Avon + Reese Witherspoon In Bloom ~ new perfume

Reese Witherspoon for Avon In BloomReese Witherspoon In Bloom for Avon

Avon will launch In Bloom by Reese Witherspoon, the debut fragrance for the popular actress, this November.

In Bloom was developed by perfumer Olivia Jan, and features notes of Georgia peach, tea leaves, crisp greens, star gardenia, magnolia, night-blooming jasmine, cashmere woods, hypnotic florals and amber wood crystals. Witherspoon noted that she was "really drawn by white flowers to get that sense of a steamy night somewhere in the South".

Avon In Bloom by Reese Witherspoon will be available in 50 ml Eau de Parfum ($34) or in a 30 ml concentrated version ($59). Matching body products will also be sold. (via wwd)

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  1. RusticDove says:

    Oh well. ANOTHER celebrity scent. I do like her though. She appears to be very grounded and un-Hollywood like. The peach note scares me a little, but otherwise sounds like it could be pretty.

    • Robin says:

      I like white florals…could be pretty. She’s gorgeous in that ad, at any rate.

      • SmokeyToes says:

        I kind of like the bottle, juice might be good, although I don’t know about the peach… But Mitsuoko has peach in it and I like that. Have to try.

        Robin, I saw RW out and about in SF when she was making the movie Four Christmases with Vince Vaughn. She was very pretty, even w/o makeup, and she is very tiny.

        • Robin says:

          Is she tiny? I didn’t know…

          Love the way they did her hair in that ad.

  2. Daisy says:

    I’ve never been able to make friends with Avon fragrances but the notes seem very well suited to how I imagine Reese Witherspoon…I may actually make an effort to sniff this despite it’s being Avon AND a celebriscent.

    • Robin says:

      I haven’t tried enough of them to know if we could be friends :-)

      In fact, Absynthe might be the first I’ve actually been able to spray on skin.

  3. miss kitty v. says:

    There are actually a few Avon perfumes I like, but they don’t wear right on me. I think they’re all top notes–I want something with some complexity, where I can smell the evolution of the scent. This doesn’t sound bad–and I’m actually pretty into that Georgia peach note–but I’m guessing it will be the same as any other Avon fragrance. Something to be said for consistency, I guess. ;)

    • Robin says:

      No, it doesn’t sound bad at all. Who knows, maybe Avon will surprise you!

      • wondermelmo says:

        I hope it will be surprising to me too – like miss kitty, I’ve been disappointed by Avon’s scents. I want to like this because I love the idea of the peach and tea leaf notes!

  4. mmjunkie says:

    Not usually fond of celebrity scents, but I do like Reese and the notes of this fragrance sound interesting. Definitely something I’d like to try, especially for the price.

    The mall near me used to have an Avon kiosk, but I don’t think it’s there anymore. :(

    • Robin says:

      I wonder if Avon closed all their kiosks? Anyone know?

      • Carlos BFL 319 says:

        There is a kiosk at the mall by where I live…Kings Plaza.

  5. JolieFleurs says:

    I’ve no bias against celebrity frgarances per se; my gripe is the white florals! But the crisp greens and tea might tone it down enough for me….I’m in awe of people who can wear white florals in the summer. They bloom on my skin to the point of nausea, and are further amped up by all the jasmine and gardenia that’s blooming in the air at the same time!

    • Robin says:

      I don’t like white florals in really, really hot weather…but that leaves me much of the year!

  6. CynthiaW says:

    Oooh… I love both gardenia and jasmine, so I may have to try this. It would have to be something special to woo me away from EL’s Tuberose and Gardenia though.

    • Robin says:

      That’s a great scent.

  7. asuperlongusername says:

    I never really got Reese Witherspoon. She’s always kinda underwhelmed me. These notes do the same.

    The bottle reminds me of that of Insolence. Just with a less interesting cap.

    • mals86 says:

      The bottle was the only thing I liked about Insolence anyway.

