Sarah Jessica Parker Covet ~ fragrance review

Sarah Jessica Parker Covet perfume

Covet is Sarah Jessica Parker's latest fragrance release, following 2005's Lovely. That Parker waited two years to launch her second perfume sets her apart from her overeager compatriots in the celebrity fragrance market; Britney Spears has done one fragrance a year since she started out with Curious in 2004 (and will reportedly release 2 this year), and Jennifer Lopez has managed to release 7 since 2002.

Despite the fact that I didn't adore Lovely, I picked it as the best celebrity release of 2005. I thought it very well done, and while it was more of a crowd-pleaser than I'd hoped — Parker herself was known to wear an unusual layered combination of Bonne Bell Skin Musk, Comme des Garcons Avignon and a nameless "Egyptian oil" that she purchased on the streets of New York (via One Nosy Dame by Chandler Burr, The New York Times 10/16/2005) — at least it wasn't the sweet fruity concoction for 'tweens that we've come to expect from the celebrity fragrance genre.

Covet promised to be a bit more daring. At the time Lovely was released, Parker noted that "If I get the opportunity, my next scent will be genderless. Fuller. Riskier." (Ibid.), and more recently she has called Covet "more agressive" than Lovely. Covet was developed by perfumer Frank Voelkl, and the notes include wet greens, geranium leaves, Sicilian lemon, lavender, chocolate, honeysuckle, magnolia, muguet, musk, vetiver, bois de cashmere, teakwood and amber.

Covet's opening is rather sharp and high pitched; on a test strip, all I could smell was lemon and lavender blended with lots of almost-bitter green. On paper and on clothing, I found the combination vaguely reminiscent of citronella (although mind you, I like the smell of citronella). On skin, it is softer and the top notes are not so long-lived; the chocolate, though subtle, softens and sweetens things rapidly. Covet develops quickly thereon in: the flowers go by in a flash, rather as they do in Lovely, and in no time we have arrived at the woody musky base. It is considerably darker, deeper and earthier than Lovely, but the chocolate and a dash of vanilla keep it lightly sweet and edible, and little whiffs of the lemon and lavender continue to weave in and out. In the final stages, it makes a vague nod towards Angel's classic combination of dessert notes over a warmer, sexier oriental base, although here the notes are polished smooth and not quite so sultry.

Like Lovely, it is just terrifically well done, and it doesn't, like so many celebrity scents, smell like something that was dashed off over the course of a couple meetings. I wouldn't go so far as to call it wildly risky, but it isn't so tame as Lovely, and it fairly oozes personality next to Gwen Stefani's rather lackluster L. L promised but failed to deliver a "fusion of masculine and feminine", Covet, while still not genderless in the classic sense, does have more of a masculine edge. For that matter, I thought a man could get away with Lovely. We seem to be reaching a stage where gender in fragrance is determined by packaging and advertising as much as by smell.

I found the lasting power rather amazing. The first day I wore Covet, I applied 3 good sprays to one arm, and 6 hours later, after a long bike ride and hot shower with sugar scrub, it was still going reasonably strong.

Sarah Jessica Parker Covet perfume adThe packaging and advertising for Covet have a playful aesthetic that is in stark contrast to the demure, pretty-in-pink aura surrounding Lovely. I can't say I love the bottle, myself. The juice is an odd yellow-ish green that again reminded me of citronella, and I don't much care for the molded brown plastic cap. Ah well. In the end, I'd say Covet is the best celebrity release since Lovely, and here's hoping that Coty lets Sarah Jessica Parker go really wild with her third scent.

Sarah Jessica Parker Covet is exclusive to Macy's until mid-August, and is available in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum and in matching body products.

More celeb fragrances coming this year: Christina Aguilera, Kate by Kate Moss, Sean John Unforgivable Woman, M by Mariah Carey, Britney Spears Believe and Usher He & Usher She.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Robin!

    Thanks for the review.

    I was just seeing Covet released on major online stores and I was wondering just how it was (I was afraid that the chocolate would muddle things up).

    The “greens” part sounds rather intriguing… I will check it out as soon as I can (Lovely was released here in Argentina only a couple of months after the US so I have hope!)



  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow, you liked! I must go sniff this one for real; so far I only smelled a scent strip and formed no impression at all. Voelkl made Three As Four, that alone is a great recommendation for Covet :-)

  3. Anonymous says:

    P, The chocolate is quite there, if you know what I mean, but this isn't an overly sweet scent at all. The dry down has just enough dessert to be cozy, but not so much as to be sickening. It isn't me, exactly, but I do think they did a great job, and it's the only celeb scent so far this year that I'd actually wear. Will be curious to hear what you think of it when it gets to your neck of the woods :-)

  4. Anonymous says:

    I carried a scent strip around for several hours, and found it quite misleading actually (although I usually do — I'm not good at scent strips). This isn't Three AsFour at all (wouldn't we all be shocked if a celeb did Three AsFour?) but I do think SJP a) does a great job and b) iimprints her own taste, or what we know of it, on her perfumes more than most. Or just has better taste in perfume, maybe.

