Clarins “Relax” Bath & Shower Concentrate and Body Balm ~ scented body products

Clarins Relax seriesIn the calm after the holiday storm of shopping, socializing, travel, and various overindulgences, a few of us might be looking for simple means of relaxation. This is an ideal time to try the “Relax” products from Clarins, which happens to produce some very fine aromatherapy products alongside its skincare and makeup lines.

The “Relax” Bath & Shower Concentrate, which I’ve been using as a shower gel, is a low-lathering liquid fragranced with essential oils of geranium, basil and petitgrain. The accompanying Body Balm is a creamy lotion, just thick enough to feel indulgent but light enough to be easily absorbed into the skin; its aromatherapeutic essences are the same as those of the Bath & Shower Concentrate, with an additional note of chamomile.

The “Relax” scent is designed to enhance a sense of tranquility…

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Ineke Evening Edged in Gold ~ new perfume

Ineke Evening Edged in Gold fragranceComing in late January from Ineke, the fifth fragrance in their 'letter' series: Evening Edged in Gold. The scent was inspired by the night blooming flowers in perfumer Ineke Rühland's garden:

This story opens with bright top notes of plum and gold osmanthus, spotlights the night bloomers Angel’s Trumpet and Midnight Candy, and closes with rich base notes of saffron, dark woods and leather…

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Bond no. 9 Andy Warhol Union Square ~ new fragrance

Bond no 9 Andy Warhol Union Square perfumeBond no. 9's Andy Warhol Union Square, due for launch in March, will be the second of a projected series of twelve fragrances under an agreement with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts (the first was Andy Warhol Silver Factory). The packaging features…

…10 different bottles, each with a slightly different version of the flower print based on original silk screens of the “Flowers” print. For avid collectors and hard-core Warhol fanatics, the complete portfolio of 10 100-ml. bottles will be offered in a box for $1,500…

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The illusionist

Jean-Claude Ellena is an illusionist, a characteristic that has served to make him one of the world’s greatest perfumers and, since 2004, in-house composer for Hermès. Where other noses work with a palette of 1,000 or so materials, Ellena uses just 200; where the average modern fragrance contains more than 100 ingredients, his have 20. Alchemical genius that he is, Ellena deploys such small beginnings in ways that have changed the face of his discipline, most recently with the sublimely flinty Terre D’Hermès...

— Columnist Hannah Betts of the UK Times Online visits perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena in Scent of a man.

Perfume: The Best of 2007

It's that time of year again…

Fragrances that lived up to the hype: Estee Lauder Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia, Prada Infusion d'Iris, Jean Paul Gaultier Fleur du Male, Bond no. 9 Andy Warhol Silver Factory, Chanel 31 Rue Cambon.

Fragrances that didn't: as always, too many to list, but I was particularly disappointed by Comme des Garçons Play, Serge Lutens Louve and the whole of the L'Occitane Notre Flore collection.

Best celebrity scent: Sarah Jessica Parker Covet. Some people really hated it, but hey, at least it wasn't so mind-numbingly dull that nobody cared either way.

Worst perfume news of the year: Ebay forbid the sale of perfume decants, making serious perfume addiction more inconvenient than it already was…

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