      • Daisy says:

        have you fully recovered from the “insolence episode” yet?? Don’t worry, these things take time….

      • wondermelmo says:

        The Insolence bottle is wonderful, so much better than the scent!

        When the reps brought promo material to the store I worked in, we played a video of (nude!) Hilary Swank, with a Muse song as the soundtrack. It may sound lame but I wanted to love Insolence because I love Muse (and that bottle) so much! Hmmm.

  8. Jill says:

    I haven’t been wowed by really any of the Avon fragrances, and since my mom’s friend is a longtime Avon rep, I’ve tried quite a few of them. This sounds like it might be nice, though, except that peach frightens me a bit!

    • Robin says:

      As I keep repeating (sorry!) I’ve tried too few to say anything intelligent.

  9. alotofscents says:

    Having been an Avon Rep. , I am surprised that this seems to be the first star they have collaborated with. I like Reese. I like Mesmerize, and the classics Sweet Honesty and Charisma. I don’t believe they have done such a blatant white floral before. It sound really pretty..must try, as I am always on the look-out for a great white flower scent.

    • Robin says:

      But there was Patrick Dempsey, right?

      • alotofscents says:

        I know there was designer Dionne Von Furstenberg (?) with a nice springy green fragrance. Dempsy has flown over my head. It must have been around the time I quit. I spent too much money on me every week to make a profit. Shame on my bad habit.
        This really sounds like a pleasing white floral. I worry about the “hypnotic florals” though. It’s the mystery note.

        • TwoPeasInAPod says:

          Celine Dion has done a few for Avon, too, hasn’t she? Springtime in Paris or something like that?

          Reese looks gorgeous in this ad, and it sounds nice enough to give it a sniff, if I can get a sample.

          • Robin says:

            No, CD has her own line (or she did one in the past for Avon & I don’t know about it)

  10. pyramus says:

    I can see where you’d think it the bottle resembles that for Insolence, but it’s actually a straight rip-off of the original Byblos 50-mL EDT spray bottle, only in clear glass instead of blue, and a bouquet on top instead of a single desert rose.

    • Robin says:

      I’ll have to look for a picture…

  11. perfumesecrets says:

    I think white florals are intoxicating in small amounts… If they are done right and smell real and not cloying. They remind me of the Summer. I have a magnolia and gardenias in my yard.

    • Robin says:

      Lucky you! I miss having gardenias.

  12. eminere says:

    Reese looks GORGEOUS!

  13. thenoseknows says:

    Exactly What Genus of the Botanical Family are “Crisp Greens” and “Hypnotic Florals” From??? I think I missed that Branch of the Horticultural Tree!

    Does Sound Rather Pretty and Nice though, Bottle is A Stunner!

  14. I’m an Avon rep in Australia, and in 2007 they released a perfume called ‘In Bloom’ which featured Salma Hayek in the advertising. The fragrance is meant to be a blend of the floral notes of the Avon perfumes Today, Tomorrow and Always. – Way to make things confusing Avon…
    See the link:

    • Robin says:

      Right, forgot about that one.

  15. monstabunny says:

    The bottle looks like it has a tumor on top.

  16. perfumesecrets says:

    I haven’t seen a tumor in person… so I don’t know.

  17. cafelavena says:

    I was all excited when I saw the commercial–it seemed to focus on magnolia and I haven’t really encountered one that captures the fragrance well. The notes still sound interesting, especially the tea, but I’ll try to keep expectations low. Does Avon do samples? I don’t think I know any Avon reps.

    • Robin says:

      Avon does do samples, but they’re usually towelettes, and the only way to get them, unfortunately, is through a rep!

  18. Abby says:

    I got a bottle of this in as a press sample and was VERY surprised. Didn’t expect much because it was and Avon fragrance, but if you like florals… especially gardenia… a good one to try. It made me think of Jessica McClintock, but not so “in your face” with the flowers.

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