  5. Anonymous says:

    God… this sounds sooo interesting….

    I'm at the 2nd bottle of Lovely, somehow SJP style in scents really does it for me… cause I rarely repurchase… I guess cause it is very versatile….?!?

    Great review and I hope it will appear soon here in the NL.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I happen to really like this scent as well. I'm not a huge fan of Lovely – I find it difficult to wear for some reason – there's one note in there that just doesn't develop well on my skin. To me, Covet is very reminiscent of La Perla's Eclix, which is not a mainstream scent. I agree with you, Robin, that SJP has definitely hit the mark with her “celebu-scents”. They may not be core-shakers, but they're a damn sniff better than many of the recent celebrity offerings. From reading the interviews, I get the impression that SJP likes to do more than just lend her name to the finished product.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I don't know that Covet is quite as versatile as Lovely — for one thing, it is much heavier. We happen to be having unusually cool weather for July at the moment, but guessing this would generally be a better fall/winter scent than a summer one, whereas Lovely I think is pretty seasonless (?)

    But hope you will find it interesting, at least!

  8. Anonymous says:

    How interesting — I adore Eclix, and didn't catch any connection at all. Will have to put them on together.

    It has been, I think, a pretty dismal 12 months for celeb scents — it says a lot that I thought L was the best so far this year. SJP I think does do a better job than most of finding that perfect line between something she can sell and something that actually reflects her taste.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Your favorable review makes me want to zip it. ;) I'll just say it was an assault on my senses (including the ad image). Call me a nuisance but I just think this whole celebrity fragrance thing should stop.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Oops! Didn't mean to post under that other comment.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hey, you know you can say what you like! I've seen some really scathing reports on MUA & elsewhere, so it certainly isn't universally loved (and not sure I'd go so far as “love” myself).

    My attitude is basically that it ain't gonna stop no matter what I do. As long as it exists as a category, I do wish that the scents would be better than they are. But hey, I feel the same about 90% of the scents on the market.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I'm hoping against all hope that Cher will reintroduce Uninhibited. Feel free to scorn me for that wish! :-)

  13. Anonymous says:

    My skin pulls out the creamy lemony-ness in both Covet and Eclix. That's probably why I find them so similar.

  14. Anonymous says:

    You're not the first person I've heard express regret about Uninhibited, so it must have been good stuff! I never got to smell it.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I did smell it, and unfortunately, I think I was too young at the time to fully appreciate it. Cher isn't what you would call a “visionary” but that fragrance was certainly ahead of its time. I do miss it so…

  16. Anonymous says:

    The nubby cap looks as though it could receive the Americans with Disabilities Act's seal of approval, like my Folger's Coffee canister with the easy-grip indentations. I bet ADA compliance is the best thing I'll have to say about Covet since I'm pained by high-pitched notes, however short lived.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I came across this just three days ago in a magazine my daughters receives. I only sniffed it once, on the scentstrip in the magazine, and almost recoiled. I had a similar reaction looking at the ad. I will, however, sniff again.

    Lovely I liked a lot better, but, like some other poster stated also, there was one note in there that didn't like me back. And that ad was definitely 'lovely'.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Uninhibited was fantastic, and absolutely ahead of its time: a bright, carbonated opening (not unlike Demeter Gingerale) atop a dark floral-oriental middle with lots and lots of vanilla in the base, at a time when vanilla wasn't much in use in mainstream perfumery. I don't know that offering a 50-mL bottle of perfume for $400 was a particularly good move (who would buy it? who could use up that much perfume?), but the scent itself deserved better than the oblivion to which it was consigned.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Maybe I'll run across a bottle some time — I cant' remember where else I read about it being great, but I know I have.

  20. Anonymous says:


    And the top notes are pretty darned high pitched, at least to me, but do give it a try — I've been wrong before!

  21. Anonymous says:

    I really didn't care for it on paper at all, but haven't smelled any of the magazine scent strips. Will have to see if I can find one.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Wow, was that for extrait? And wasn't there a lighter concentration for less $$?

  23. Anonymous says:

    I did not like Lovely. It didn't have anything special in it.

    I'm not sure how will this be, but i hope it's a good one for me.

