Valentino Rock ‘n Dreams ~ new perfume

Valentino Rock 'n Dreams fragranceValentino will launch Rock 'n Dreams, the fourth fragrance in the sequence that includes Rock ‘n Rose, Rock ‘n Rose Couture and Rock ‘n Rose Pret A Porter, this month.

Rock 'n Dreams targets a younger customer, and features notes of myrrhone (a Firmenich molecule derived from myrrh and iris), peach, cinnamon, woods and vanilla. The fragrance advert features model Siri Tollerød.

Valentino Rock 'n Dreams is available in 30, 50 and 90 ml Eau de Parfum and in matching body products. It can be pre-ordered now at Escentual in the UK. (via cosmeticsinternational).

Also new from Valentino: Valentino Eau de Parfum.

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  1. jonr951 says:

    does anyone know when it will be released in the us? my mom is a huge fan of the rock n rose fragrances. this one doesnt sound like the first 3 at all. i love cinnamon so im really looking forward to it. im loving the ad 2. Siri Tollerod looks absolutely gorgeous!

    • Robin says:

      Sorry, I don’t!

    • celona says:

      so i’m not too sure when it came out but i bought the rock n’ dreams and i don’t really like it honestly. it kinda smells like that powder you put on your carpet to make it smell better. lol…i had sampled the rock n rose couture in italy and i liked that scent way better than the rock n dreams one. idk why it says “to a younger crowd” because i’m only 23 and i didn’t like it. smells kinda old lady like actually.

  2. krokodilgena says:

    this actually sounds pretty good…
    I have a feeling that if I try it I’d be disappointed though

    • mals86 says:

      Yeah, the notes sound nice. I don’t know what myrrhone smells like, but I do generally like the other notes.

      K, you’re right, we’ll probably be disappointed.

      • alotofscents says:

        Unless it’s overwhelmed with peaches, it doesn’t really sound teen oriented. I’ll have to try this one. Hate the name though-very teenagey.

        • Daisy says:

          Hi there Eye…..(oh sorry, couldn’t help myself)
          I hate the names of the entire line! But I’m intrigued by the cinnamon, woods, vanilla portion…
          I’ve been really into gourmand-y fragrances lately…maybe I’m just hungry…

          oh btw, if you think your gravatar picture is bad–then you clearly haven’t seen 80% of the pictures people take of ME—I always get the one-eye-half-closed pictures! or mouth open because I’m talking… not pretty, let me tell ya! That one’s got nothin’ on some of my pics! It just looks like the camera is a little close…and we’ve all been there.

          • alotofscents says:

            The eye sees all. The eye knows all….oooowwww. But it doesn’t know how to spell creepy noises.
            It’s that close because of the cropping thingy you have to use. I should put my nose up, it would be more apropo. Sorry about your pix daisy. I have recently had a cap pulled because it was causing excruciating pain. -It’s one of my front teeth! I am looking for roles in Macbeth!

        • trishket says:

          The names don’t really seem to mesh with my image of Valentino -I can’t even imagine Valentino himself saying those names.

          • Robin says:


    • Robin says:

      Have not liked this series so far, and not likely I’ll like the one they’re gearing “young” — esp. since the earlier ones mostly smelled geared young already.

      • Lisa3011 says:

        That’s what I thought! If they want a younger customer than the ones they aimed for before, they must want grade schoolers now.

        • Robin says:

          I think they’re after teens, or young teens. The name recalls the recent Vera Wang Rock Princess, I think.

  3. Joe says:

    Is it just me, or do the flankers seem to be coming awfully damn fast on this one?

    • Daisy says:

      They do seem to be coming at us at speed of light.
      I wonder if it has anything to do with that demographic —eager for the next teen-trend (short attention spans) . They may be trying to stay in the forefront of the teen females interest in fragrance by getting the new flanker out there by the time the first one is used up.

    • Robin says:

      I guess, but there are way worse!

  4. asuperlongusername says:

    Is it just me or do those notes sound amazing? Sure, in reality, the peach will smell like candy and crush the… myrrhone and any woods. But still, it’s not a reach to imagine that same list coming from some niche outfit or another.

    Could swear that was Coco Rochas.

    • Robin says:

      It’s true, it sounds nice…but I’ll be very surprised if it turns out to be something I like. Worth a shot though!

  5. thenoseknows says:

    iris, Vanilla, Peach and Myrrh….? Could this fragrance POSSIBLY Be Bad? I think NOT! Sounds HEAVENLY! Loved the Rock ‘N’ Rose Fragrances IMMENSELY (the rose scent of them seemed slightly different, yet recognizale in each incarnation! Very Very well done i should say!) and this sounds like something fabulous and wonderful as well… Bring It On!

    • Robin says:

      LOL…yes, anything could be bad!

  6. thenoseknows says:

    LOL! Pessimist! ROFL! But you do have an EXCELLENT Point. Have been severly disappointed by fragrances that on paper should have been Incomparable and you smell them and they are just… Meh! So, Point Taken!

  7. kirstw says:

    hi ive tried this and i really do not like it, the lasting power is terrible i couldnt even smell it after 1 hour. i liked all the other rock n roses i actually bought a few of them but this is awful, even my mum hates it.

  8. Lammy says:

    id like to try this, i really liked Rock n Rose
    but i gotta agree – gearing this fragrance to the ‘younger customer’ just screams “Sugary Sweet!!!”
    I can imagine the Peach smelling like candy..
    Will give it a sniff when i see it though!

    Kirstw – you didnt like it but what did it smell like?

  9. kirstw says:

    hi it smelt mainly of the peach and the cinnamon. it did smell slightly different on my mum she could mainly smell the vanilla. none of the other notes stood out to me, it was a very light smell it was more of a summer fragrance, i think that was the problem with me because i like stronger scents than this one. the lasting power wasnt really that good on me or my mum.

    • kirstw says:

      oh yea i think i was a little dissapointed with it because i was looking forward to trying it and it wasnt what i expected.

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