Jennifer Lopez My Glow ~ new fragrance

J Lo My Glow perfume advertJennifer Lopez My Glow perfume bottle

Jennifer Lopez will launch My Glow, a new fragrance for women and the latest flanker to 2002's J Lo Glow, in October. My Glow follows previous Glow flankers Miami Glow, Love at First Glow, Glow After Dark, Glow Shimmer Edition and Sunkissed Glow.

My Glow was reportedly inspired by Lopez's twins. The fragrance notes feature lavender, water lily, freesia, white rose, wet leaves, peony, casablanca lily, skin musk, sandalwood, precious woods and heliotrope.

Jennifer Lopez My Glow will be available in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette and in matching body products. (via onlinejlofan, stylenews.peoplestylewatch)

Update: J Lo My Glow was developed by perfumer Harry Fremont. (via wwd)

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  1. sayitisntso says:

    Is it just me or is that bottle a knock-off of ‘M’ by Mariah Carey, whose bottle was a knockoff (or should I use the phrase ‘inspired by’?) of L’Air Du Temps? Anyway, it doesn’t appear is this will smell any different from the other 25 celebrity scents that came out last week. *Yawn*

    • abirae says:

      I was just thinking L’Air du Temps meets Petite Cherie. I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised by some of the J Lo scents, so I’m curious about her take on lavender.

    • krokodilgena says:

      I think people throw the word “knockoff” around too frequently.
      This bottle looks a lot like the L’Air Du Temps but not really M by Mariah Carey, and M by Mariah Carey doesn’t really look that much like L’Air Du Temps

    • Robin says:

      They’ve run out of bottle shapes, as I keep saying, LOL…really, there isn’t much new under the sun.

      • Daisy says:

        You want to see perfume bottles that dazzle the eyes? Then you need to visit Ajmal perfumes check out their bottles under the heading brands click on ethnic chic….be prepared to drool!
        After looking at their bottles you will be so disappointed in western perfume bottle design.

        • krokodilgena says:

          they’re dazzling my eyes a little too much

        • abirae says:

          Thanks for the tip! Their bottles for their Dahn Al Oudh collection are stunning.

        • Fuddy Duddy 101 says:

          Oh no! Why oh why did I do it? I am definitely drooling at the bottles for Ajmal, but what about the juice? Is it as nice as the bottles?

        • Daisy says:

          spendy spendy spendy….but gorgeous …don’t know much about their juice, a friend directed me to the site one day when talking about all the minimalist bottles or the sometimes really stupid looking bottles that are supposed to be “special” …but are really sort of blahhh. It’s a different “tradition” than western perfume I understand.

        • Robin says:

          Luckily for me those just aren’t my taste at all. $ saved, LOL…

          • Daisy says:

            many $$ saved…lucky girl

      • thenoseknows says:

        I actually had a Vision for a Bottle for a men’s fragrance (In my vision the name of the Fragrance is “Corona”) and i think it is very original…. but am keeping it to myself until i can one day create it! I think the most original bottle i have ever seen would be a tie between The Original Donna Karan New York Bottle and Shiseido’s Vocalise…. Both AMAZING Bottles!

  2. krokodilgena says:

    oh I thought this was supposed to be for babies.
    I was going to get it for my ~*nephew*~ (not really)

    • Daisy says:

      ah-ha, so your sister had a boy….I hope they are both doing well?

    • Robin says:

      You’ll have to get it for the Mom, I guess…I think the tag line is something like “every baby is an angel”?

      • krokodilgena says:

        hmmm that’s kind of weird. So is this supposed to be for mothers who just had a bb? That’s a small demographic.
        It kind of sounds like something Alexa would like. She’d probably like that bottle too.

  3. keri says:

    On the subject of bottles, my husband bought me Idole for our anniversary. I love that bottle so much, I’d sleep with it under my pillow if I could.

    I would guess that a ” new mom” perfume, if that is what this is, does have a sizable market. Since becoming a mom myself, I just can’t believe how much aggressively crap is marketed at women with young children. Probably once you’re little older and wiser in your mom boots, you’re secure enough not to fall for this nonsense!

    No opinion on the J. Lo perfumes. I think I sniffed Glow once and thought it was a fun summer scent but didn’t care enough to buy it.

    • Robin says:

      J Lo has a huge fan base, so seriously doubt that only new moms will buy it…and don’t really think it’s being marketed that way anyway — just the “inspiration”, if you will.

    • RossM says:

      Hi Keri, I’m actually waiting for a sample of idole to arrive. Do you think it would be ok on a guy?

      • krokodilgena says:

        according to basenotes it is marketed towards men and it in the men’s section at luckyscent

        • RossM says:

          Thanks Krok (can I call you that or is that being too familiar? LOL) Obviously I’m not hard core perfumista enough because I still have this fear of smelling ‘girly.’ And the funny thing is I would probably be OK with something if it smelt ‘girly’ but was marketed as a men’s scent. Go figure!
          Also congratulations on the new arrival to your family! (ok great now I probably look like a crazed stalker.)

          • keri says:

            Just seconding krokodilgena. My husband loves it, both for himself and on me. Definitely quite masculine. At first spritz, it’s boozy, sweet and spicy, but the drydown is leather and wood. Still, it’s a light touch. I don’t find it overpowering on a woman. I really love it. It’s a nice change of pace for me.