  24. Anonymous says:

    The bottle is clumsy and cheap. If the top was glass maybe I would like it better and appreciate the vintage feel. However, the fragrance smells strangely like Prell and does nothing for me.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Yes, there was perfume available in quarter-ounce or 7.5 mL, one-ounce or 30-mL, and 1.7-ounce or 50-mL sizes. There was also an eau de toilette–probably in 50- and 100-mL bottles–for quite a bit less, but the bottle wasn't nearly as snazzy. (The perfume bottle was based on a jeweled headdress that Cher wore once.) I never owned it, but as you can see, it must have made some sort of impression on me.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Found a nice piece in WWD about Uninhibited — will post at the bottom because this indentation will make it too long :-)

  27. Anonymous says:

    On Uninhibited by Cher, from WWD, for Pyramus ~
    The scent, supplied by Felton Worldwide, was inspired by a combination of fragrances that Cher wore for years.
    “I had a perfume I'd been wearing since 1972. It's concoction of two different perfumes, Vanilla by Jean Laporte and a really, really cheap perfume called Ritz by Charles of the Ritz,” she said.
    While Uninhibited is not an exact replication, Cher said, it “has the same idea.” At one time Cher also wore Ombre Rose and Opium.
    Uninhibited's floral top note blends lily and peony with dried fruits. An exotic middle note is produced with essences such as ylang-ylang, absolute of orris and magnolia; the drydown is vanilla, heliotrope and musk.
    “It's kind of exotic and spicy, and yet, at the last minute, it smells like you could eat it.
    “When I smell Ombre Rose, it smells very sensual and it smells great. And at the last minute you smell a baby in there somewhere. That's the way my perfume is — it's got an up-front of being very sexy and sensual, and then right at the last minute it kind of goes into a real innocence. I kind of like the combination of it.”

  28. Anonymous says:

    Have a feeling this one will be much more of a “love it or hate it” than Lovely :-)

  29. Anonymous says:

    LOL at Prell — I didn't get that association at all, although admittedly it has been a LONG time since I've smelled Prell!

  30. Anonymous says:


    I believe that the Jean Laporte vanilla she mentions is L'artisan Parfumeur's Vanilia, which I fell in love with a long time ago. This was after Uninhibited was no longer available. I've seen bottles of Unihibited on the auction sites, but would never risk buying one since I would not want to chance that the scent is either fake or rancid beyond recognition. The bottle itself was pretty magnificent, but if the juice is compromised, what's the point? Perhaps we can start an internet campaign to get her to resurrect it? I haven't seen much of her lately, and with all these lackluster celebrity scents out there, her's would be a welcome change. At least for me…

  31. Anonymous says:

    It is an odd little scent, but there is something very “tweedy” about it—something I find eccentric, bordering impressive for a celebrity release. There is a slight sweetness to the stuff, but thank goodness it's not one more margarita-mix-caramel-cookie celebrity tonic. Like them or not, Sarah Jessica Parker's releases are unusual (I wish I could say the same for the “Sex and the City” fragrance spin-offs…although, they do remind me of metro-life circa 1999.)

    The bottle is quirk overload, looks like something that would be sitting in the middle of “The Brady Bunch's” table…but vaguely reminds me of the old “Emeraude” bottles; loud and green.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I've smelled this twice and both times it was different. In the mag scent strip it smelled almost like a light version of Dior addict to me. Then today freshly sprayed it smelled like a men's cologne, and almost genderless. I'm not ready to buy, but at least she went for something different than a fruity mess of notes.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the great review of Covet! I wanted to love this so much, but it turned into pure musk on me within about three minutes of spraying it on my wrist. I might give it another try.

    The bottle is adorable!

  34. Anonymous says:

    I'm sure it is the L'Artisan.

    But wondering if it would even sell now, esp. if it didn't before? Doesn't sound like it is the sort of scent that would attract a new audience, sadly. Maybe if she threw in some lychee & pink pepper…

  35. Anonymous says:

    It is most definitely eccentric for a celebrity scent. LOL at Brady Bunch, that is true!

  36. Anonymous says:

    I saw another comparison to Dior Addict, and will have to try them together — I didn't get that at all!

  37. Anonymous says:

    It is very musky, as was Lovely. She does seem to like musk! Funny thing is that I can hardly remember what the Bonne Bell smelled like, so don't know if that is the reference for both of these.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much for the informative review! From the notes, I can't imagine I'd like it (I don't seem to be able to do chocolate in fragrances for some reason), but it does sound interesting!

  39. Anonymous says:

    J, The chocolate is soft, but there is enough of it that it would be a deterrent I would think.

  40. Anonymous says:

    That top to the bottle is beautiful!

  41. Anonymous says:

    I just don't like it, don't know why — this might be a love it or hate it bottle, too.

