Carnival Wax by Agatha Blois ~ new fragrances

Carnival Wax 1965 fragranceCarnival Wax is a new line of fragrances from leather designer Agatha Blois, best known for her custom leather clothing for rock stars and other celebrities. The line includes 7 scents:

1965 (shown) ~ " The sun danced around her, giving every degenerate hustler, trucker and lonely fugitive in the joint a glimpse of her perfectly chiseled thighs through the red skirt she wore. Spicy cinnamon and warm cloves sweetened with vanilla bean trailed behind her as she Walked through the door of the tiny roadside booze shack. It was 1965, the dog days of summer where the thick Tijuana heat was king."

Blue Violet ~ "Pale Blue Violets and Red Raspberry lounge together in a Victorian drawing room, Earthly Vetiver and Warm Vanilla join them!"

Fabulic ~ "Crisp Ginger Tea and warm Vanilla are bound with ceremonial Frankincense. Fabulic has a fresh and clean start, a warm sensual middle, and finishes dark and sultry."

Funhouse ~ "Huge faded pink and purple letters spell "funhouse" across the parks oldest attraction. Wild Southern Grapes and Sweet summer Peaches drifting through an under current of Coconut Musk."

Red Dragon ~ "Incense and Golden Amber will surround and evoke images of the Far East and the far out! A warm exotic musky fragrance mingled with heavy oriental notes."

Stormtrooper ~ "Hellride in a 72 roadrunner, black primer, L'amour east, Brooklyn, N.Y. steel boot to your face, rock & roll church, marshal stacks, whips n' chains, Lincoln continental and pure EVIL. shiny black leather, perfumed wood crash into citrus and ice cold steel."

Sugarwitch ~ "Top notes of Juicy lemons and Tangerines followed by sweet sugary cookies finished with a sexy woodsy bottom. Wear this to bewitch a new boyfriend!"

The Agatha Blois Carnival Wax fragrances are available in 10 ml perfume oil, each packaged in a leather pouch ($95). They can be found at Apothia.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hmm…all of those sound interesting, although I have to admit, the one I'm REALLY wanting to sniff is 1965. Could be good. And wouldn't it be cool if someone really could recreate the strange, musty sort of smell you get in an actual fun house? Maybe some sort of tobacco smoke note, fried food, mildew, sweat…I'm not sure I'd ever want to wear it, but goodness…talk about evoking memories.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello funny ad copy! I thought I wouldn't be seeing you for another few hours!
    Fabulic and Red Dragon, maybe. I think the copy is making them, in my opinion, sound less nice than they probably are. Blue Violet's made me laugh.
    Of course, my plate is so full right now, I'm rather glad these aren't screaming for me to throw money at them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That would be cool — but none of these really sound like that, do they? I'd like to smell them too though.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This scent satisfies the hippie in me, and I like the packaging. I used to make a concoction called “PVC” for a fragrance client. It had Patchouli, vanilla & clove for a warm, earthy-spicy smooth scent.

  5. Anonymous says:

    You've tried them? Or you just mean from the sound of it?

  6. Anonymous says:

    No, haven't tried yet, just from the sound of it sounds good! My fuzzy Friday brain, sorry!

  7. Anonymous says:

    LOL — my brain is pretty darned fuzzy most of the time, no worries! I was sort of excited that someone had tried them already :-)

  8. Anonymous says:

    Omigod. I MUST have Stormtrooper! LOL. If I'd dreamed up that copy earlier this year, the coveted Prix Eaux Faux would surely have been MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    LOL — you might be right, although 1965 would have given you a run for your money!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Too true. Gotta luv them chiseled thighs!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    these are all right up my alley, hahahaha I want one of each, just for the bottles! Too bad they are so expensive. . . ; (

  12. Anonymous says:

    They really aren't cheap!

  13. Anonymous says:

    industrial way, whereas 1965 is sexy in a dry heat louche way. They are oils, and last in quantity for a bit, and that they are oils lends a true smell, not clouded by alcohol. Additionally, as they are oils, they may start with a very strong, potentially unpleasant smell (one of her scents smells like tequila on initial application to me), but turns into something else entirely. These scents, more than any others I've tried, bring out the hidden treasure in scent (like you couldn't bare to lose it, or be at th end), and the hidden magic that you hope scent can bring. And the packaging is dead on-and art–she makes every label herself as well as the handmade pouches.

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