

      • miss kitty v. says:

        And I know Daisy would agree with me on this: The one to probably stay away from is Musc Maori. Unless you like licorice. (Although it’s supposed to be chocolate, all I get is licorice. And maybe some coffee. Maybe.) I loved it at first, but it quickly wore out it’s welcome.

        • Tama says:

          That one smells just like chocolate orchids to me. I like it but I could see that it would not be full-bottle-worthy especially.

        • NaturalSelektion says:

          Thanks for the heads up. I do not like the way licorice smells or the way it tastes. I really wanted to try the Musc Maori because it made me immediately think of the beautiful tattoos that the Maori people wear. I wont put that on the sample list. I really appreciate all the help from everyone. Looks like I’ll probably have to get 5 or 6 samples.

          • miss kitty v. says:

            NS, I’m happy to send you some to give it a shot. I’m at MUA under the same name.

        • saran says:

          How funny! I get no licorice. Just musk, vanilla and smooth chocolate and some white flowers. It’s terrible light though.

      • Joe says:

        Ooh, I’ve actually been wanting to try Musc Maori for a long time.

        And here I thought Daisy would be recommending Cuir Venenum. :D

        • miss kitty v. says:

          I’ll send you some, Joe. I think it’s something you either love or hate.

        • Daisy says:

          I was trying to be nice and not say bad stuff about fragrances just because they happen to smell like Welch’s purple grape juice on Ace bandages and leather boots…(just to refresh your memory) ….or sicky sweet chocolate mash….licorice? hmmm, I didn’t get licorice…just a LOT of chocolate….5mins= good…..2 hours = oh, my stomach!
          Not that I would ever purposefully diss someone else’s preferred PGs……. :-}

          • Joe says:

            I prefer the description “grape slushee on the leather seats of your luxury car.” Much more posh. :P

          • Daisy says:

            Ah, but so very unlikely as no one is allowed to eat in my car so the leather seats are safe! Funny you should mention a slushee–I developed this tough non-consumables policy way back in college when I had a 78 Mustang with tan leather seats….that I loaned to my older brother for a couple weeks—-and he did allow his young child a GRAPE slushee (and apparently bubble gum as well) in the back seat…..neither was ever able to be fully removed. :-(

  8. Joe says:

    These both sound great to me too. I could go for something like Bois Naufragé or Miller Harris Fleurs de Sel this summer…

    I was just wearing Papyrus de Ciane the other day and really enjoyed it a lot… the cypriol is really forward on that!

  9. mals86 says:

    Denyse at Grain de Musc seemed disappointed in the Gardenia – I think she was expecting something bigger than what she got. So it might be a, um, “quieter” gardenia, less Big Gardenia Corsage and more like Gardenia bush at the neighbors’ house down the street.

    What does Bois Naufrage’ mean – something like Shipwrecked Wood? It does sound nice, although not my usual thing. The fig tree notes give me pause.

    • Laurinha says:

      Hi mals86; that’s exactly what it means. I had high expectations for this one, especially because I had come across a list of its notes that mentioned carob. I’ve only tried on a drop and the overall impression was slightly disappointing, leaving a nice powdery dry-down.

      This reminds me that I should try this and Gardenia Grand Soir again, at length this time, to get a better grasp ; I could come up with a tentative description, if anyone’s interested.

    • Joe says:

      I’d happily take gardenia bush at the neighbors house down the street. I’m not the big-corsage-wearing type. Usually.

      • Haunani says:

        Same here!

      • Daisy says:

        LOL ….but sometimes you like a nice corsage? hey, you started it.

        • Joe says:

          A corsage… Sure. Why not? I’m sexy and I do what I want!

          • Daisy says:

            hmmmm….since corsages CAN be quite nice and fragrant….I’ll allow that this activity falls under the strict policy of using the Power of “I’m sexy and I do what I want” only for Good. ;-)

  10. Let me look into my crystal ball…hmmm let’s see….I see several splits being offered soon. HA! :)

    • Daisy says:

      hmmmm…is that your face I see in the crystal ball? I think it might be……lol :-D

  11. miss kitty v. says:

    I was just ogling these last night, trying to keep myself from buying things I don’t need at Luckyscent. They both looked intriguing, although gardenia isn’t on my list of favorites. The price is ever so slightly better than others in the line.

