Givenchy Harvest Collection 2009 ~ new fragrances

Givenchy Harvest Collection 2009

Givenchy has launched this year's Harvest Collection (aka “Les Millésimes de Givenchy”), including limited edition versions of Amarige, Organza, Very Irrésistible and Ange ou Démon, each enriched with a specific floral harvest from 2009.

Amarige Mimosa 2009 (above center) ~ "For the 2009 Harvest Collection (released in 2010) Givenchy has enriched Amirage [sic] with the most aromatic harvest of the Mimosa flower, which this year took place in Grasse, France." Notes include ylang ylang, fresh almond, neroli, mandarin, orange leaf, white flowers, mimosa and velvety woods.

Organza Jasmin Sambac 2009 (above left) ~ "For the 2009 Harvest edition of Organza (released in 2010), Givenchy has included a spectacular orange blossom note, this time harvested on the Nile Delta, Egypt." With notes of neroli, honeysuckle, petitgrain, orange blossom, soft spices and vanilla.

Very Irrésistible Rose Centifolia 2009 (above right) ~ "For the 2009 Harvest edition of Very Irrésistible (released in 2010), Givenchy has included a blossoming centifolia rose note, this time harvested in Tidass, Morocco." Featuring star anise, Damascena rose, centifolia rose, peony rose, passion rose, fantasia rose and patchouli.

Ange ou Démon Fleur d'Oranger 2009 (not shown) ~ "For the 2009 Harvest edition of Ange au Démon (released in 2010), Givenchy has included a sensual sambac jasmine note, this time harvested in Coimbatore, India." Includes notes of mandarin, white thyme, saffron, lily, Orchid Maxillaria, ylang ylang, Arabian jasmine, lily, oakwood and tonka bean.

Givenchy Amarige Mimosa 2009, Organza Jasmin Sambac 2009, Very Irrésistible Rose Centifolia 2009 and Ange ou Démon Fleur d'Oranger 2009 are available now at Harrods in the UK, £65 each for 60 ml Eau de Parfum. (via harrods)

Prior Harvest collections: 2008, 2007, 2006

Update: as reader cjordan points out, the ad copy doesn't seem to match — Ange ou Démon should have the "spectacular orange blossom note" and Organza should have the "sensual sambac jasmine note".

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  1. Daisy says:

    blast it! Harrod’s does not ship perfume internationally ! Bastards. I could sure use a botle of that Organza Jasmin Sambac.

    • Robin says:

      Oh, it’ll be in the US soon I’m sure.

    • CynthiaW says:

      Whew – crisis averted. I read “Jasmine Sambac” and started salivating, but if we can’t get it…. I can stop lemming right?

      Or does that just mean that it is a “CHALLENGE WHICH MUST BE OVERCOME?” I can never remember these things.

      • Robin says:

        Patience! These will get here ;-)

        • CynthiaW says:

          I’m not sure if that is good or not – I keep bumping things further down my wishlist to buy LE stuff or stuff that I have to have “right now”. I hate feeling manipulated by marketing, but I also hate missing out. Sigh.

          • Robin says:

            These are worth trying though, assuming you like any of the original scents. Luckily for me, I don’t really — so have not been tempted to buy even though they’re well done.

          • CynthiaW says:

            Fortunately, I’m pretty ADD – so I’ll probably forget all about them. Especially since I haven’t even gotten around to trying most of the original scents.

    • Zootgator says:

      I walk past Harrods every Tuesday if it all gets too much for you :-)

  2. janjan says:

    Wow, those bottles look very air-freshener worthy.

    • Daisy says:

      they do look a little bit like you could pop in some reed diffusers….

    • Robin says:

      They’ve been using the shape since 2006, but the floral design is getting a little functional, yeah.

    • boojum says:

      Shame….I have one from 2007, and it’s actually really pretty. They should have stuck w/what they had.

  3. cjordan says:

    Is it just me, or does the copy not much the perfume names? Organza Jasmin Sambac has orange blossom note added and Ange au Demon Fleur de Oranger has Jasmin Sambac added.

  4. cjordan says:

    Sorry that should have said “match” not much

    • Robin says:

      Hey, but at least you’re awake — I didn’t even notice! Just added a note above.

  5. I am extremely lucky to have the 2008 collection and keep them boxed and put away… if you can get yours hands on the Harvest collection, it’s worth it. The rare bottle that appears on ebay goes for crazy amounts.

    • Robin says:

      They’re really well done for a relatively reasonable price, agreed.

  6. As a lover of the original Organza, Organza Jasmin Sambac sounds all sorts of delightful.

  7. miss kitty v. says:

    Does the 2009 collection come out after 2009? Do they usually release them the year after? Just curious. In any case, I’ve liked several of these in the past, although I’ve never bought a single one. I love the sound of the jasmin sambac, so I may finally have to break down and get it when they arrive here. (Has anyone seen the past ones at discounters? I feel like these are the sort of thing that should show up at Ross and Marshalls, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen them.)

    • Kitty, the date refers to the year the ingredients were harvested – so 2009 is the harvest, 2010 is the launch.

