Kate Spade Twirl ~ new perfume

Kate Spade Twirl perfume

Kate Spade will launch Kate Spade Twirl, a new fragrance for women and the brand's first scent under licensing arrangements with Elizabeth Arden, in September. Twirl is meant to be "equally at ease at an afternoon lawn party or a night on the town".

Twirl was developed by perfumer Claude Dir. Notes include watermelon, blackberry, red currant, orange blossom, star jasmine, tiare, magnolia, musk and French macaroon.

Kate Spade Twirl will be available in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum and in a travel-sized roll-on; matching body products will also be sold. (via wwd)

Update: see a brief review of Kate Spade Twirl.

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  1. sunshine808 says:

    Will sample this, definitely.

    • Robin says:

      I’m sure I will too!

      • sunshine808 says:

        You have my dream job ;-)

  2. Daisy says:

    watermelon? that’s iffy……but French Macaroon….ok, that’s a yummy confection. But I still wonder if we’ve got a jolly rancher in a bottle here. It does not sound like a night on the town….afternoon lawnparty–maybe.

    • Robin says:

      It does sound more day than night. And that cap is iffy too. Will be interesting to see it in person…

      • miss kitty v. says:

        The bottle is so cute! The cap does concern me, though. I feel like it could be like David Yurman, where the bottle was gorgeous and then had this horrible cheap plastic cap. :(

        • Robin says:

          That’s so often how it turns out — the cap is usually the weak link.

          • BChant says:

            The bottle reminds me a lot of Arpege. In fact I thought it was an Arpege flanker when I first saw the picture on my iPhone screen before I enlarged the article.

          • Valentine says:

            The cap most definitely does seem odd to me, but the bottle itself reminds me of a Christmas ornament (and not in a bad way). The notes aren’t my style, but I would be interested to see what this smells like on the skin. The watermelon is a bit off-putting, but then again I do like Laila for a summer’s day, which has a predominant watermelon note.

  3. janjan says:

    I love the perfectly round glass-bubble of a bottle, but, yeah, the cap has cheap-seeming potentiality. Sounds a bit cloying to me… and macaroon: scent of almonds? ganache? meringue powder?

    • Robin says:

      Who knows! Just hope it isn’t too sweet.

  4. mals86 says:

    I’d comment on not finding the notes enticing, but I’m… distracted by… the… sparkly thingies…

    • Robin says:

      Yeah. Hope we’ll get a better photo soon, maybe a nice white background would be better.

  5. mjr17 says:

    Fruity-floral alert with a dash of pastry…doesn’t sound like anything I’ll be interested in. The bottle looks pretty, though if it’s cheaply made then it will probably end up being tacky in person.

    • Robin says:

      Could be, you never know. I’ll give it a shot, although watermelon probably isn’t what I’m after.

  6. RusticDove says:

    The watermelon note will probably make this one a no-go for me, but that bottle sure is cute. Hopefully it doesn’t look cheap in person.

    • miss kitty v. says:

      I have to admit that when I was an undergrad I wore something called “Watermelon Musk.” I know. I have a lot of repenting to do for that.

      • RusticDove says:

        Well, that does sound pretty awful, but your supremely good taste now absolves you of any blame. ;-)

  7. dissed says:

    Look, a disco ball.

  8. Craig Su says:

    The bottle looks a bit like Dolce Vita by Dior.

  9. scentsappeal says:

    With the exception of the watermelon, the notes seem promising and the bottle is cute enough. Cap looks exactly like the one on the YSL’s Baby Doll bottle. Worth a sniff at any rate. Have a nice weekend everyone!

  10. LaMaroc says:

    If watermelon, blackberry and redcurrant – together!- weren’t enough to turn me off the French macaroon would have…until I smelled Marc Jacobs Biscotti splash yesterday. I thought I was over any sweet treat notes but Biscotti was so refreshing as well as soothing. Such a pleasantly unexpected shock. So maybe this will appeal as well??? It’s true, you cannot judge a fragrance, even by a list of it’s notes.

  11. ZenArcade says:

    The reference to “French macaroon” in the notes cracks me up a little. So, we can smell not only macaroons, but their nationality? Wow! Quite a feat of perfumery! I know they’re probably trying to invoke the trendiness of Ladurée or something similar, but it still seems a bit silly. I’m iffy on the name, too. All in all, not something I need to rush out and sniff.

    • Robin says:

      LOL…but in the US, macaroons often refer to an entirely different animal (those coconut thingies instead of the true French macaron). And since the true French macaron is heaven, I’ll forgive the trendiness!

      • Bela says:

        To complicate matters even more, those ‘coconut thingies’ are also called ‘macarons’ in French so we can’t automatically tell which kind we’re talking about when we say ‘macaron’. At least you can say ‘French macaron’ to indicate the Ladurée type.

        • Robin says:

          Oh, I did not know that! Thanks J.

  12. thenoseknows says:

    LOVING THIS! LOVE The Name, How Fancifully perfect a name for a fragrance! and the Notes, Oh Heaven Help Me… WATERMELON, ABSOLUTE LOVE!!!! Tiare, Star Jasmine AND Magnolia! How Heavenly this sounds! The Bottle is Tres Adorable! Am Hoping to get a whiff of this very soon, sounds like one of those you buy immediately!

    • Robin says:

      I’m afraid you have to wait until the fall! But who knows, maybe it will start appearing in August, they so often come out early.

  13. March says:

    Hi, Miss Crankypants is back! This doesn’t sound especially enticing. Am I the only person who remembers the original Kate Spade, a Big White Flower thang (LOTV, gardenia?) that used to be stocked locally at places like Macy’s, and which I liked, although a little went a very long way?

    • Robin says:

      Hey Miss Crankypants, welcome home!!

      I do remember it, but not very well at all. I know I hated it, but I would have hated any big white floral thang back then. My guess is that today, I’d like it miles better than I’m gonna like Twirl.

    • thenoseknows says:

      No it was Honeysuckle…..

    • bowbat says:

      I not only remember it, I’ve got a half-used bottle of it on my bathroom counter. Only half-used after all this time because, as you said, a little goes a looooooooooong way.

  14. APassionateJourney says:

    You can get the rollerball now at Nordies :)

  15. jonr951 says:

    Twirl is available on elizabetharden.com. I like the bottle! : )

  16. GothamG1rl says:

    Love this even more than I thought I would. It’s powdery & it stays. I may have to upgrade from the rollerball to the 1.7.

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