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Armani Summer Mania fragrances

Giorgio Armani has several fragrance launches planned for the coming spring season.

In March, Armani will launch a new Eau de Toilette version of Armani Code for Women: Armani Code Sheer. The reworked juice features orange blossom, cyclamen, jasmine, lily of the valley and honey. Armani Code Sheer for women Eau de Toilette will be sold in 50 ml. (via Update: a description of the new Sheer Eau de Toilette from Osmoz:

The floriental scent is more floral now, constructed around orange-blossom essence instead of the absolute. It is wrapped in a new garden facet composed of lily-of-the-valley, cyclamen and jasmine. The oriental trail of woods and honeys is softened with delicate musks.

In April, look for a new summer fragrance duo, Armani Summer Mania (shown). Summer Mania Eau Fraîche pour Femme is a spicy floral with notes of pear, jasmine, sandalwood, white musk and amber. Summer Mania Eau Fraîche pour Homme is a fresh amber scent with notes of citrus, saffron blossom and musk. The Armani Summer Mania fragrances will be in 75 ml. (via

Giorgio Armani Attitude fragrance for menIn May, look for a new fragrance for men, Armani Attitude:

Created by perfumers Annick Menardo, Alberto Morillas and Olivier Cresp, Attitude features top notes of Calabria lemon and coffee absolute, middle notes of Ceylan cardamom and lavender and bottom notes of China cedar and Indonesian patchouli. Although it's classified as a modern fougère, the fragrance is closer to an oriental scent.

The bottle design features a flip-top cap meant to look like an old-fashioned cigarette lighter. Armani Attitude will be available in 30, 50 and 80 ml Eau de Toilette. (via Women's Wear Daily) The description from Nordstrom: "A rich fragrance, intense yet smooth, enhanced by the freshness of spice and the sensuality of a lingering woody amber trail." Update: see a review of Armani Attitude for men.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i smelt a sample of this about 2 weeks (maybe 1 week) ago and it had no big impression on me, smelt like bulgari black to me, but without that rubbery smell that bulgari has. the guy whom gave me the sample says it smelt wonderful to him, but he said he tried it on his skin. i might need to try it on my skin. i think i'll give it a try on me next time.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i haven't seen the armani summer yet….i'd like to get a whiff of this!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Are you talking about the Armani Attitude? If so, I must try it — I love Bvlgari Black. And I haven't seen the Armani Summer Mania yet either.

  4. Anonymous says:

    yes it does smell like bulgari black to me…dillard's has it on the floor at this time. i might have to give it a 2nd whiff…this time on my skin. but you may get something totally different from the scent.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, will definitely try it!

  6. Anonymous says:

    While the original Summer Mania pour Homme has impressive lasting power, the new Summer Mania Eau Fraîche pour Homme severely disappoints in that department. I sprayed it a couple of times on my hand this afternoon, and literally just minutes after application it had dwindled down to almost nothing. I could smell it very, very faintly if I put my nose right onto the skin of my hand, but otherwise that was it. What a letdown :(

  7. Anonymous says:

    What a shame!

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