  42. Anonymous says:

    I adored the original Bonne Belle Skin Musk in an era when I didn't care for other musks at all. I don't know what the modern version is like but imagine it's been re-worked, like most other over-30 year old scents.

    I finally tried Covet today and could see wearing it as a daily fragrance. The best way I can describe it on me is that it took on a deliciousness and had no sharp edges.

  43. Anonymous says:

    It does have a very polished feel, doesn't it?

  44. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, the green liquid is kinda….yuck! But the rest sounds pretty good. Not crazy about the bottle either, but the bottle design is not really a put off for me if the fragrance is good. I don't know, but for some reason I trust Sarah Jessica's taste and instinct.

  45. Anonymous says:

    I raced to Macy's yesterday after reading this review. I have to say, I thought the fragrance was very much like everything else that is on the market. Now, Estee Lauder's Tuberose Gardenia I bought unsniffed and have no regrets. Covet smells like the your typical brand fragrance…not intriguing at all. I'm really disappointed that I didn't like it considering the review. Now, I think I need to make myself like it….

  46. Anonymous says:

    The EL is lovely, and much more to my taste than Covet, but still didn't find Covet so generic as you did. But we all have our own tastes — surely there are enough wonderful things out there that you don't have to *make* yourself like this one ;-)

  47. Anonymous says:

    A bottle design has to be truly horrible to keep me from buying a scent, and this one isn't horrible, I just don't like it. I have more faith in SJP than most celebs myself.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Smelled this yesterday. I didn't like it

  49. Anonymous says:

    That will save you some $$ then!

  50. Anonymous says:

    Just sampled this a few hours ago. I really enjoy Lovely, so I was looking forward to trying Covet. First impression was not good…it smelled like an odd mishmash of notes – very vegetal with some strange sweet note (must have been the chocolate), but after about half an hour it morphed into something very nice on my skin…clean, crisp, and refined with just a tiny bit of pleasant sweetness to round it out. The 'green' feeling of it remains throughout the drydown. The marketing campaign and bottle are not in keeping with the feel of the fragrance, IMHO – the fragrance is too elegant for that odd bottle. I like Covet very much, and will probably purchase soon, and I agree with Robin that it would be great to see SJP really cut loose on her next fragrance!

  51. Anonymous says:

    So glad you liked it, and so agree that the scent is better than the bottle, or even the ad campaign — although I kind of like the ad campaign myself, but boy is it getting lots of criticism!

  52. Anonymous says:

    Well, Robin, your earlier observation that Covet was remarkably well-made tipped the scales for me, so I dashed to the store, found the price, had a squirt, concurred with your nostrils' judgment, hopped onto eBay and snagged a cheap bottle. Yeah, strange packaging, but I actually kinda dig it, so there you go, huh? The olfactory lobe, if memory serves — which it does all-too-rarely — is right beside the parietal lobe in the brain that contains memory, and Covet's opening notes take me straight back to my school days/daze, with the scent of a particular sweet, edible-smelling, gummy amber-colored eraser we all used to use in art class. After that, the scent unfolded for me exactly as you so well described it. I love it. Only problem is, I wish, wish, WISH it was an obscure, limited-edition release from a respected niche house instead of a. . .a. . .CELEBRITY scent!!!!!!! Do I fib when people ask me the name of my delicious-smelling fragrance????? How do NowSmellThis-ers handle their fears around scents they are embarrassed to wear, but adore?

  53. Anonymous says:

    Congrats on scoring a cheap bottle so early on, and love the story of the eraser!

    But I'd say don't bother lying, this one is by SJP and so likely to be recognizable sooner or later :-)

  54. Anonymous says:

    Drat. I was afraid of that. Well, better Sarah Jessica Parker than Britney et al. Oh, and apropos of new scents, I see you bought Azuree Soleil, too. Yummy. Bridget Bardot circa 1962 in a polka dot bikini in Saint Tropez, or what??? That's who I feel I'm channeling when I wear it, anyway — me, of all girls, in my sensible black one-piece and slathering of SPF60. Closest I can get to the French Riviera. Tom's got style, n'est-ce pas? Saving up for Therese. . .

  55. Anonymous says:

    Great description of Azuree Soleil! I've worn it a lot this summer, and it may come in handy in mid-winter too.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Good idea. I'll do the same; Vancouver winters can get grey and dreary and a virtual escape to Saint Tropez would be just the ticket. Looking back over previous comments on Covet, back to the main thread of things, I'm surprised to hear the reference to Addict. I get nothing like it, myself — no spice, no smoke — nor do I pick up any unisex vibe. To this nose, the new SJP has both Blahniks firmly planted on a feminine Manhattan sidewalk. Chocolate-wise, I find it subtle, nicely integrated and not at all cloying, most definitely secondary to the woodier base notes and sweet, peel-y citrus elements. (Mind you, I'm a chocolate fan for whom Missoni, for example, in all its rich, bittersweet chocolate bar splendour, isn't too much of a good thing in the least.) For what it's worth. . .Thanks, R!