  4. Amanda says:

    I think she’s releasing PETITE GLOW at the same time; Petite’s for babies… Does anyone actually buy perfume for babies?
    Maybe I’m too old fashioned, but it seems odd to me.

    As for MY GLOW: I’ll be sure to test it. It was developed while she was pregnant and very scent sensitive, so it’s bound to be subtle. I enjoy soft, close to the skin fragrances, that are meant just for the wearer and maybe a special someone.

    • krokodilgena says:

      I think the Le Petit Prince/Little Prince perfumes are for very small children and there’s a Bvlgari for babies
      so I guess people do

    • keri says:

      Doesn’t Burberry also have a scent for babies? I remember a New Yorker article from years back on the launch of the perfume.

      …OK, back from doing a quick Google and the scent was Burberry Baby Touch.

      • Amanda says:

        I bought the Burberry one a few years ago; for me to wear in very hot weather :)

        It just seems daft to me that people will buy perfume for babies. It’s like when one of my friend’s bought a designer dress for their then 9 month old daughter… baffling. It’s not as if the babies going to appreciate it at that age.are

        Ok – rant over.

        • keri says:

          Full disclosure: I have a two-year-old who likes perfume. This is more a case of “monkey see, monkey do” (like mommy) than any rarified taste on her part! It started out when she was old enough to pull the bottles off my dresser–she liked taking all the caps off and putting them back on. Now she knows the names (not hard as I don’t have that much) and will always asked to be spritzed in the morning if she sees me doing it. (I swear, I am not trying to raise a pretentious brat!)

          krokodilgena, OhSmile at Etsy has a really adorable custom family tree you can order for new arrivals. Maybe your sister would like that. I’m thinking of getting one for my brother when his first arrives in the next few weeks.

    • Robin says:

      Heard about Petite Glow but haven’t seen any news of it lately…

    • Dolly says:

      I’m looking forward to this new “Glow”.( Oh dear, if J. Lo should read this, it may inspire another name for the Glow line-New Glow.)Anyhow, kidding aside, I love Glow, but don’t care for any of her other perfumes.

  5. ZenArcade says:

    This all looks a little too saccharine for my [admittedly cranky] taste!

    • Robin says:

      It’s pretty darned saccharine.

      • krokodilgena says:

        Some people like saccharine though, like my sister just called to tell me to ask mom to bring yesterday’s newspaper when we go down this weekend so she can make a scrapbook to remember everything that happened on Adam’s birthday.
        o…i c.
        she’d probably totally fall for ~*every baby is an angel*~

  6. RusticDove says:

    The next one will be a little more tough and cutting edge and they’ll call it “Glow This!”.

  7. Lammy says:

    Enough with the Glow flankers!
    Deseo was a move away from them..
    and now shes back?
    lol @ rusticdove :)

    • Robin says:

      As long as they sell, they’ll keep making them.

  8. APassionateJourney says:

    A reviewer said this smells like Love’s Baby Soft. YUCK! I sure hope not!

    • Robin says:

      Oh dear, I hope not too.

      • Dolly says:

        Oh please say it won’t be so!

  9. APassionateJourney says:

    It’s almost here. It’s on ebay!

    • Robin says:

      LOL…funny that eBay is now like the canary in the coalmine!

  10. Dolly says:

    The photograph of her in the ad sums up the perfume’s title. Very nice picture.

  11. APassionateJourney says:

    Wow. COTY is slippin’! Well, they will be if it isn’t @ Macy’s today! COTY ALLLLWAYS has their stuff in stores by the launch date! JenniferLopezBeauty isn’t even updated! What gives? I also saw on some blog that the fragrance will be at Kohls, Sears, JCPennys, etc. Nooooooo! I want it to be at Macy’s and Dillards :(
    As of yesterday it’s on and I checked their t.v special and it says it will be on October 7th!

    • Robin says:

      It does seem like more & more of the celebrity scents are going into mass instead of prestige…don’t know if it’s the result of the bad economy or something else.

  12. jonr951 says:

    Yeah it took me like 6 sprays on my wrist to finally get a smell from My Glow. The smell lasted like 1 min! Very very disappointing. I know its suppose to be light for a baby but goodness, I got nothing out of this. On card, nothing for me, no matter how many sprays. Sad bcuz I really was looking forward to it. My least fav from her. Ill stick w/ deseo & live. It was the weirdest experience Ive had w/ a scent! Maybe ill test it on my mom or my sis when im at Kohls again. So so bothered!

    • Robin says:

      Gosh, but babies aren’t supposed to wear it, are they? So don’t see why it would be so light. But I haven’t smelled it yet.

      • APassionateJourney says:

        I dont know if babies are supposed to wear the scent, but the Lotion is designed for a baby to wear. They take out one of the main things lotions have. I forgot what it is, though.

        I tested this at Kohl’s and I liked it! I was scared it would be like D.K’s Cashmere Mist, but it isn’t at all! Yay! I’ll be getting it! It’s different from what I usually buy. This and Forever are both different. Glad I’m expanding!

        • Robin says:

          I am so busy…if this one stays at Kohls, I might not manage to try it at all.

  13. jbsundries says:

    I tried this on at Walgreen’s today. I’ve never tried a J.Lo fragrance before and I really like this. I’m a big fan of lavender, so that’s probably why. It’s sweet, but not headache-inducing. Maybe the hubby will buy me a bottle for Mother’s Day. :)

    • Robin says:

      I’m very behind…I still have not smelled it.

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