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Cacharel Scarlett fragrance advertCacharel Scarlett fragrance bottle

Cacharel will launch Scarlett, a new perfume geared to young women between 15 and 25, this coming July. Scarlett is a reference to actress Scarlett Johansson and to the heroine of the iconic novel and film Gone With The Wind.

Scarlett was developed by perfumers Honorine Blanc, Alberto Morillas and Olivier Cresp. The notes include tea leaves, citrus, pear, jasmine, orange blossom, honeysuckle, white musk and sandalwood.

Cacharel Scarlett will be available in sizes ranging from 35 to 80 ml Eau de Toilette. (via, fr.fashionmag)

Also new from Cacharel: Noa Dream.

Update: Additional notes include lavender honey, and Cacharel hopes Scarlett will make up for the disappointing performance of their last major launch, Liberté. (via cosmeticnews)

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  1. mals86 says:

    I’m well outside the target demographic on this one, but it sounds considerably less ditzy than a lot of the geared-younger stuff we’ve seen recently.

    Helg at perfumeshrine has a pic of the outer box posted, and it’s really pretty. I have to admit that the packaging, at least, appeals to me. I’ll probably make shift to sniff this one.

    • boojum says:

      I’d be joining you, but did they have to ruin it with pear? :D Ok, it might not be ruined, but that one little note moves it from the list of things I’d seek out to the list of things I’d sniff if I happened across it.

      • Joe says:

        What’s funny, E, is that even though I will not be seeking this out to sniff by any stretch, pear is a note that usually makes me prick up my ears with interest. I love the scent of pear.

        • Daisy says:

          How do you feel about AG Petite Cherie??

          • Daisy says:

            Easy now, C….don’t get yourself all riled up. It was just an innocent question.

        • boojum says:

          Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pear…I just don’t want to smell like one. Doesn’t help that I’ve had to do total elimination diets to rule out food allergies (for myself and for my kiddos) a few times, so I had more than my fair share of the relatively hypoallergenic pear. :D

          • mals86 says:

            Hey hey hey hey hey… don’t be dissin’ on my Petite Cherie!

          • Daisy says:

            oops, the above comment should have been right here.

    • Robin says:

      Mals, the packaging is quite nice, I agree. Rather doubt I’m going to love it but of course I’ll give it a shot if I see it — although it’s not always easy to find Cacharel around here.

      • boojum says:

        I can usually find it here, but finding an open tester is another matter. Fortunately, I’ve discovered that the cellophane packaging on many of these scents can be, um…circumvented. That’s all I’m saying.

        • Nicola says:

          A gentle touch is all it takes to work that cello ;) Unless the cello meets on the side and the box opens from the bottom – then you need delicate skills to work the box back into the cellophane without tearing it.

          • boojum says:

            Just call me dainty. ;)

  2. krokodilgena says:

    that looks like a delicious little cake made by a fancy pastry chef to me

    • Robin says:

      yes it does :-)

      • meagannn says:

        I agree! thats what I thought it was- a yummy pastry-, and immediately the scent of Pink Sugar came into my pregnant, hungry brain.

  3. platinum14 says:

    Gone with the what now???
    Scarlett Johansson I get, but how many 15 to 25 have actually even heard of this film.
    Besides, to anyone who has read Gone with the Wind would know, the only scents that are mentionned in that book are verbena (which Scarlet’s mom keeps in a sachet in her dress) and the smell of gun powder

    • boojum says:

      …which could make for a really interesting scent. Hmmmm…

    • krokodilgena says:

      I think most have heard of it.
      I’ve never seen the movie/read the book, but I know Scarlett O’Hara made a dress out of curtains because there are *always* references to it. And everyone knows “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”

      • boojum says:

        Shoot, I’ve flat-out avoided it, and I’m about in the middle of the range if you DOUBLE the demo. Just never appealed to me; I’d rather spend my limited viewing time w/a good Bond or Indy flick. :D

    • Robin says:

      Doesn’t much matter…the ad doesn’t evoke either of the “Scarletts” anyway.

    • mals86 says:

      Oh, yes, verbena. And later in the book, when Scarlett is flirting with Frank Whozis to induce him to marry her and pay the taxes on Tara, she wears rouge and scent (probably rosewater?), and Mammy says that only Bad Women paint their faces and wear scent.

      A Scarlett Woman, ha!

      • Daisy says:

        Cool, who knew we were Bad Girlz ???