  57. Anonymous says:

    I don't find it all like Addict either, and did try them together after everyone said it was. I'm missing the link, whatever it is. I'm afraid Missoni was too much for me though ;-)

  58. Anonymous says:

    I do know what you mean about Missoni. I have to be in the exact right, chocolate-deprived fit of angst to really enjoy it fully. It borders on overkill. Weird how chemistry factors into these things, though, because a spritz of Missoni seems to elicit a surprising number of favorable comments,even from people who'd rather have creme brulee than Callebaut, while some of the fragrances I adore no matter WHAT mood I'm in go right over other peoples' noses. Ah, the joys — and frustrations — of scent. Oh, and if you've got a moment, Robin, apropos of Addict: what do you think of the eau fraiche flanker?

  59. Anonymous says:

    R, I'm moving over since our comments are getting very narrow! I am not a fan of Addict, although I do think it is extremely well done — just not my thing. I prefer the regular to the EF, which IIRC is fruitier & less sultry (?)

  60. Anonymous says:

    Thanks! I wear Addict for my boyfriend for exactly that sultry factor, so I guess I'll stick with the original. I find my fragrance wardrobe divided into distinct categories, and even have separate vegetable crispers in the fridge to keep them findable. One crisper is the Boyfriend collection, crammed with the kinds of woody, sexy things that register in the most primitive portion of his brain. “Romantic wear” is the euphemism, I believe! Hypnotic Poison, SL Santal Blanc, Versace Woman, Addict, Black Cashmere, Theorema. . .you know the mood. It's great, actually, because left to my own devices I'd probably lean more towards the ethereal, tender scents that don't blow fellow public transit passengers out of their seats first thing in the morning — the scents that Millard simply doesn't notice. could pour a whole 3.4 ounce bottle of En Passant over myself and he wouldn't smell a thing! Best of both worlds: that's my fridge. Do you have any ideas for more provocative juices??? thanks!

  61. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like you've already got quite a collection, but I did a poll on “sexy perfumes” awhile back, here is a link:

  62. Anonymous says:

    Thought I'd throw in my two cents. ;-) If you like Addict, you might want to give Trouble by Boucheron a try. They're very similar, but I find Trouble more smoky and edgy. Opium and all of its various LEs fit the provocative bill, too, and I've gotten lots of male compliments on Chanel's Coco and Allure Sensuelle, Gaultier2, Jungle L'elephant by Kenzo, and Casmir by Chopard.

  63. Anonymous says:

    I was looking forward to checking out this link, but it said “not found”..? :-(

  64. Anonymous says:

    Really? I just tried it myself (copy & paste into browser) & it worked for me…but if you can't make it work, scroll down to “General Perfume Articles” in the footer below, then scroll to “Sexy Perfumes: A Poll”. And sorry!

  65. Anonymous says:

    Great recs, thanks and hope Robin is still reading!

  66. Anonymous says:

    Woops, sorry! Got the link…some fabulous suggestions!!

  67. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, ChicBohoGal and Robin!!! I am now armed with a hefty list of new potentials, and Millard will be tickled (and then some) when I “model” some new come-hither frags. Funny that nobody mentioned Black Cashmere in the Sexy Perfume Poll, cuz that one seems to do it across the board — at least in my admittedly fairly limited experience! I know you had mentioned not finding Black Orchid a sex bomb scent, R, but again, that one seems to do the trick for Milli. Maybe it's a generational thing??? Patchouli seems to be a sure-fire ingredient for us 40-somethingers, anyhow; vanilla, by the way, not so much. I also tried Amber Nude on my favorite male test subject, but, interestingly, he wasn't driven as wild as I'd theorized. Musk: he could probably snort a cup of MR and not smell a thing (!) Last but not least, Versace Crystal Noir is one he invariably responds to with great enthusiasm, although I'm not sure why. . .Alone at night, I sniff FM Carnal Flower and feel irresistibly womanly. (M. thinks it smells like poorly aerated compost, dear thing. . .)

  68. Anonymous says:

    LOL — I'm a 40-somethinger too, so it isn't generational. But am aslo surprised that Black Cashmere didn't get a mention. Very sexy stuff.

  69. Anonymous says:

    Yeah. Black Cashmere has all that classic come-hither stuff: the resins, the woods, the smoke, the feral thing — the polar opposite of the white florals and delicate fruits that are sure-fire, libido-proof components. Must've been just an aberative oversight on the posters' parts.

