Profumi del Forte By Night White, By Night Black ~ new fragrances

Profumi del Forte By Night Black, By Night White perfumes

Italian niche line Profumi del Forte has launched By Night, a new duo of perfumes:

By Night White ~ "An escape from reality and the beginning of a dream. The unrestrained passion of sparkling and sensual notes. Vanilla orange blossom, jasmine absolute and white musk are a guide to a magnificent new world." Additional notes include bergamot, lemon, lemon petitgrain, black pepper, coriander, Turkish rose, violet, orchid, benzoin, tonka bean, heliotrope and sandalwood.

By Night Black ~ "A glance and a scent. The recipe for bewitchment and seduction. Cypress, pine resin and incense as arrows." Additional notes feature bigarade, lime, mandarin, fig leaves, juniper, rock rose, basil, lavender, jasmine, mate, and cedar.

Profumi del Forte By Night White & By Night Black are available in 100 ml Eau de Parfum, and can be found now at First in Fragrance in Germany. (via intertradeurope, found via first-in-fragrance)

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  1. Daisy says:

    Uh-oh! By White Night reads perfectly for me and goodness knows I could really use “a guide to a magnificent new world” –though that does seem to ask a lot of a bottle of perfume…

    Lately it seems that anything with vanilla in it has been calling my name.

    • Daisy says:

      unfortunately the price on this stuff is shouting NO, NO, NO!
      100ml / $222.27 USD before shipping—for that price it had better be delivered to my door by a hot Italian guy …

      • Robin says:

        It is not a cheap line, no!

  2. Zazie says:

    Cypress, pine resin and incense…
    now that sounds wonderful to my nose.
    If I could smell like forests and wild fields I would be really happy.

    But I don’t trust notes anymore:
    I don’t want to sound like nasomatto, but hey, too many deceptions/surprises here ;)!

    Anyway, what was I saying?
    Cypress, pine resin and incense…

    • boojum says:

      Zazie – get yourself some of CB’s Wild Hunt. It’s as foresty as you can get!

    • Robin says:

      It does sound really nice!

      You’re right, but I’d still rather know the notes than not know…

  3. Ducks says:

    By Night White sounds astounding. That price tag makes me cry, though.

    • Robin says:

      Yep…these are spendy!

  4. alotofscents says:

    By White night sounds dreamy and the price makes me wake up. The Black one sounds unisex? Not for me, probably. Are they at Lucky Scent?

    • Robin says:

      At the moment, I don’t know of anyplace in the US carrying this line. Maybe somebody is, just don’t know who…

  5. smdrake11 says:

    The fragrances are actually available at several stores in the US. (Studio Beauty Mix at Fred Segal, Gus Mayer in Birmingham, AL, Forty Five Ten in Dallas, Louis Boston, Takashimaya just to name a few) The new Forte by Night scents will be available in the US come August 2009 as they were just launched at the Esxence show in Milan. The price is $240 for 100ml EDP in the US. For note information, you may email Hope this info helps! it really is a beautiful fragrance!

  6. enidan says:

    My sister has been trying out the white version (I’ve dabbled with it too, but I have little tolerance for vanilla, so I’m making her play with it) and I have to say that though it’s a perfectly pretty and lovely scent nothing about it justifies the steep price. It’s just a soft, quietly raunchy vanilla fragrance.

    • Robin says:

      Thanks — haven’t ever tried it.

      • enidan says:

        I would say that unless you’re a huge vanilla fan seeking it out isn’t worth it (I gather it’s not readily availbale in the US) and buying it certainly isn’t necessary. That being said, my sister, who DOES love vanilla really quite likes this fragrance.

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