      I have never seen them at any discounters, online or off. I look for them and would love to own all Harvest collections.

      • miss kitty v. says:

        And here all this time I thought that whole “exclusive yearly harvest” was just a marketing gimmick.

    • Robin says:

      Yes…they harvest the materials in 2009 and get the perfume on the market by 2010.

    • Robin R. says:

      No way, Miss K!

      These will never see a discounters — in fact, as someone mentioned, they can get up in the stratosphere on eBay for the coveted ones. They are truly limited editions: the harvests from those particular fields are relatively small, and only so many bottles can be produced. I have the 2006 rose that is something else: indescribably smoky, dark and still vivid — one of the most beautiful roses I own, and that’s saying something.

  8. Joe says:

    I somewhat like this concept and it does add a bit of interest to what might seem like, “Oh, another boring Organza, etc, flanker.” Even so, I may be unlikely to be in a position to ever smell any of these.

    I may make an effort to try the Amarige. Thanks to Boojum, I think the 2007 Harvest Amarige Mimosa Tamil Nadu is amazingly wonderful.

    • miss kitty v. says:

      They usually have them at Nordstrom (eventually), although I have no idea if that helps you or not.

      • Joe says:

        Yes, it “helps” me. Technically. ;)

  9. Ari says:

    Hmmm, I just don’t know about Givenchy. I feel like they used to have such a glamorous, elegant image, what with the Audrey Hepburn connection, but there seems to be a large disconnect between that image and their current perfumes. And what a waste of Liv Tyler’s beauty, to have her hawking that Very Irresistible dreck! That being said, I have never tried Organza, it could be very nice for all I know.

    • Robin says:

      It is not my favorite modern designer brand, but these really are better done than many — that is, if you like the original scent.

    • Ari, I rather like Organza. The original, at least, as I’ve not tried any of the flankers.

      Of course, I may like it for all the wrong reasons. There’s something about having been 12 and completely in love with Egyptology and there’s an entire ad campaign in which Organza personifies some distorted, glamourized vision of Ancient Egypt and the ‘Eternal Woman’ which, of course, landed me in local department stores sniffing and sampling something I couldn’t afford — Tresor was ultimately my first ‘real’ perfume and that was bought about two years later and it was a smaller bottle of the EdT.

      I somehow ended up with a 1.7 oz bottle and two mini bottles of the Organza EdP. If you want, I can send you one of the minis since I don’t see when I’ll need that much Organza unless I was planning on wearing it every day for the next year — unlikely.

  10. Tama says:

    The Organza ones are so nice! I never quite feel like I should get one, though, because I have a fair amount of Organza. I was also given a giant bottle of Ange ou Demon, but this one sounds so much nicer.

    However, I only have a mini of the mighty Amarige, so I think I need to try that mimosa.

    • boojum says:

      I’m curious to see how this year’s compares to the 2007. Somehow, I doubt my nose is sophisticated enough to notice the difference. Anyway, if you like Mimosa, I do think this one is flat-out gorgeous…but yes, mighty indeed!

      • Joe says:

        B: Yeah, I’m wondering if it takes a mighty refined nose to tell the difference from one year’s vintage to the next, even though geographic origins are different. It would be nice to do side by side of several years… though I’m assuming they tweak the rest of the formula a bit too.

        • Robin R. says:

          You’re right about the tweaking, Joe. They work on making each of them quite different – emphasizing the natural differences of each harvest’s featured crop – so that you can tell them apart without needing to be some kind of Super Nose. ;-)

  11. AnnS says:

    I have the 2007 Organza Jasmine and it is truly wonderful – lush, juicy, sensuous, wonderful jasmine with a nice classy oriental powdery drydown. I didn’t get a chance to smell the ones from last year – I regret not getting my hands on the 2007 rose one. Once they are gone, they are gone which is as it should be with a LE, but also too bad.

    • Robin says:


    • boojum says:

      Wish I’d known you were looking! I’m pretty sure the seller I got my mimosa from also had the rose at the time, and also the jasmine. These do still come up occasionally from UK sellers on *bay, and for whatever reason, the ones I’ve seen have not only NOT been marked up, but they’ve actually been slightly less SHIPPED than the pre-tax retail price here. Definitely worth keeping an eye out if you love one.

  12. Celestia says:

    This year the boxes will be white instead of black. The bottles are reminiscent of the original Le De bottle.
    In the ad copy, it appears that only the pairings of the words jasmine sambac and orange blossm are wrong; the ingredients and origins of them are correct. I think the confusion stems from last year’s pairings of jasmine with Ange ou Demon and orange with Organza.
    As for the scents themselves, if you can afford $98 Can. for 60 ml EDP, they are an excellent value because they are extremely refined and delicate compared to the original juices. I am not a fan of Ange ou Demon but the 2008 AOD Jasmine Sambac is the one fo the four that I like the best!

    • Robin says:

      I think they’re a good value too.

  13. LSimone says:

    Does anyone know where I can find the Very Irresistible Rose Centifolia by Givenchy 2009? I can’t find it anywhere!!! :( Thanks!

    • Robin says:

      I don’t know who would still have it, sorry.

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