Astier de Villatte Grand Chalet & Elixir du Dr. Flair ~ fragrance reviews

Grand Chalet, Rossinière, Switzerland

In Rossinière, Switzerland, the painter Balthus lived at the Grand Chalet — and grand it is. The Grand Chalet is the largest chalet in Switzerland and one of the biggest wooden residences in Europe. On the Grand Chalet’s grounds was a huge linden tree that provided shade and fragrance (supposedly, Balthus loved the scent of linden); Astier de Villatte just released a linden blossom fragrance inspired by this tree. Astier de Villatte describes Grand Chalet, the perfume:

An enchanting smell escapes the bottle and suddenly fills the air: it is the age-old linden that shades the garden of painter Balthus’s atelier, at Grand Chalet, high up in the Swiss alps. A tribute to the artist and his favourite scent, bask in this Cologne’s delightful redolence of honey, milk and slight hints of lemon…

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