Jo Malone Cologne Intense ~ new fragrances

Jo Malone Cologne Intense Collection

Jo Malone will launch the Cologne Intense Collection in August. The Collection includes four fragrances, Amber & Patchouli, Oud & Bergamot, Rose Water & Vanilla and Iris & White Musk, "inspired by the great fragrance traditions and ingredients of the Middle East". All four scents were developed by perfumer Christine Nagel.

Amber & Patchouli ~ a spicy woody fragrance with a "supple, suede-like finish". [Notes include amber, patchouli and guaiac wood]

Oud & Bergamot ~ a "fresh interpretation" of oud, with bergamot, orange and lemon. [Additional notes include cedar]

Rose Water & Vanilla ~ a modern version of traditional Arabian Rose Mokhalat, with rose, vanilla, neroli and petitgrain.

Iris & White Musk ~ with iris, musk and Casablanca lily.

The Jo Malone Cologne Intense Collection fragrances will be in 100 ml for £80. (via moodiereport)

Jo Malone Cologne Intense perfume bottle

Update: the Cologne Intense Collection was developed to appeal to "fragrance connoisseurs" and to customers in the Middle East. The fragrances will be in limited distribution (35 stores worldwide). (via wwd)

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  1. alucas1877 says:

    Hello everyone! The sun is finally shining here in NYC and that definitely puts a smile on my face 
    Now these fragrances sound really interesting to me. I am particularly loving the sound of Rose Water & Vanilla and Iris & White Musk.
    Lately I have been in love with anything that has Iris in it and I have been taking notes from all your suggestions in previous reviews and posts. I was never a fan of Roses in a perfume but that has changed as well. I have to dig in with arms wide open into the Les Perfumes de Rosine Collection. Samples, samples!!!!


    • Robin says:

      They do sound interesting!

  2. devilbunnies says:

    I want want want Rose Water & Vanilla. I am a sucker for rose scents ever since I got into Rose Petal Place dolls as a kid. ;)

  3. Interesting. I haven’t overly fell in love with anything in this line except for Dark Amber and Ginger Lily. In the end that was too light for my taste, but nice in the summer months. These def sound worth trying. :)

    • boojum says:

      Ditto, except it wasn’t light on me…so it’s an early fall scent. :)

    • Robin says:

      Have a feeling these will be more in the Kohdo Wood direction…but we’ll have to wait & see.

    • bookgirl says:

      Dark Amber and Ginger Lily is by far my favorite in the line, but that Iris + White Musk does sound so intriguing!

    • Daisy says:

      oo–ginger and lily is good (thanks to you Carlos, for the sample dahlink)
      Patch and oud—those two are not generally very friendly with my nose but rose, vanilla and iris? sooo talkin my language there! And the Malone’s are never “obtrusive” or difficult to wear…often a little too straight forward and simple (?) so this new “intense” stuff might just be the ticket…and are now on the must sniff list.

      • AnnS says:

        Yes, the rose and iris ones caught my attention too. My fav from her line is the French Lime Blossom, but I’ve not smelled them all.

  4. Rictor07 says:

    these must be a stronger concentration as all her others since they appear to be more expensive.

    • boojum says:

      I’d guess that’d be why they’re called “intense”.

    • Robin says:

      Not sure if they’re actually higher concentration or just targeting a more haute audience, rather like the Kohdo Woods scents.

  5. Abyss says:

    £80 for 100mls, huh? Guess Jo Malone people didn’t get the memo about the smaller bottles :p

    Do we know if they will be limited editions or a permanent part of the line up?

    • Robin says:

      Moodiereport does not call them LE, although that doesn’t mean they’re not.

  6. Karin says:

    Can’t say I’ve ever given Jo Malone scents a chance. Suppose I was put off by the “layering” idea – I really don’t want to have to play perfumer, spraying from multiple bottles and creating multiple variations. Would rather have fragrances that are fully developed and complete. But perhaps I’m naive on this point. Haven’t been impressed by any I’ve tried on their own, though.

    BUT…I love Christine Nagel, so am now curious to try these.

    • Robin says:

      They are as fully developed & complete as any other fragrances…not single notes or anything. But the line, esp. the early ones, does tend towards rather simplistic scents.

      • Karin says:

        Ah…thanks, Robin. They’re definitely going on my “to try” list now!