  70. Anonymous says:

    My second sniff was covet, and to be honest at first when i walked away smelling my wrist I wasn't too crazy about it but to my surprise the citron faded quickly to a nice sweet musky scent then I couldn't stop sniffing my wrist for the rest of the day,even got a compliment at a bridal store with my daughter,so the next day I went back to the store to purchase a bottle!

  71. Anonymous says:

    Congrats on your purchase! I think it is a very distinctive scent, and probably the best from a celebrity this year.

  72. Anonymous says:

    I'm also surprised at how much I really enjoyed this scent too! I liked the top notes of Lovely, but couldn't stomach the heavy musk that came out on my skin.

    This one is altogether different, and while I wasn't sure I liked it at first, I also found myself sniffing my wrists all day! I loved the citrus/green with something warmer lurking underneath. Thankfully the chocolate doesn't come out too strongly on me. For some reason (possibly the colour) it reminds me of a perfume my Mom sometimes wore called Emeraude. I was very impressed, and think it would be a great autumn/winter scent. Good for Ms. Parker for creating something different!

  73. Anonymous says:

    SJP really did a nice job w/ this one. Looking forward to her next, and she is the only celebrity I can say that for!

  74. Anonymous says:

    I finally managed to smell this one too… as it came to the Netherlands few weeks ago.

    Mmmh…. I admire it cause it is really well done… but don't love it the way I'm in love with Lovely… maybe cause in the end it is another musky perfume… and Covet is colder to me… lacking some personality.

    Tried on paper strip though, so I have to give it another shot on skin.

    Or maybe it is just that I don't want to purchase another bottle this year? ha ha ha

    Bought Eau des Merveilles instead… ;-)

  75. Anonymous says:

    ok Robin, I think I'm starting to love Covet now! GAH!!

  76. Anonymous says:

    Can't argue w/ Eau des Merveilles, great scent!

  77. Anonymous says:

    See, you shouldn't have ever tried it again after not liking it the first time!

  78. Anonymous says:

    And I'm thoroughly in love after owning my bottle for a few weeks now. It's just SO full of personality, so well-blended and yet has remarkable clarity– you can sense each individual component, from lavender to greens to citrus to chocolate, and yet the harmony and all-of-a-piece-ness is there, too. It's distinctive without being tiresome. It's both “clean” and “dirty” and I love wearing it!!! I can't quite believe it still. . . .

  79. Anonymous says:

    Glad you're still loving it, R!

  80. Anonymous says:

    I loved Covet… it was a bit sharp at first whiff on the skin but it settles down to a pleasant aura that surrounds me all day. It does have great staying power and when I catch a hint during the day I think green. I loved Lovely as well, it is my catch all fragrance when nothing else on the dresser catches my fancy but it is one of the best fragrances that I have in my collection and I am asked all the time what I'm wearing when I wear both her fragrances. Which to me is no better compliment than when someone follows you just to ask what scent you are wearing.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Glad you're getting compliments for Covet as well as Lovely!

  82. Anonymous says:

    Well, I'm in Love with Covet now. I got a GREAT deal! I got the big bottle, box included, BIG lotion, Small ornament perfume of Covet thats shaped like the bottle and FULL, a Covet Broach, a Covet sack, a HUGE Covet case that locks, and mind you it fits the Lotion, the box, AND the bottle ALL in different compartments ALL for 68 bucks!! Thats the price of the big bottle! I got a REALLY good deal! The executive for COTY put that package together and it was only one he packaged like that. This was a once in a lifetime deal and I just COULDN'T pass it!

  83. Anonymous says:

    Hey, that really is a great deal for the price, congrats!

  84. Anonymous says:

    Am I the only one who smells this and instantly thinks “Jean Nate”? Perhaps a glammed up version, but JN nonetheless…

  85. Anonymous says:

    Interesting! It has been so many years since I've smelled Jean Nate that I couldn't say — will have to see if I can find a store where I can smell it.

  86. Anonymous says:

    My mother still uses JN after her shower. We recently traveled together so I am VERY familiar with the scent. Check it out, it's very close. (Everything old is new again, right?)

  87. Anonymous says:

    I will, thanks!

  88. Anonymous says:

    I am in love with this scent! I try not to wear my scents too much anymore. I tend to get tired of them, so I'm VERY careful with them now. Since I have so many I try to wear a different one every day!

  89. Anonymous says:

    Good idea to keep switching :-)

  90. Anonymous says:

    Reposted for Tsarina as the long link in the original comment stretched the page:

    On March 12, 2008 Tsarina said:

    I found a lone bottle of Covet edp at T.J. Maxx last week and for $13.95 didn't pass it up. If you like geranium and gutsy, wet greens you'll enjoy this one. Have had loads of compliments, mostly from men and it lasts for hours.

