Perfume review: Les Parfums de Rosine Une Folie de Rose


Une Folie de Rose is the latest release from Les Parfums de Rosine, and has notes of coriander, bergamot, rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine, sandalwood, amber, oakmoss, vetiver, and patchouli.

Une Folie starts out very dense and sweet, and for a few minutes I thought this might have more patchouli and ylang ylang than I could stand. Both notes calm nicely, leaving a softly spicy floral chypre; the rose is blended with the other floral notes and does not stand out on its own as much as it does in many of the other Rosines.

This is not my favorite Rosine (that honor goes to Ecume de Rose), but it is a lovely fragrance. There is a hint of green, and a beautiful earthy-mossy undertone. It is not as heavy as your old-fashioned, hard hitting chypres (Houbigant Aperçu or Guerlain Mitsouko, say), but it is not a light fragrance by any means. I would guess that it will please chypre fans more than rose fans, and it is probably better suited to fall and winter.

Les Parfums de Rosine Une Folie de Rose

Les Parfums de Rosine Une Folie de Rose was developed by perfumer François Robert, and is available in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum. For buying information, see the listing for Les Parfums de Rosine under Perfume Houses.

Note: The top image is from Paul Iribe’s Les Robes de Paul Poiret. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the fragrance other than that the house of Rosine was originally founded by Poiret. I will not be posting tomorrow; enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think your review is very accurate… I'm a loyal Rosine fan, and to my nose this is a complex and intriguing scent, although much more of a chypre than a floral. Wearers of spicy-green fragrances should definitely try it.

    I'm also an admirer of Iribe's fashion illustrations for Poiret, so I'm thrilled to see that image!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I still can't decide if I need to own it. I am going to put my sample away until the fall and try it again.

    And the Iribe illustrations are wonderful, but I could only find a few online.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I just heard about this scent, and today here's your review!

    I love all the Rosines I've tried. I'm curious to try Une Folie, especially since it is a departure from the others in this line.

  4. Anonymous says:

    May I ask what is your favorite Rose? You mentioned Ecume de Rose de Rosine and the Creed-Fleur de The Rose Bulgare. Do you know if they will give me a sample at the Bond St. store in NYC? I am not usually a fan of the darker notes.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It is true, I can read your mind :-)

    The whole line is really very well done, and I can't wait to smell the upcoming men's scent.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The two you mentioned are my favorites.

    The owner of Bond no. 9 is no longer a Creed distributor, so the only Creeds they have are what is left of their stock from before, and I am almost certain that they no longer have the FdTRB. Bergdorf Goodman has a good selection of Creed but I don't know that they have everything.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Chypre-Rose, yes!! Can't wait! Another wonderful review!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I know the Madison Ave. Bond n9 store was selling Creed half off but are getting rid of the Creed Store on 9 Bond St.? This seems like old news that I was not aware of

  9. Anonymous says:

    It appears that Bond no. 9 is plotting world domination.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thank you M — will be curious to know if you like this one.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Well, they no longer have the license to distribute Creed in the United States. I don't know who is distributing Creed now, actually, or whether they will open another store in NY.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Well, they are certainly doing a good job of selling perfume in New York :-)

  13. Anonymous says:

    Where can I get a sample of Creed Fleur de Rose Bulgare? I have been looking on ebay and other sites but no luck. Being a true rose lover — I NEED to try.

  14. Anonymous says:


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