  7. miss kitty v. says:

    I must have new release fatigue. (Which is a good thing, financially.) None of these jump out at me. And I’m with Carlos–the only Jo Malone I’ve ever cared for was the amber and ginger lily, and even that I wouldn’t go out of my way to own.

    • Robin says:

      I bought it, and do enjoy it.

  8. meadowbliss says:

    I thought I’d read somewhere that JM had sold her line to — I want to say Estee Lauder, maybe? I’ve never sampled her scents, but have been tempted so often. This new line sounds intriguing, but the price is a bit much.

    • Suzanne941 says:

      Yes, it’s Estee Lauder. I wasn’t bowled over with the one I did buy — unsniffed, Blue Agave something — so I swapped it. I’m with Karin. I’m not into the whole make-my-own layering deal. At these prices, they can do it for me ;)
      Having said that, I’ll have to check out that Oud & Bergamot. LIght as the JMs are, I might get into the mood for that oud ! (sorry.)

      • miss kitty v. says:

        Oh, wait–I did like the Blue Agave. I stand corrected. I think I also liked the Vintage Gardenia (last all of five minutes). So I guess I hold the Jo Malone’s in higher regard than I think I do.

        And I admit it: I’m a sucker for oud, and even though the market is over-saturated with new oud fragrances, I will try them all.

    • Robin says:

      EL has owned it for years, yes.

  9. scentsappeal says:

    Last time I visited Holt Renfrew I went in search of the Jo Malone counter hoping to find Dark Amber & Ginger Lily, alas, the SA said it was a “limited edition” and now gone. I do see bottles of it on eBay though. These new intense versions seem promising, though I’m with the others on the cost being a bit much for an “intense cologne”. Plus, I don’t think I will ever finish 100mls of anything with a collection the size I have that continues to breed by the month (shudders because this quarter is almost finished and we will be forced to accept accountability on bottle purchases)

    On behalf of all fragrance lovers, a small bird needs to land on the shoulders of these companies and whisper the merits of smaller bottles…and even smaller prices! :)

    • Robin says:

      That’s weird, because they’re on counter here now. They were LE in 2008, then they went back on counter in Spring 2009 and again in Spring 2010.

      • scentsappeal says:

        *insert shocked emoticon here* which Holts did you see it at Robin? To be fair it WAS last year when I went searching for it at the Yorkdale Mall store here in Toronto, haven’t bothered to check again since she’d said it was limited and “no more”. Guess it’s time to make a return trip!

        • Robin says:

          Was not talking about Holts, just in general…in the US, for instance, Neiman Marcus has them back this spring.

        • Karin says:

          They’re also available on the Jo Malone website, though no idea whether or not they ship to Canada…

    • Karin says:

      JM does offer most of their scents in smaller bottles…so perhaps these will also eventually get there…

  10. fumemad says:

    Hi. Long time lurker, decloaking. Ha ha. Q nervous about this delurking thing actually. Well, Never did find this line fb worthy cause it lasts like two min on my skin. So hopes this new bunch is better. Which reminds me- does anyone know of a stronger concentration of poivre samaracande or sth that smells similar but lasts longer? I love it but the short whiff is driving me mad.

    • Robin says:

      Don’t worry, we don’t bite! Can’t think offhand of an answer for your Poivre Samarcande problem though. Might be a good question to save for the next open thread poll (there will probably be one towards the end of next week).

      • fumemad says:

        Heh. Thanks. Good idea that, of the poll. Well, everyone seems so knowledgable, it’s a little intimidating even if y’all sound real nice. :)

        • Robin says:

          Hey, we all started somewhere! And I’m still very stupid about all sorts of things, so don’t worry.

    • Suzanne941 says:

      Same thing here! Love Poivre Samarcande but lasted all of five mins. I’d suggest L’Artisan Poivre Piquant but I hear the chuckles already over L’Artisan’s famous lack of staying power. Will have to check the threads for a 10-minute pepper scent!

      • fumemad says:

        Yep, La is just as bad. :)

  11. BChant says:

    I guess I am the only one who thinks these look colossally boring, but I am happy to see that others agree about the outrageous prices. It is one thing to pay over a hundred dollars for a well constructed symphony in a bottle, but paying that for a one or two note samba? Incidentally, the first Jo Malones were quite good, but uninteresting and the layering angle is silly and very transparent and I am a marketer!

