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Memoire Liquide fragrances

Memoire Liquide is a new line of bespoke perfumes that launched late last year at Studio Fred Segal in Santa Monica, and earlier this year at Henri Bendel in New York. The line was developed by Robin Coe-Hutshing and her sister Jennifer Coe, who launched Studio Fred Segal back in 1984. Memoire Liquide...

...demystifies the art of perfumery by taking the customer on a step by step journey towards the creation of their own custom and unique fragrance. The experience begins with an individual consultation with an expert perfumer who guides the customer through a selection of over 150 fragrance offerings. Through dialogue and education, a unique, one of a kind fragrance is born.

At Henri Bendel, the Memoire Liquide boutique is located on the 2nd Floor atrium and includes "the illuminated blending bar where customers are invited to sample from a variety of fragrance oils lined up in classic tester bottles reminiscent of an old fashioned apothecary".

Prices range from $45 for a 15 ml pure perfume roll-on, $60 for a 60 ml Eau de Parfum spray, or $75 for a set of three 7.5 ml pure perfumes. The scents are also available in Bath/Massage Oil, Bath & Shower Gel and Body Moisturizer.

The Memoire Liquide "fragrance menu" is too long to include in its entirety, but here are some highlights for anyone who'd like to kill Friday afternoon at the office designing their own blend:

Le Fleurist
No. 102, Fleur de Café, The rare bloom of the coffee tree, reminiscent of night blooming jasmine and delicate orange blossom.
No. 105, Mystère de Maroc, Darkly sweet Moroccan Rose Petals dance in exotic ritual behind a sheer veil of Arabian Musk.
No. 114, Tilleul de Grasse, The gentle aroma of Linden Blossom floats like a butterfly on breeze-part honey, part fresh grass, and part delicate spring flower-entirely captivating.
No. 115, Violette Glacée, Not for shrinking violets -this thoroughly modern scent combines velvety purple petals and green leaves in a fresh sugar glace.

Melange Gormandise
No. 200, Amande Authentique, A mild, nostalgic, comforting scent with the genteel refinement of creamy almond soap.
No. 204, Crème de Vanille, A soft, warm caress of pure Vanilla with rich notes of crème caramel and cinnamon.
No. 211, Café Royal, Dense espresso beans and bitter cocoa barely sweetened with a frothy dollop of vanilla cream.
No. 212, Bisou au Chocolat, An arousing kiss of sensual musk and vanilla bean with a touch of unsweetened chocolate.

Encens, Bois et Epices
No. 304, Nag Champa Indien, Exotic Nag Champa incense -traditionally burned for its spiritually calming effect by yogi's- touches both earth and sky at once.
No. 307, Bois de Santal, Dry, soft and velvety Indian sandalwood with a supremely rich, nuanced character.
No. 308, Bois Sec, A warm evocation of distinctively fragrant santal and cedar wood perfectly harmonized with sacred Japanese incense.
No. 311, Bois de Figuier, Sophisticated and subtle-dry, woody black fig with notes of sandalwood, amber and cinnamon bark.
No. 314, Cuir Millésime, A bohemian fusion of well-worn vintage leather, with beguiling aspects of cannabis, smoky Lapsang Souchong Tea, musky earth, patchouli, tonka and balsam.

Les Tropiques et Exotiques
No. 404, Nacre Tropique, The barest hint of pearly white coconut flesh, sugarcane, guava and ripe fig all splashed with fresh lime -in a brazenly -seductive aroma
No. 412, Fleur de Tabac Blond, Timeless and modern the mellow, sophisticated scent of Flowering Tobacco is at once warm and cool- possessing sleek fresh elegance and warm sensual tones.
No. 417, Liaison Secrète, Freshly picked milky white gardenias gently float on deep green leaves in a powerfully romantic liaison.

Les Senteurs Musc
No. 501, Voile de Soie, Fresh top notes give way to faint hints of rose, jasmine, muguet, and ylang ylang, which quickly yields to a sexy cloud of silken white musk.
No. 503, Musc Lumière, A distinctively light, mildly spicy and absolutely provocative classic Egyptian musk.
No. 507, Ivoire, In a sheer, velvety composition, soft, creamy Tonka bean imparts the delicate aroma of warm sensual skin.

Le Salon de The
No. 601, Thé Vert, Modern and Ancient tradition collide in a refreshingly cool and tranquil Japanese Green tea ceremony.
No. 604, Thé Au Jasmine, Sublime Chinese Oolong tea permeated with a light, lingering scent of fresh jasmine, camellia and osmanthus flowers.

Les Feuilles Vert
No. 700,Basilic, Fresh, green, tender herbaceous basil leaves torn from a vine.
No. 704, Chartreuse Intense, Aromatic Lemongrass herb with its refreshing aroma- known for it’s uplifting quality.
No. 707, Vétiver, A wisp of fresh bergamot gives way to green vetiver in a base of dry, woody cedar and fresh mown hay in a light, clean modern classic.

L' Aquatique et Clair
No. 802, Cristal de Glace, First snowfall, ice crystallized ozone -an ultra fresh, crisp winter air scent whose seemingly hard edges melt and soften - like ice on warm skin.
No. 807, Ciel Bleu, A joyous celebration of the first days of springtime in a gossamer fresh blue-sky medley of Linden, Orange Blossom and Fresh Clover.
No. 808, Zen Shiso, Cooling Japanese Shiso mint leaf and camellia petals with their uniquely relaxing bouquet.

Le Jardin Fruitier
No. 908, Petite Pêche, Young, velvety White Flesh Peach with its heavenly delicacy floating ever so lightly on a wispy cloud of White Musk.
No. 912, Figuier, Tartly fresh green Fig with notes of verbena leaf, Green grapes and plum.
No. 913, Fruit de la Passion, A dazzling and delicious burst of exotic fruit including mango, papaya, star fruit, kumquat and guava shot through with red ginger and fresh lime. 
No. 918, Grenadine Apéritif, Vivid Pomegranate sparkles with a twist of Sicilian Lime in a freshly distinctive spirit.

Fete du Citron
No. 1002, Citron Sicilien, A perfect twist of Sicilian Lime- exhilarating on its own or a welcome garnish to almost any fragrant cocktail.
No. 1005, Kumquat Japonais, Fresh, captivating and bright-this unique bittersweet fruit is exotically grounded with a subtle infusion of green tea.
No. 1006, Yuzu Cristallin, Tart, zesty Japanese Yuzu bursting with bright, fresh citrus power and vibrant, crystalline clarity.
No. 1009, L'orange Sanguine, Intoxicating neroli flowers and tart blood oranges, fruit and rind - in a sublime harmony.

(via Henri Bendel)

Update: read a review of the Memoire Liquide custom perfume line.

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