  4. happilykim says:

    Sounds rather nice. I am outside of the target demographic by…well, I won’t mention by how far I missed it! But the packaging looks interesting and the notes sound nice.

    • Robin says:

      I’m way outside that group too, LOL…

  5. Farah says:

    I do like that bottle very much, looks rather like wedding cake. But taking that and the fact that the target demographic is 4 years out for me, I suspect it will be far too sugary and sweet for me to handle! Neither pear nor jasmine really work on me either. Although it is the indolic nature of jasmine I usually object to and I suspect something as girly as this would steer away from shouty diva florals. I guess I’ll give this and Gucci Flora (the notes don’t sound too bad and I’ve been seduced by the tv ad…how shallow am I?!) a try the next time I can.

    • Robin says:

      Gucci Flora isn’t overly sweet…we’ll have to hope this one isn’t either.

  6. Daisy says:

    The pear is a little dubious but the rest sounds nice…and who knows if I’d even pick up on the pear ?? After Angela’s post yesterday I wouldn’t dare write it off for one note… and besides, that bottle is just delicious!!! Krok is so right! It looks like a tiny cake! Who could resist that?
    All this in spite of the fact that I actually despise Scarlett O’Hara…talk about a b—-

    • Daisy says:

      oh yeah, and the demographic? passed that about one million years ago…I have a better chance at 15-25 if my odometer rolls over and starts again….

    • Robin says:

      Oh, how can you hate Scarlett O’Hara? LOL…

      • Daisy says:

        other than the outrageous selfiness, using people and general bad parenting? well, fiddle-dee-dee! (And Ashley was a twerp)

        • Robin says:

          LOL…I always thought GWTW was the perfect example of why it’s better to be bad. Melanie was so darned dreary.

          • mals86 says:

            “My mother raised me to be kind and thoughtful, and I’ve turned out such a disappointment.” – Scarlett

            I dunno… Scarlett got what she went after, except for Ashley, and none of it made her happy. Ashley wouldn’t have made her happy, either, IMO.

          • Daisy says:

            Ashley would have made her even more miserable.
            Melanie was a milksop, true…but I think she was actually a lot happier than Scarlet. Perhaps Scarlet should have toured the continent for a few years.

  7. Jill says:

    I agree that it looks like a tiny cake! I too am way outside the target demographic for this one. It sounds kind of nice, though.

  8. Fuddy Duddy 101 says:

    Please pardon this if it offends anyone but I don’t know many 15-25 year olds who aspire to be as feminine and innocent sweet as this pic and bottle appear to be to my older eyes. In my experience that age group desires to be more of a femme fatale just like Scarlett Ohara! So INMO the ad and the bottle don’t jive well with the “Scarlett” image.
    The bottle and the scent notes appeal to me however (in my 40’s here) however. And maybe there is some reverse psychology at play – they want to appeal to those of us who want to recapture our ahem “innocent” youth too…heee- heee!

    • krokodilgena says:

      I’m 19 and I guess I agree. I don’t really know what my peers like, though.
      I guess Marc Jacobs knows this demographic pretty well. Most of his ads are girly, but they aren’t this *pink*. His ads are shot by Juergen Teller so they aren’t Barbie-esque.
      and he uses people like M.I.A. in his ads (not for perfume though)

      • Ojeda says:

        M.I.A. = now that’s a person who should launch a perfume line! Not that she ever would, but imagine: ethically-sourced ‘exotic’ materials from South Asia paired with urban/modern ideas, packaged in neon colors. DUDE, I’d be all over it.

        • Dagmar says:

          A perfume by M.I.A might actually make me reconsider my prejudice against celebrity perfumes…

      • krokodilgena says:

        Ojeda & Dagmar,
        I thought of an M.I.A. perfume when she released her clothing line. Which is very overpriced and made me lose some respect for her.
        I think an M.I.A. perfume would be really spicy and obnoxious, which I would like… but I think she should stick to music.

        btw, people tell me I look like her :) :) :)

    • Robin says:

      Gotta say I have no clue what 15 year olds aspire to, so I’ll stay out of it ;-)

  9. Fuddy Duddy 101 says:

    Well I was just thinking back to myself at that age as well as knowing what my daughter and her friends and young people in the mall seem to like now. Nothing wrong with wanting to be sweet and innocent or NOT wanting it either. I just found it odd, interesting or even funny that the bottle and ad pic are not congruent with what I perceive as the “Scarlett” image. I am just amazed at how the marketing people come up with this stuff.
    And I totally agree that the bottle looks like a wedding cake and I also think they missed the height of wedding season by releasing in July! :)

