Kids & mice

When I was a kid, kids didn't smell. At least, they didn't smell like anything other than kids. And there wasn't anything like "body spray" for boys. You had "Right Guard" deodorant, which had a purpose and was forced upon you at a certain age by parents, and aftershave, which was only to be used "after" you were old enough to shave.

— Columnist Peter McKay in Boys stockpile from grooming aisle (link no longer active, sorry!), in which his son purchases, among other things, Axe Voodoo. And in possibly related news:

Female lab mice tend to be docile, passive creatures. But by either genetically shutting down or surgically removing their ability to smell pheromones, scientists transformed them into aggressive, pelvic-thrusting, vocalizing lotharios—without any significant rise in testosterone or other steroid hormones.

— Read the rest in Scientific American.

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