    Thought those who miss Uninhibited might find this link useful:

  91. Anonymous says:

    Congrats — that is an amazing buy!

  92. Anonymous says:

    I'm reading Chandler Burr's book (and enjoying it tremendously) and decided to try Covet to see what SJP would develop after Lovely.
    It's all so tricky when the skin gets involved. On me, Covet is green and interesting for about an hour, and then it slides into a strident incense, really strong and insistent that I get on my knees. I repented trying it on. I wish I'd tried to get it off sooner.

  93. Anonymous says:

    Curiosity killed the cat ;-)

  94. Anonymous says:

    I bought this after, what, two applications? I hadn't liked Lovely too much (I'd enjoy smelling it on other people, but not me) but I'm a die-hard SJP fan and I had to sniff it. That and I really loved the ad campaign. Especially the pullout of her in jail in one of the Vogue issues that followed Covet's release; there's a drag queen in there that's looking at SJP like she's a lunatic.

    Anyway, so I walked into… Dillards, I believe. The woman assaulted me with Givenchy Very Irresistible (“We sell two bottles of this to one bottle of everything else!!!!!” she cooed, like I wanted to smell like literally every other perfume-wearing woman). But no. I headed over to the counter and pointed to Covet. She was reluctant (“Oh, this one hasn't been very popular.” Man, salespeople should be happy you're paying attention to any merchandise, don't you think? She really annoyed me. In fact, that's the second time I'd heard a Dillards saleswoman judge someone in my earshot) but gave me a card. It was a little lemony for me, but I wasn't hating it. My friend was repulsed, though. xD

    Anyway, I ended up buying it. Not at Dillards and not on that same day, though. I'd have bought another bottle but an acquaintance smelled it on me and, being an inexperienced perfumista, told her what it actually was. Now I don't feel safe wearing it for fear of running into her and being perfume twinsies. Ugh. Man, I know that sounded snobby, but it's true. You don't copy perfumes from someone you see regularly. You just don't.

    But yes, I really like Covet. The wet notes are so green and lush; it's quite lovely. The dry down is odd to me, but it's very warm and cozy. I might suffer through the chance of twinning, come fall. I'm not sure how most of my current collection would hold up in cold weather.

    And I'm kind of neutral about the bottle. It's a little strange but the juice is a beautiful, interesting color. The cap is quite odd, though.

    Thank you for the review and, if you made it this far, for reading my ramble. It got kinda long.

  95. Anonymous says:

    They were probably offering SAs extra commission on the Givenchy or something! But I think it is true that Covet has not sold nearly as well as Lovely — the SA who first showed it to me was not overly enthusiastic either.

  96. Anonymous says:

    I can see Covet not selling more than Lovely. Lovely is more of a safer scent. You'll instantly respond to it. Covet's top note is so strong that if you aren't into lemony you are gonna hate it instantly! People smell it on cards and don't give it a second chance. I ALWAYS give fragrances a second chance and though I didn't LOVE Covet the second time, I threw the card somewhere in my car and the closed the door. Then it dried down and perfumed my whole car and smelled amazing! My co-worker smelled it once and WON'T smell it again. However, she smelled the dry-down on my and was like “OHHHHHHh, WHAT IS THAT??” HAHA, I didn't tell her! I've learned my lesson from that

  97. Anonymous says:

    Bad news for all you Covet Lovers :(. My friend at Macy's said it didn't sell as well as Lovely so COTY has given it the boot :(. Its discontinued so I'd stock now!

  98. Anonymous says:

    Are you for sure? I emailed Coty to really find out.From what I read on the internet is is always half truth so we will see.

  99. Anonymous says:

    This article was written a long time ago but when I saw a bottle of Covet at TJ Maxx for $19.99 I just had to try it. It's a wonderful fragrance. I smell lots of green stuff which I don't normally like but it's very nice in Covet. I don't see it as mainstream so maybe it won't be manufactured for a long time (just being in TJ Maxx says something) but I'm very glad I own it. Nothing lasts on my dry skin but I hope this will.

  100. Anonymous says:

    Glad you like it! It lasts for ages on me, hope it will on you too.

  101. Anonymous says:

    Robin, I'm thinking about getting a Covet Solid Compact. Are those good things to have? Can you tell me the pros and cons? Is it stronger and does it last longer? (Not that I have a problem with Covet. The lasting power is excellent)

  102. Anonymous says:

    I haven't tried the Covet solid, but in general, solids often last longer than EdPs (Covet lasts so darned long on me that don't see how that can be true in this case) but have slightly less sillage. I find solids really convenient — easy to throw in purse — but otherwise don't think they really have any particular advantages other than cute packaging.

