Ayala Moriel Frangipanni Gloves ~ new perfume

Ayala Moriel Frangipanni Gloves fragrance

Ayala Moriel has launched Frangipanni Gloves, a new limited edition fragrance for women. Proceeds will benefit the Bloedel Floral Conservatory in Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver.

Frangipanni Gloves is a perfume that layers a whiff of frangipanni flowers with the leathery-powdery undertones of suede perfumed gloves of Victorian era. This tropical white floral perfume has an intoxicating yet delicate aroma, sweet and humid, underlined with suede-leather nuances and a hint of spice.

Notes include African stone tincture, ambrette seed, frangipani, guiacwood, ho wood, jasmine, leather, mimosa, neroli, oleander, orris, white pepper and zantoxylum.

Ayala Moriel Frangipanni Gloves is available in 4 ($85, $30 donated) or 9 ml Parfum ($160, $50 donated). (via press release)

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  1. Zazie says:


    • Zazie says:

      no, wait: LEMMING!!!!

    • Robin says:

      It does sound great!

  2. jirish says:

    ‘Ho wood’ cracks me up. It sounds like a reaction to a porno. Sorry, my mind’s obviously in the gutter today. I’m afraid this ladylike scent deserves better than me. I’m really glad that Ayala is donating to this cause as I’ve read elsewhere that this lovely conservatory might close if it doesn’t receive more funding.

    • Robin says:

      I had never heard of it! If you go to Ayala’s website, there are links for each ingredient so you can find out what they are, it’s very helpful.

    • AnnieA says:

      It is a nice conservatory — too bad it doesn’t make enough money being rented out for locally-filmed science fiction shows…

      • Ayala says:

        I really hope it’s not going to close, I love that place!
        And if it’s closes, they probably going to put something horrible inside (I’m imagining a big computer game playground of sorts).

  3. Daisy says:

    African STONE tincture??? hmmm a component of a substance extracted by the means of a solvent…….in that case, I’d like to report that out in my backyard I”m brewing up a huge amount of Michigan Koi Pond Stone tincture…..I’m sure it’s almost ready, those rocks have been steeping for years. Okay, okay, settle down….I know : lists of notes are as much the product of marketer’s late night bar-hopping induced imaginative rantings as actual perfume ingedients….
    But the fragrance does sound nice….until I got to mimosa….that made me scrunch up my face a bit. Then again I never listen to the list of notes. :-)

    • Zazie says:

      You know, I realize I haven’t read the list of notes: I got my lemming at:
      “layers a whiff of frangipanni flowers with the leathery-powdery undertones of suede perfumed gloves”…

      • boojum says:

        Yep. Way outside my budget, though, I’m afraid.

    • Joe says:

      Daisy…. I can’t remember exactly, but I think “Africa Stone” is a euphemism for something like fossilized hyrax poo. Bwahahaha! Google it!

      • Joe says:

        I bet you wished you hadn’t asked, and were able to blissfully think of some nice soapstone or quartz steeping in alcohol, eh?:

      • Daisy says:

        yeah , well….what if I happened to just ADORE the scent of fossilized hyrax poo? hmmm? you’d feel pretty bad then, huh?

        • Joe says:

          Hey, it can’t be worse than non-fossilized civet cat poo (or close enough… “secretions”), right? Which Ubar is full of… okay, synthesized… but you get the idea.

          • Daisy says:

            nope, not MY Ubar…..I sent all the Ubar with “secretions” in it to you…..mine’s just all flowery stuff that was left…. ;-)

      • Robin says:

        Joe & Daisy, sorry I’m late responding, but according to her site, exactly: hyrax droppings!

  4. bergere says:

    Mm, sounds yummy! And walking through a conservatory sounds especially appealing today, with the snow flying outside my window.

    • Robin says:

      Yes — I’d rather be there than here!

      • Ayala says:

        Thanks for posting about Frangipanni Gloves and the fundraiser for saving the Bloedel Conservatory! It’s a perfect place to spend a rainy day (happens often in Vancouver!) and the parrots are amazing…
        There are still 2 more weeks to stop it from closing… I hope the fundraiser works (the perfume is just a small part – there is more info on what can be done to save the conservatory on this website: http://friendsofthebloedel.ca/info.html

        • Robin says:

          Thanks Ayala, and good luck to the conservatory!

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