Van Cleef & Arpels Oriens ~ new perfume

Van Cleef & Arpels Oriens fragrance

Van Cleef & Arpels will launch Oriens, a new fruity floral chypre for women that "pays homage to Asian culture", this coming February.

Oriens was developed by perfumer Bernard Ellena; notes include tangerine, raspberry, blackcurrant, jasmine, praline and patchouli.

Van Cleef & Arpels Oriens will be available in 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum (42€ - 100€), in a bottle inspired by a Van Cleef & Arpels tourmaline ring. (quote via cosmeticnews, additional information via wwd)

Update: see a review of Van Cleef & Arpels Oriens.

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  1. lydiadrama says:

    I think I want to eat the flacon.

    • Robin says:

      Really? It does not look appetizing to me.

    • mals86 says:

      I just want to stare at it – sort of the way I stare at a lot of modern art, trying to “get it.” (My sister the art history major despairs of me.)

      • Robin says:

        I don’t get it either. What ARE those things on the sides??

        • mals86 says:

          (cocks head to side, squints, raises one eyebrow) Dunno.

          Actually, the bottle itself is a pretty shape. Cap’s just weird.

        • parfumliefhebber says:

          I find they look like bats :-)

    • Dolly says:

      It looks like one of those hard fruit candies with filling in the middle.

  2. rickbr says:

    To me, this cap looks more like an exotic bug than a tourmaline ring

    • rickbr says:

      And I don`t know why, but something in the bottle + the cap screams to me TACKY AND CHEAP

      • Robin says:

        I am still in the “puzzled” stage, and would like to see it from another angle, but I don’t think I like it. Then again, I didn’t like the Feerie bottle & many people loved that one.

  3. RusticDove says:

    The bottle confuses me. I like the color and it sort of pleases me, then there’s those silver toned wing-like thingys. What are those anyway? If they weren’t on there – it would be pretty in a real girly kind of way. And then, there’s the scent. “Fruity floral chypre”? Really? Oy.

    • Robin says:

      Fruity floral chypre is a crackup, and all it means is fruity floral with patchouli.

  4. alltheprettythings says:

    They look like a cross between Ninja stars and butterflies.

    • Robin says:


    • Dolly says:

      Kind of reminds me of those clamps on a canning jar.

  5. Daisy says:

    I think those are leaves……but yeah, the top looks kind of plastic and cheap. And raspberry in perfume scares me…..

    • Robin says:

      The thing is that Feerie looked WAY cooler in person it looked like Avon (I stole that from March). So plastic & cheap might turn out to be right.

  6. bergere says:

    This is one of those things that might be OK in really heavy glass, but tacky in any other material. Is it supposed to be a big berry with leaves? Ho, hum, yawn, four out of six listed notes are edible; tangerine and praline? I’ve smelled a few frags recently that have a sharp greeny citrus floating on top of a very blunt, dull, sugary drydown, seemingly with nothing in between; this looks as if it might join the throng.

    • Robin says:

      Oh, maybe it is a big berry with leaves…

  7. pigoletto says:

    That’s about the oddest bottle I’ve ever seen – it’s so normal, but then completely not at the same time. Are those bat wings? birds? The notes don’t fill me with much hope either. I guess praline may be the new pink pepper.

    • Robin says:

      I have a feeling we’re all being mislead by the lighting….will be interested to see other pictures.

  8. alltheprettythings says:

    Actually, it looks more like a skate fish now.

  9. Nina says:

    Those things look like manta rays to me! And yet, I like the bottle (minus the cap and fish).

    • Robin says:

      It’s a nice shape.

  10. Andrea D says:

    Oooh, can’t wait to try! The bottle is interesting, not sure how I feel. You know what’s weird is that they pour so much money into the bottle – you’d think they’d take several high-res photos and send them out or at least post them somewhere for potential collectors to stare at.

    • Robin says:

      Yep…but it hasn’t launched yet, I’m sure we’ll see more pictures.

