Opus Oils Roller Girl, Ayala Moriel Coralle ~ new natural perfumes

Opus Oils Roller GirlOpus Oils, a natural perfumery in Hollywood, California has launched Roller Girl, "the perfume that packs a punch". The notes include licorice, black cherry, vanilla and vetiver. Roller Girl is available in 30 ml Eau de Parfum roll-on at opusoils. Update: my apologies -- Opus Oils does make some natural perfumes, but Roller Girl in particular is not an all natural scent.

Ayala Moriel will launch Coralle this month:

Breezy blossoms sweetened with fruit and brightened with effervescent citrus to create an olfactory fantasy of a colourful coral reef. This light hearted perfume is sweetened by a sensual vanilla base and aromatic rum and bourbon notes, creating a deliciously tropical ecstasy, and transforming your skin into a sun-soaked fantasy of fine white sand accented with driftwood.

Ayala Moriel Coralle is available in Parfum Extrait and Crème Parfum, and the notes include ylang ylang, grapefruit, clementine, geranium bourbon, davana, amber, vanilla and vetiver.

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