  103. Anonymous says:

    If the solid gets cheaper than 20 bucks I might get it. I want it because it'll be easier to carry. I don't wanna carry around the bottle and I keep all of my fragrances in the packaging in a suitcase under my bed. The solid I could keep in my pocket (In the box, of course)

  104. laken says:

    Sorry to post this so long after the last comments, but I just purchased Covet a couple of days ago. Basenotes says this is lemon, geranium, honeysuckle lavender and amber. I found it initiallly a complex citrus and green. After about an hour, I noticed white pepper. Don’t detect any chocolate. After the pepper I noticed the lavender more. Its VERY strong. The designer describes it as a fougere, (herbacous accord} it certainly is IMO. I find it very outdoorsy. Thought I could smell LOTV. Later still, very peppery. Camphor? Basil? Then I thought I could smell leather. I love it. I’m tempted to get a back up bottle in case its discontinued, as I heard it has not done very well. A guy could wear it.

    • Robin says:

      Yeah, I’ve heard it has not done well…so far, still possible to buy it but who knows for how long.

      • IvyThorn says:

        I don’t wear much perfume but I’m tempted to try this one. It doesn’t sound sickly sweet but the chocolate lavender notes will probably keep it from being unwearably bitter! Is this safe to buy online? Or should I smell it first??????

        • Robin says:

          Oh, I would definitely not buy it unsniffed — it is not universally loved.

  105. jonr951 says:

    So i guess its been officially discountinued! Its not even on her fragrance site anymore. Nor is Pure Bloom but thats not a huge loss for me. Covet is really one of my absolute favorites! The 3.4oz bottles are at like Marshalls and TJ Maxx for $20 so i really need to head down there and stock up! Dang world isnt interested in something different! Its very upsetting! Never in a million yrs. did i think i would like something like Covet, i was a fruity floral junky, but Covet really did change it all for me. I ventured out of the scents for younger peps because of it. Im only 18 and i LOVE my covet, sensuous, magnifique, david yurman, black orchid, white patchouli, narciso rodriguez! The list goes on and on!

    • Robin says:

      It’s a darned shame, agree…it was easily the most interesting scent she had done.

      • CynthiaW says:

        eek – I’ve been avoiding buying a back-up bottle of this because I have so many other FBs and things on my “to buy” list, but I might have to now. I don’t wear it that often, but I really like it when I do – as a bonus, I have a faulty spray nozzle on mine and the overspray makes my bathroom smell fantastic for days.

  106. ZenArcade says:

    FYI, in case people are looking for this. I saw large bottles of Covet and Covet Pure Bloom at TJ Maxx today for $20, plus little 1.0 oz. bottles of Covet for $10.

  107. laken says:

    Thanks, Z. :-) living on the other side of the world I don’t think I can take advantage of those absolute bargains. I DID get a back up bottle because i LOVE this juice, but it cost me $35! and thats for the 1 oz size.

    • Robin says:

      Glad you found some though!

  108. LauraK says:

    I recently purchased a bottle of the original Covet purely because it was so cheap and that I’d heard glowing reviews about. Well, it literally made me feel sick. I’m sorry to post a negative comment but I just cannot understand why this fragrance was ever invented. Obviously there are people out there that this fragrance works well with so I will be selling mine on ebay soon.

    • Robin says:

      Everyone has different taste — sorry you bought it before you found out you hated it!

  109. Liis says:

    I bought this from eBay because I really really liked the comments of the people who liked this. And the controversity of it. I really do not like mainstream perfumes so I was sure this was the one for me. I bought it in September… and found it hard to wear, it was suffocating. But I tried it now, in the heatwave. This perfume NEEDS sweat! I am enjoying it every day now – it gives me the exact murkiness that I so love about perfumes, it’s really hard to find. Seems impossible but for me it’s a summer fragrance . :)

  110. missminute says:

    I purchased this as I came across a gift set containing a solid, a body lotion and a 50ml perfume for $21. I tried it when it first arrived and hated it… but was fascinated. I felt it smelled like fly spray, and yet could not stop inhaling my wrist! I find it both offensive and captivating. Still at the time it was $60 here in Australia and I passed, but over the years vowed to try it again. Well, now that I have I am obsessed with it, and it’s become my signature summer scent. I agree with the poster above that it is great for heat. There is something about it that reminds of me of No. 4711 but with this intoxicating vanilla-y base. It’s actually a very complex scent and I agree that hers are so well done for ‘celebrity’ perfume. I am addicted.

  111. Eva says:

    I just love this scent. It is the only celeb scent I own, and had no expectation of liking it, but it has surprised me. The combination is just amazing, I am crazy about it!! Certainly, a love or hate scent.

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