Vivienne Westwood Boudoir Sin Garden, Burberry Summer ~ new fragrances

vivienne Westwood Boudoir Sin Garden perfumeVivienne Westwood will launch a new limited edition variation on her Boudoir (1998) fragrance this April. Boudoir Sin Garden, developed by perfumer Marie Salamagne, was inspired by English country house gardens, and includes notes of freesia, pink pepper, aldehydes, violet, heliotrope, Florentine sword lily, amber, sandalwood, oakmoss and musk.

Vivienne Westwood Boudoir Sin Garden is an Eau de Parfum, and will be available in 30 and 50 ml. Update: According to Selective Beauty, Boudoir Sin Garden will be part of the regular Vivienne Westwood line, and not a limited edition.

In April, Burberry will release summer limited editions of its classic Burberry for women and Burberry for men fragrances:

Burberry Summer for women has notes of citrus, green apple, waterlily, freesia, rose, woods, white musk and moss.

Burberry Summer for men includes pineapple, citrus, aquatic notes, thyme, woods, cedar, white musk, tonka bean. (both above via

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ACK! Freesia! Why do people have to go and mess with a good thing???? I can't stand freesia, real or otherwise. Personally I don't think this will be a good reinterpretation….and I have to agree with a comment read elsewhere on this site about why perfumers dilute a line with spinoffs….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well, I have to admit that I adore the scent of freesia, but still, overall this doesn't sound very much like the original & have to agree — I'm tired of spinoffs & flankers!

    • Owen says:

      it is similar to the original, and I prefer SIn Garden, it’s more floral.
      but like orig boudoir you can’t forget that it’s there because there’s something pleasant oddness in them both. quirky.

  3. Anonymous says:

    On the shelves at Sephora 34th Street here in NYC & shpritzed on my arm…not quite at drydown, but can smell the woods battling the tangy citrus…not too great, the pineapple is very synthetic-y…..

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, I have not yet had the chance to try it myself but will look for it next I'm in Sephora.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Personally, I prefer the Summer version of the men's fragrance to the original and the women's I find to be somewhat run-of-the-mill, but still nice just the same. I'm not a fan of freesia either, but I don't think it's too offensive in this fragrance. As far as my opinion of spin-offs…I understand their angle. Firstly, the limited editions don't bother me (unlike the bazillion Ferragamo Incantos inundating every store). The old Burberry (formerly Burberry London) has been backshelved and even removed in most stores and I think that they introduced a summer version of the original to boost sales of their original several fragrances that I'm sure have been quite lacking (and for good reason in my opinion). Nonetheless, I think a summer version of the new Burberry London would have been more exciting, especially with a little fig replacing the port wine in the men's. Thoughts?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Now I realize that I'm not sure which scent the commenter above who complained about freesia was talking about — I assumed it was the VW Boudoir, but maybe it was the Burberry! I have not tried the 2 Burberrys, and in fact, haven't smelled the originals in so long that they're due for another testing. Yes, have to agree that a summer Burberry London might have been more interesting, and also surprised that we haven't seen a new Brit this year, although it is rumored we'll get one eventually. But so far, nothing at all from the Burberry line has really captured my heart.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I'm a bit of a Vivienne Westwood fan, so I have to try this new release. “English Garden”…my grandmother has always kept an English garden here in the U.S.–this would appeal to me. However, it's probably not a “sillege de la reine” ( I know, I should just get over it)…

  8. Anonymous says:

    I find the notes quite interesting, but I can't really comment on the perfume yet, since I didnt smell it. Love the bottle though, which has always been my weakness.

    I wonder though if anyone here knows if this edp (or other V W scents for that matter) is tested on animals? And if the musk listed is synthetic. (usually it is) I decided recently I just cant keep giving my money to big companies that dont even care to change their animal testing policy, even though they can afford it.

    I went to V W site, but there was no email address offered.

    Suggestions are welcome though, if anyone can think of some good perfumes that are not tested on animals and dont contain real musk?

    • Owen says:

      all of Vivienne Westwood’s scents are not tested on animals :)
      including the vody lotions etc.

      • Owen says:

        I always mis-spell that with a V :/

  9. Anonymous says:

    Sorry for the very late reply — hope you got to try it by now, although I haven't :-)

  10. Anonymous says:

    I'm afraid I have no idea, although almost nobody uses real musk any more, especially at this price.

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