    • Robin says:

      But why do you assume they’re a one or two note samba? I mean, they might be — I haven’t smelled them — but then again they might not.

      • lemonprint says:

        Well, the names imply it.

        • Robin says:

          Oh, just because they focus on two notes does not (to me anyway!) mean they’re not “well constructed symphonies” — but of course I have not tried them!

  12. maggiecat says:

    I like the sound of the Rose Water and Vanilla…although I’m not sure that “Jo Malone” and “Intense” doesn’t constitute an oxymoron of mega-proportions….

  13. lemonprint says:

    Ooo, an iris with Casablanca lily in it. That could be an iris I could finally get behind.

  14. AnnieA says:

    Confession time: I find JM quite snoozy, and expensive for what it is. Would probably buy the bath oil if it were at Body Shop prices.

    • Robin says:

      It isn’t my absolute favorite line, but I do like a few of them. Also think it’s expensive for what it is, but I think that of so many niche lines that it’s hardly worth mentioning, LOL…

  15. kalynna says:

    These definitely sound sniff-worthy. I actually don’t mind the huge sizes, they make for excellent splits!

  16. Joe says:

    I like a few JMs too and would gladly own several. A few are wimpy-fleeting, but many aren’t to me at all.

    However, I find “Cologne Intense” a bit oxymoronic. Are they trying to imply cologne strength or intense strength? Reminds me of the Atelier line: “high concentration” cologne-types.

    I look forward to trying these: Oud with just citrus sounds like a nice change from the typical pairing with rose (ugh, I’m so over it), and the iris with lily could be interesting too… love both those notes.

    • Robin says:

      Don’t know. And don’t even think the JM “Colognes” are all in cologne concentration — or at least, I’m told they’re not. Since they don’t specify, and for that matter since there are no rules on the subject, who knows? It’s not even that meaningful these days since there are some very “light” synthetics that last for 24 hours on skin, right?

      (gosh. rambling! sorry)

  17. thenoseknows says:

    Ok, All I Can Say is… CAN’T WAIT! :-D Am already In Love with the Rose Water and Vanilla and the Amber And Patchouli! the Iris also sounds Irresistible! TOOT TOOT BEEP BEEP! LOVING AND WANTING THEM!

    • Robin says:

      Beep beep! But do smell them before you buy :-)

      • thenoseknows says:

        Oh I will give them a smell for sure… then surrender without any sense of reason or hope to their loving wanton siren song! JM Just moves me like that, i am unable to resist!

  18. RusticDove says:

    I missed this yesterday. I’ve become more of a JM fan recently. Count me as another one who loves the DA&GL – it was the only one I liked, I thought, until recently. I just discovered LB&M and OB. They’ve been around, of course, but never bothered to try them after reading ho-hum reviews and trying a few of the line that I didn’t like at all [that blue agave one and the nectarine blossom & honey, and I think one other]. The OB and the LB&M [though it should be cilantro, not basil IMHO] are really nice warm weather scents for me. Anyway, after all that, my point is that I’m interested to try these. haha

    • Robin says:

      I do think they’re trying to “rev things up” at Jo Malone, make the line more hip & perhaps relevant to perfumista-types.

  19. eminere says:

    Ahh I see they’re putting the surplus Dark Amber & Ginger Lily bottles to good use!

    As with the Kohdo Wood collection, I don’t think “Intense” here would be applied in its absolute sense, if past Jo Malone fragrances are anything to go by. Certainly not by Tom Ford Private Blend or Annick Goutal Les Orientalistes standards anyway.

    Still, looking forward to trying these out.

    • Robin says:

      So true on the bottle! and yes, ‘intense’ is relative :-)

  20. turbovivi says:

    Oud & Bergamot sounds very interesting…

    • Pipeo says:

      It really is! I managed to try it on Tuesday, and although they were sold out of it in Harvey Nicks in Manchester, the lovely SA generously sprayed some tissue paper with it for me. I keep going back to it. I think it’s the stand out scent of this line, though the Rose & Vanilla is very nice. I didn’t care for the White Musk & Iris, though my friend who I was with sprayed it on skin and loved it.

  21. Fragrance008 says:

    Has anyone tried combining DA&GL with Black Vetiver Cafe? Incredible!

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