Nobile 1942 Ambra Nobile & Estroverso ~ new fragrances

Nobile 1942 Ambra Nobile perfume

Italian niche line Nobile 1942 has launched two new fragrances, Ambra Nobile and Estroverso.

Ambra Nobile (shown above) ~ "Citric-fresh orange blossom notes, bergamot and amber pave the way to a warm heart of patchouly, labdanum, phylallis and rockrose. The base is a soft and soothing melange of powdery-woody tonka bean, sandalwood, cedar and balsamic vetiver."

Estroverso ~ "ESTRO is the Italian word for inspiration, intuition, momentum. Combined with VERSO (against) it conveys a passion that follows its own intuition and inspiration against all odds, and it is rigorous and stubborn. The fragrance preludes with sparkling fresh notes of lemon, orange, tangerine and bergamot. The spicy heart is dominated by lime, rosemary and mugwort, which is complemented by a warm-soft base of cedarwood, vetiver, patchouly, musk and amber notes."

Nobile 1942 Ambra Nobile and Estroverso are 90€ each for 100 ml, concentration unknown, and can be found now at First in Fragrance in Germany. (via first-in-fragrance)

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  1. LaMaroc says:

    I love the name Estroverso. However I don’t really associate citrus with obstinate passion. lol

  2. Daisy says:

    hmmm sounds a little too much like an Italian post-menopause natural remedy….hot flashes? dry skin? bone loss? try Estro-reverso!

    Ambra Nobile sounds good to me though. :-)

    • libertybelle says:

      You’re so right! LOL.
      Ambra Nobile sounds more like something I’d like.

    • miss kitty v. says:

      LOL. I thought the same thing about the Estroverso. :) The companion piece should have been Progestoverso.

      • Suzanne941 says:

        LOL! Maybe they could make it in a patch!

      • LaMaroc says:

        *groan* Ok, you guys just killed it for me. lol Everything sounds better in Italian, though. :P

    • Robin says:


    • Julia says:

      That was the first thing that came to my mind when I read the name “Estroverso.” I was half expecting a “pregnant mare urine’ note, which would probably be very similar to grapefruit on me.

  3. Rappleyea says:

    I’ve only tried a few things from this line, and have really liked them. Not a mugwort fan (I’m going to pretend I didn’t just read the Italian menopause cure thing :-D ) but the Ambra Nobile does sound beautiful.

    • Robin says:

      It does sound quite nice!

  4. Dzingnut says:

    If this product was efficacious at preventing hot flashes, I would buy a tanker full of it …

    • Daisy says:

      I am usually FREEZING cold so I am wondering if hot flashes will actually be a relief…a chance to remove a couple layers….

  5. Absolute Scentualist says:

    Lol. This week, I’m more angling for a way to tame PMEstroverso. That Ambra Nobile might go a long way toward that… If it came with chocolates. :)

    • Robin says:

      Ha…best of luck with that. Chocolate certainly can’t hurt ;-)

  6. eminere says:

    The bottle looks startingly like Prada’s Infusion bottles.

  7. princessofPA says:

    Lucky enough to have a sample of this and it is lovely! Warm, cozy and slightly sweet. May be my next FB purchase!

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