  10. Ojeda says:

    This doesn’t strike me as something a 15-25 of today would actually aspire or, and seems more like what a big committee of out-of-touch marketers believe a 15-25 would like. Ugh, I find these really patronizing, actually. I’m 25 and I’ve always felt that my peers are super brand-savvy, even the most sheep-like among us who just want to wear something ‘nice’ with a ‘big designer’ name on the bottle. Just naming it after Scarlett O’Hara (we know her, believe me, but…. not a style icon of our generation, Cacharel) and ScarJo (whose indie style does not fit anything this insipid-sounding) is not going to cut it.

    • Daisy says:

      Yup, I think they totally blew it with their reference —ScarJo is at least a bit closer to the mark than Scarlett O’Hara. I cannot imagine a single person I know that is in that demo. saying: “oh yeah, Scarlett O’Hara, she’s just who I want to emulate.” Frankly, my dear, I can’t even imagine anyone MY age saying it either.

      • krokodilgena says:

        I think Gone with the Wind is really popular in Japan right now.

        I think they really like Heidi too. There are a few anime/manga series that my sister watches/reads and Heidi references are always popping up and the characters speak German at random times.
        My friend Ian says “sick” a lot and I told him to say “krank” because it sounds cooler and his friend Nobu told me all the random German words he knew and he never studied German so idk how he picked them up. But now I’m really getting off the subject. I guess what I’m trying to say is that if a perfume called Heidi is released and is meant to evoke the character, don’t be too shocked.

        • Ojeda says:

          Well, Heidi’s cute and Japanese pop culture always loves cute. Kawaii-culture is in full swing these days even outside of Japan, which is why I think the Harajuku fragrances were brilliant — they showed real, current, on-the-pulse marketing know-how rather than this ‘Scarlett’ thing. *That* was a fun way to present and package “sweet and innocent”.

          • krokodilgena says:

            I thought those Harajuku Lovers bottles were odd.

            My friend used to looove this Korean actor and he sent me his ads (I don’t remember the actor’s name, so I can’t look them up) and everything was white and pink, and very girly. No matter what he selling. Tissues, cellphones, tea, etc. I think this bottle would appeal to the same audience.

        • Haunani says:

          Heidi?! What a great name for a fragrance! :-) Since it’s my real name, I get to direct it. Hmmm…essence of hayloft, a sweet wind through mountain wildflowers, grandfather’s pipe tobacco… Hey, I’ll just slap a new label on Chergui and call it done. Yum! :-) :-) :-)

          Glad to see Heidi is getting her due in international circles.

          • Haunani says:

            Oops, forgot the splash of goat musk.

          • Daisy says:

            goat musk—LOL

          • mals86 says:

            Heidi, that actually sounds pretty good…

    • Robin says:

      I think you guys are making too much of the SJ & GWTW references…they probably aren’t even in the advertising, so most people will never know.

  11. NinaraPoll says:

    To me, the bottle looks extremely like a decorative candle. But I can also see how it looks like a cake; now I want to try eating that bottle! ;) It is pretty… As to the juice, I have to say as a springtime/early summer scent it sounds nice regardless of the target demographic to which it’s aimed. I may just have to sniff this if I run across it (which, considering that I live in a very rural area, is unlikely).

    • Robin says:

      I honestly don’t know where to find Cacharel in the US, although somebody must carry it. I never see it in dept. stores.

      • boojum says:

        Nope, it’s more mass market. I know I’ve seen it, but other than the obvious TJ Maxx/Marshalls type places, I’m not quite sure where. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it at Kohl’s and other lower end dept stores (JC Penney, things like that), maybe Target, and I’d guess probably drugstores too.

        • Robin says:

          Maybe that’s it — I never look at fragrances in Target & only go to Kohl’s once in a blue moon.

          • boojum says:

            I go in streaks w/Kohl’s…mainly go for their good sneaker prices and their little girls’ clothing that looks like it’s meant for small children and not for tiny rebellious teens.

  12. asuperlongusername says:

    I won’t speak for Scarlett Johansson but I think Scarlett O’Hara would eat the girl who wore this for breakfast.

    I guess making the packaging scarlet would be too obvious….

    • Robin says:

      LOL…that’s certainly true.

    • Daisy says:

      you hit that nail right on the head…..wouldn’t Scarlett wear some sort of knock-you-on-your-ass-femme-fatale type perfume?