  11. Absolute Scentualist says:

    I want to try the juice. I liked Pleasures Delight a great deal and this doesn’t sound too far off. And I’m really intrigued to feel the abstract art that’s the bottle, which sounds quite interesting, not necessarily in a good ‘interesting’ way. ;)

    • Robin says:

      Oh, it does sound sorta like.

  12. COSMICSCENTS says:

    I love the bottle shape, the color of the bottle, the color of the cap and shape, but I am not sure about the leaves around it. I’m pretty sure the cap is glass, so if it’s glass the leaves have to be made of metal, and if they are metal, I can see some sharp points. I want it anyway!:-)

    • Robin says:

      Glass caps are pretty darned rare except for extrait, but you could be right.

  13. miss kitty v. says:

    It’s a Rorschach test! I’ve been secretly compiling everyone’s responses to the bottle, and now have personality profiles on each of you.

    • Robin says:


    • RusticDove says:

      Oh, do tell Miss Kitty – do tell!

      • miss kitty v. says:

        Well, for starters, it has been determined that NinaraPoll (below) would do well as a Navy Seal. Expect recruiters at you door, Ninara.

  14. NinaraPoll says:

    I thought that top might be a spider with very fat legs? Although based on that notes profile, I’m going to officially go with “generic berry surrounded by leaves”. I’m now wondering if it would be possible to turn that cap into some sort of lethal ring-mounted weapon for assassinations — a deadly cocktail ring.

  15. wmnmack says:

    Bottle is interesting , but the fragrance is what matters the most!

    • Robin says:

      True, but we can’t talk about that yet since nobody has smelled it.

  16. chrissyinoz says:

    eeeeek!!!!! raspberry patchouli & praline makes me want to run screaming for the hills!!

    • Robin says:

      It’s not sounding compelling to me either.

  17. lsnuing says:

    I am trying to figure out how this is in any way Asian … ? Bearing in mind the diversity of Asian cultures … ? At least if they had said Oriental, it would have narrowed it down somewhat.

    • lsnuing says:

      I should also add the diversity of Asian smells: spices in the food, incense used for religious purposes, flowers like jasmine used for pretty much everything in India …

    • Robin says:

      I have no idea!

  18. laken says:

    The cap reminds me of a strawberry. The black and white thingy is a bit puzzling though.

    • Robin says:

      I’m wondering if it’s silver & the lighting is just making it look black & white?

  19. thenoseknows says:

    Ok, First, Being that it is an Ellena Nosed Fragrance, It is probably goign to be Awesome… Let’s just assume that from the start! The Bottle to my eyes is GORGEOUS but also kinda “SAY WHAT?” with those things around the Beautiful faceted cap. WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE? I dunno, but love the name, love the bottle, Love Van Cleef Fragrances (Gem… A MASTERPIECE!) and am ACHING for a bottle of the Orchidee Vanille Fragrance of theirs… SOOOO…. I am going to be on the LOOKOUT for this… Sounds Lovely! 2010 is going to be a very good year for pefumes i think!

    • Robin says:

      I think they told me OV was the biggest seller of the VCA collection. Hope they’ll do more of them!

  20. Baby Mafia says:

    That doesn’t sound really oriental.

    • Robin says:

      No, but it’s hard to tell from an abbreviated list of notes.

  21. scentsappeal says:

    Pictures do not do this flacon justice, it’s much prettier in person and it’s quite heavy, and not cheaply done! The silver “things” around the top of the gem are actual leaves, impossible to detect in the photos I’ve seen. The juice itself is non offending, nor is it unique but is also nice enough to wear. It’s not overly sweet to me as I’ve seen reported, nor is it a sillage monster, and I’d say it’s a step up from Feerie. Definitely however not worth the $150 just because it’s a new offering.

    • Robin says:

      Jessica reviewed it, but I haven’t even smelled it yet.

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