    • Joe says:

      Did everyone get a LuckyScent email blast that I missed out on? As if I need temptation.

      Also: I really like the old PG labels much better — they were more unique to the brand. The new ones seem generic and very “everybody else”.

      • miss kitty v. says:

        In total agreement on the labels. I didn’t get anything from them about these, I just, uh, happened to be doing some browsing last night.

        • Haunani says:

          Hmmm… is Luckyscents on your Bookmarks Toolbar, too? ;-)

          • Daisy says:

            does anyone here NOT have luckyscent on their toolbar?

          • miss kitty v. says:

            Oh, I just type in the letter “L” and it pops up. My computer knows it by heart.

          • Joe says:

            Ms. Kitty: exactly!

          • Haunani says:

            Smiling knowingly at all of you. :-)

      • OperaFan says:

        The “blast” just came out, Joe….

        • miss kitty v. says:

          Yeah. *Now* I’ve got an email from them/

  12. AnnieA says:

    I had a sniff of the Bois Naufragé at the Perfume Shoppe last week and it was very pretty. Didn’t smell anything salty, though, and it seemed something of an autumnal scent. I have PG’s Eau Rare Matale, my winter perfume.

    I too am not so wild about the new labels…

  13. redscorpio says:

    This is timely as I was testing gardenia/tuberose scents in town yesterday. Not as many to choose from as in the US but I tried JM Vintage Gardenia, JM Tuberose, Estee Lauder TG, Kai and AG Gardenia Passion. Favourites so far as the JM Tuberose and the EL. Wasn’t game to try Carnal Flower in case I fell in love with it because it is ridicuously expensive in Australia! Have tried Fracas in the past and it is lovely but maybe just a touch too much for me…

    • Winifrieda says:

      RS I’m in Australia too…the place to get the Malles is Les Scenteurs in the UK. Not only are the prices in the normal range, they do the right thing and deduct their VAT or whatever tax it is because they are exporting and that covers postage. I really admire their honesty in doing that, because others overseas don’t seem to do it, although i don’t know what all the sales tax laws are….

      • Joe says:

        You’d think these brands like Malle (and Lutens?) would manage to find someone who could distribute in Sydney, wouldn’t you? Makes me want to set up in the import/export trade myself… you all shouldn’t be deprived.

        • redscorpio says:

          They are distributed in Sydney via Mecca Cosmetica but the prices are outrageous. You are better off ordering the SL through Strawberrynet and it seems the FM through Les Scenteurs. Thanks for tip Winifrieda!

  14. parfumnut says:

    Arrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhh….broke down and ordered both…i so tried to resist, but PG has really been putting out some nice fragrances and i am definitely a fan.

  15. Joe says:

    You know, I only just noticed that these are both “Limited Editions”. Had PG done that before?

    Also, it would be nice if Lucky stocked the 30ml size… seems the closest place to get them is the Perfume Shoppe in Vancouver.

    • Daisy says:

      Yes, the PG’s are split into 3 catagories: Parfumerie Generale, Limited Edition (Bois Blond , L’Ombre Fauve) and the Private Collection….the prices vary a bit from group to group. As to whether this Limited Edition will be in limited production; I have no idea.

  16. I tried these two the other day – the Gardenia only on paper and the Bois Naufrage on skin. The former didn’t stand out particularly to me, albeit it wasn’t the ideal test – something like Chanel Gardenia, maybe, but not ground breaking.

    The Bois Naufrage was lovely – figgy and woody in equal measure. I was reminded of Ava Luxe Fig Wood, but I would be wouldn’t I?! Liked it a lot.

  17. bluegardenia says:

    just tried gardenia grand soir. i’m stunned. it’s absolutely incredible. it’s a rooty, irisy gardenia scent that isn’t at all lush, tropical, or diva-like. it’s a gardenia for people who don’t like white flower scents, though it’s still sweet and floral. i’m in love. i’ve bankrupted myself buying discontinued perfumes recently, but i think i’m going to have to buy a bottle of this immediately. i hope it’s not really limited edition! i’d love to know what others think!

  18. bluegardenia says:

    on second thought, i reapplied this in the morning and now all i’m getting is powdery fruit. not sure where the gardenia went. confusing!

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