      • Pimpinett says:

        I thought so, too. Scarlett O’Hara isn’t the type to wear something like this at all.

  13. Wyrmiax says:

    Isn’t *everything* geared toward the 15-25 age group? I want to see “this fragrance is intended for the 45-75 demographic.”

    • Robin says:

      Yes, it is! In fact, fragrances that say they’re geared towards a more mature audience usually seem to be after the 28 year olds.

      • Daisy says:

        uh-oh that makes me really really really mature….

    • Dagmar says:

      Funny, but although it is true a lot of these newer perfumes are definitely geared toward the younger set (and are, in my opinion, rather insultingly fruity-sweet and un-edgy for such a group) somehow I still feel that there are many great perfumes that are best suited for someone older than me. And I’m not saying it’s because some people think some vintage fumes smell like “old lady.” I think it has something to do with the history and complexity of them. I think that a lot of the Guerlains and Chanels would work best on women in their 40’s and ’50’s. I’m thinking of something like Cuir du Russie. I just don’t think that would work as well on a 20 year old. Same with some of the Estee Lauders. I’m not saying that younger women shouldn’t wear these, or could not wear them very well, just that they seem to connote maturity. Sorry such a long post, but maybe it’s the French connection I have with perfumes. When I went to Paris, the most awesome-looking, head-turning fabulous women we saw were in their 40’s or 50’s, no joke.

  14. OperaFan says:

    You can double the 15-25 range to get to my age group, but the notes (plus what Helg wrote on Perfumeshrine) really sound promising. I’ll be looking for it if I’m ever in the stores, which is rather rare, these days…

  15. smartylicious says:

    Doesn’t appeal to me. Packaging looks lovely, at least from the picture. I was hoping for something more along the lines of my beloved d/c Gloria.

  16. miss kitty v. says:

    I’m embarrassed to say, unless this smells truly awful, I will be buying it for the packaging. SO pretty!

    • Robin says:

      Then hope it will smell better than awful!

    • Pivoine says:

      me too…

  17. thenoseknows says:

    Would have been happier Not Knowing about the reference to Ms. Johansson. I do dislike her so immensely. I don’t get the Hubbub, Bub about her beauty. she is really VERY unappealing, Would have loved it for the Scarlett O’Hara/Vivien Leigh Reference more. the bottle looks GORGE and the scent sounds rather Delish, But Ms. Johansson RUINS it for me. ICK!

    • Robin says:

      Hopefully you’ll forget all about it before you see the fragrance.

      • thenoseknows says:

        Hopefully So! I am sure i will… Especially if the Juice smells as promising as the notes seem to make me think it will and that bottle also gives me a smile! ;-)

  18. raluca says:

    I can’t wait to try this, because Cacharel is creating such a variety of fragrances and all are bold and make history. I mean every new fragrance is so different from the others, including the bottle, not like other houses who slightly change the style and bottles, see Bulgari or Estee Lauder. Loulou, Eden, Anais, real classics.

    • Robin says:

      Hope you’ll love it then!

    • thenoseknows says:

      Ok, Bvlgari may be enraptured in the mania of Flankers… but with the SOLE Exception of Jasmin Noir (Just Jasmin DANK is more like it!) Bvlgari has been on target with some STUNNING Fragrances! the Red Tea fragrance was one of the most ORIGINAL things i have Ever smelled, and though i do hate them being Flankers, all the Omnia Fragrances have been exceptionally unique and had very specific personalities of their own… compare The Green Jade to the Omnia Original? or Amytheste to Crystalline? or any other combination thereof… they’re all very different and very beautiful! Estee i can slightly agree with, that Beyond Paradise stuff is nauseating! but Knowing, Beautiful, Spellbound, Estee, Cinnabar, any of the Private Collection Scents???? COME ON! those are MIRACLES! :-)

  19. Nenalata says:

    The bottle is lovely, but the fragrance itself smells exactly the same as that fruity floral which was released last week. Which smells exactly like the one released the week before. Which smells like the one from the week before that. >.<

    • Robin says:

      Thanks, I still haven’t tried it!

      • Nenalata says:

        To me, it smells like Viva La Juicy. And there are lots of other perfumes which smell like that. D:

        • Robin says:

          Yes, there certainly are!

  20. Owen says:

    ages 15 to 25 ?

    I bought my Grandma this for Christmas lol
    she loves it.

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