Thymes Moonflower ~ new fragrance

Thymes Moonflower fragrance

Thymes has launched Moonflower, a new fragrance for women:

As twilight unfolds, Thymes Moonflower envelops you in a rare transformation of dazzling beauty and luxurious fragrance. Anticipation dances and laughter swirls where gilded tones of cinnamon, clove and sugared quince embrace on fresh myrtle leaves and rich mahogany mingles with dark amber and smooth cognac. A golden shimmer lingers on your skin reflecting joyous moments, which sparkle through your night and last until dawn.

Thymes Moonflower is available in 7 ml Eau de Parfum rollerball ($20) or 50 ml Eau de Parfum spray ($49) or in a wide variety of bath & body products. (via thymes)

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  1. ScentScelf says:

    Quince? Has that appeared as a note before? Am trying to mentally conjure that…

    • Robin says:

      Yes, it’s actually in a number of scents — do a search in the box on the right sidebar :-)

      • ScentScelf says:

        Thanks…so I have! My nose remains with a big “?” above it…can only vaguely conjure aroma of the fruit itself, let alone any translation into scented product…looks like I have a project on my hands! :)

        • Nlb says:

          A “Quince” note often smells like a blend of melon and peony. The subtle watery–but not sugary–frutiness, rounded by a tart, floral creaminess similar to the scent of peony.

  2. mals86 says:

    Well, actually, the “gilded cinnamon and clove,” not to mention the mahogany, amber, and cognac, sound pretty good to me. Not so sure about that sugared quince…

    • Robin says:

      Let me know how it is if you try it! I don’t see Thymes in local gift shops as much as I used to.

      • Joe says:

        “I remember back in the day when a $20 bottle of Thymes lotion was an extravagant splurge!”

        Oh, how times change. As you would say: “Ack!”

        • Daisy says:

          $20 is FREE now! so yeee-haa!

      • Robin,

        My Ulta has Thymes. I don’t know about the perfume, but I know they have the body products. The packaging for Moonflower is lovely, so I hope my Ulta carries it so I can at least smell it.

        • Robin says:

          Oh, thanks — didn’t know Ulta had the line!

    • Daisy says:

      Never heard of this brand but the notes sound postively divine!
      However….sugared quince?? I have scarlet quince and they have zero fragrance ? Pretty red flowers though.

      • lilydale aka Natalie says:

        You’ve got a flowering quince — totally different from the fruit-bearing quince (although flowering quince do sometimes produce fruit, just to confuse matters). Quince the fruit are divine: powerfully fragrant, and a few slices elevate a humble apple pie to dessert nirvana.

        • Daisy says:

          That sounds like my flowering plum which has never ever born fruit….yet this year it has several small but perfect plums on it……and my flowering Korean pear trees that are not supposed to bear fruit….and yet are covered with thousands of tiny pears every year!

    • Nlb says:

      I’m sort of wishing a fig or currant note replaced the quince, but I’ll just have to wait and see how it works. At least it doesn’t include “kumquat”, one of my least favorite fruit notes. “Thymes” isn’t afraid of rich “perfuminess” (“Kimono Rose” was velvety-powdery, with a soapy rose and dash of lychee-like sweetness to it; “Azur” smelled very pleasant in a “beautiful soap” mixed with ground, bleached coral-exoskeleton, sort of way) to their products and even if they aren’t always a success, at least they’re distinctive from the competition. I’m guessing this will be a very nice blend–spiked woodiness with a syrupy, velvety sweetness to it.

  3. Jill says:

    I like the sound of the cinnamon and clove too. Sounds like a nice fall scent. I have a Thymes fragrance called Filigree which is lovely — I actually used a whole bottle and repurchased, which rarely happens. Their rollerball containers are very pretty.

    • Robin says:

      The packaging is cute all around, I think!

      • Nlb says:

        “Thymes” does very nice packaging for their price range. They use unusual graphics and color combinations, printed on heavy-ply, textured paper for the outer-packaging.

  4. Amanda says:

    It sound lovely and almost festive.
    Unluckily, I’ve never heard of the brand – maybe it’s not a UK thing.

    • Robin says:

      Might not be in the UK. In the US, I see it in gift stores mostly.

  5. asuperlongusername says:

    I live the smell of cognac! This sounds like it could be a little Christmas-y for me, though.

    I wish all copy promised fragrance longevity. Not sure if I’d believe most of them, though. =P

    • Robin says:

      LOL…no, I wouldn’t believe them either.

  6. joliefleur says:

    I’m still trying to forgive Thymes for discontinuing Blossom. It was probably not anything that would appeal to you hard-core perfumistas, but it was a HG for me, and I wore it on my wedding day, and I am still absurdly sad over the loss of it, although I did buy up several bottles. Down to half on the last one, though.

    Anyway, this one does sound lovely and spicy, and I’ll have to spring for a bottle. I wonder if they make it in a candle? My fellow Christmas freaks should also check out the Frazier Fir candle….it’s the closest thing to a live Christmas tree I’ve ever smelled.

    • Jill says:

      I agree about the Frasier Fir candle — it’s amazing!

    • Robin says:

      Oh, I hate that they discontinued your wedding perfume!

  7. miss kitty v. says:

    This sounds good, but darn, I’m seriously allergic to cinnamon. At least they forewarn you… Oh, the number of fragrances I’ve had to return to Nordstrom, thanks to surprise cinnamon.

  8. JillS says:

    I tried Moonflower today. It smelled a lot like EL Sensuous, which I prefer. I don’t associate the name with spice, rather a watery or floral scent. It doesn’t seem to fit the name.

  9. Nile Goddess says:

    Love the packaging and the photo and the notes.

    Having quinces dry on the top of the wardrobe in autumn was something my granny used to do. The aroma is exquisite!

    Do they ship to Europe?

    • Robin says:

      I’m sorry but I don’t know.

  10. RusticDove says:

    This sounds and looks purty.

  11. cherlana32 says:

    Gilded cinnamon sounds yummy! I’m trying to imagine what gilt smells like.

    I’m not so sure how I feel about golden shimmer on my skin, though…

    • Robin says:

      I can live w/o golden shimmer too, although not sure that’s in the Eau de Parfum anyway?

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